Sunday, September 23, 2012

FL1$: Free Love 1 Dollar (Honoring Mike J. Morris)

What is FL1$ you ask?

Well back in April of 2008, my best and dear friend Mike "Motorbike" Morris, called his sister up and took her around to nursing home parking lots and other random places.

He had cashed in a $10.00 US bill into singles and placed (1) One Dollar each in ten envelopes.

Each Envelope was decorated with positive sayings and "Free Love" and pictures of happy things.

He and his sister then proceeded to place one envelope on randomly selected vehicles and leaving, though occasionally waiting to see the smiles on people faces.

He was always very proud of this moment, and did such random, yet grand things. all for the sake of making someone happy, warm, and to feel loved.

This was Mike Morris, a person who would give away everything he had if he thought it'd help someone.

Even down to the lint in his pockets... He would have stated elegantly that even the lint had value; but he was always very good at finding ways to make people smile.

Mike Morris was the only person I have known, that could take someone who was depressed, angry, or just in an all-together crappy situation, and find that one thing to make them smile and laughing.

The things Mike did, and the places and people he met; would seem like a work of Magic to some.

From traveling with native Shamans in the Amazon Rainforest, to accomplished Auto-man, Computer Technician, owned more kinds of jeeps, sports cars and Hippy Wagons than anyone I have ever met in my 33 years, (just not all at once... though he did manage to keep on average at least 3 vehicles on hand).

One of the best salesmen I knew that hated sales, yet he could charm the fur of a llama, trade you for something you were trying to sell, and was an Amazing massage Therapist in the last year.

His heart had no boundaries, he didn't see skin color or creed. In fact he got me on the journey to meet the Amma. An Indian who has a one of the largest charitable organizations in the world and has rebuilt, clothed, fed and helped more people than any other charitable organization on the planet, on a daily basis, and usually is the first one in.

This Free Love One Dollar, is not something, to promote anyones business, or to get rich off of. It is an attempt at making people happy.

One dollar may not go a long way today in most places, but it really isn't about the money. It is about giving a random person a moment that they realize that someone cares about them even if they are a stranger.

This Event which I, the Family and Friends, and many others around the world that Mike touched, is something we plan to continue on into the future, Hoping that one day everyone in the whole world will hear of this event, and hopefully even be touched by it.

I and his Fiancée went out in July and dropped a bunch of envelopes to random people in our local area. But This September 25th, 2012, (and on same day in consecutive years), will be our official Event in honor of Mike for his deep insights and to honor him every year for his birthday.


This 'IDEA', is not to be bound by a specific day, it is something you can do to make someone feel better, happy, loved; any day of the year.

If you have a spare $1, $5 or $10 or whatever you decide to gift away;
-do it on the way to work
-do it at work
-do it on your day off
-do it in the morning, or in the middle of the night
-do it at churches, nursing homes, restaurants...
-do it anywhere

Just remember, to be aware of your local, State/Province, Countries laws; like here in the U.S. it is federal Crime for anyone but authorized persons or businesses to put anything into mailboxes.

{!Don't do anything illegal, in your attempt to make someone happy!}

But giving has it rewards, and I hope that you all will take me and the rest of us up on this "IDEA" of [Free Love 1 Dollar].

R. William Holzkopf jr.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 11th Anniversary: Live Coverage 08:30am EST

Blessings to everyone on this Somber occasion, for all that were lost in the Trade Towers incident Eleven years ago today.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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