Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Liars, Faithless, and the Disrespected

Sadness seems to be the cake and platter of the moment.

Our Country is still at war, though few know or understand that the U.S. has been in a perpetual state of war since Korea.

Or that the U.S. has been under continuous Marshall Law since the time of Abraham Lincoln, when he declared it for the Civil War, but never made it void and clear. And since then the Federal Government, (in related and unrelated incidents), has been running rampant ever since, using war powers and other Rights infringing methods.

Our "Two Party" system, splay each other in the press, but talk and walk the same language, and the majority of them, always choose what will get them richer, no matter the state of the Country and its Citizens.

In every day and in every age, there is someone lying to us, not being honest with us, and completely disrespecting us.

Yet it is not just War, Greed, Money, and Politicians... It happens right here on the home front, right in our living rooms, right in our beds.

It's bad enough to hear and see it from those who fill us with empty promises, it is worse when it comes from those friends we suppose that we can trust.

But the saddest thing is, the most ludicrous thing, the most devious and inappropriate thing is, when it comes from your own Family.

It's a funny, (maybe ironic, even...), thing when, no matter how many times you tell the 'Truth', when you faithfully admit right and wrong doings.

Someone still has an agenda, and they are so sick of their little world, with so much disgust of their own unhappiness; that they strive on a daily basis to hurt, defile, defame character and destroy others that they feel threaten them.

Constantly spreading their own lies and viscous rumors to suit their own needs, for whatever fantasy that thrills and moves their disjointed EGO. Not even caring what harm and problems it will cause their Targets and or even the other people who are inter-connected between them all.

It's a sickness, and today is even classified as a disease of the mind, if you read the [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)], yet even so, it is happening, and is still occurring, and honest and rational people  are being duped.

It's bad enough to be lied to, have promises left empty, and to be walked on by the Representatives and Senators of this Great Country.

It is quite another thing, to have it occur right in your own face, under your own roof; by someone who doesn't necessarily have to like you, but should have the common sense and decency to protect the Family Unit from harm; because if one is hurt the whole Family hurts... and all the denial in the World and quite possibly even the Universe... will not change that fact.

Whether it is our Country, or our Family; We should be endeavoring to protect each other against harm, and those insidious persons placing us in harms way.

It is said, 'If you keep telling a LIE, eventually people will start believing in it; however the problem herein in lies that the ones telling the lies, especially those that insist that someone else is lying, are they themselves at risk of putting their own foot in their mouth.

I do not know if there is a Universal Karma, if Soul's really do turn Black with excessive wrong-doing, or if a God is jotting down notes; but it seems to me, that it is in everyone's best interest to stop trying to destroy and hate on others; especially those in your own Family, otherwise bad things might happen.

For me, I am honest with my Family and friends; but as is usually the case, the Liars, the self-haters, cannot stand to know the Truth, so they do everything in their EGO driven power to unsettle and unbalance the situation, especially when it comes to discrediting Family members who are honest.

Like a page out of modern day politics in the U.S., If you don't like somebody, if you disagree with what they're saying, if what they are saying breaks up your little Safe-Fantasy World, or will expose your indecency and dubious character. Then the  reaction is text-book, and tends to have Passive-Aggressive overtones, You must Discredit, Discredit, Defame, Discredit!

They want you in a corner, they want you feeling down and out, they want you depressed and running scared, because that makes them feel POWERFUL, it makes them think they are in control.

Just remember that Bad and Evil people, always think they are saving you, helping you, ...'doing it for your own good', by restricting you, putting you in your place, and locking you away, (if they find themselves lucky).

In the end though, (you could retaliate, bring all their sins to bare, and feel really good doing it, I know I would), however it is even more satisfying to leave little or no reaction, smile with a glint in your eye, and leave them guessing, wondering about what your thinking and what your next move is, it will unsettle them and disjoint their already disjointed World.

There is great satisfaction in this, and will help pass the hours as you try and figure out who you can really trust and who took the gambit and ran all the way out into Left-Field.

Times like these can be really lonely and upsetting, but like all things in this World, they will pass, and Time will wear them all away. While you are moving on to the next big thing, they are barely an Historical footnote.

Move forward and do not stagnate, because Movement is Creation, and Stagnation is Death.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2011 R. William Holzkopf Jr.