Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan. 22nd and the Filthy Libertine!

So I decided to go out in support of My friends FaTTy, DJ Nieko and others.

They are doing a 'College Night' every Thursday night 9pm - 2am.
I had a fun time and the Filthy Libertine is definitely a 'Hot' spot!!

The interior of the building was in great shape and looked classy, as well the staff was nice and helpful!

If you get a chance to get up to Chicago's Northside, Filthy Libertine is the place you WANT to be on Thursday Nights!!!


Girls are free!!! Say "TRUTH" at the Door
Guys $10.00 / $5. 00 with Student ID

It is being hosted by:
1615 N.
Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60616



AR 15

Terry Kath : January 23rd, 1978 : In Memorium

January 23rd, 1978; Monday:

Terry Kath, the lead singer and a guitarist of the Band 'Chicago', was a brilliant stage performer, brilliant composer, and an amazing guitarist.

Terry was so good, that even Jimmy Hendrix who had gone to see Chicago in Concert, remarked about Kath; "I'm pretty good, Man, but this cat blows me away!"

Kath was a self learned musician and played many instruments including the banjo, bass and drums, the accordion and the guitar

Kath though wasn't very good at reading or writing music, however he would hum out the tunes of his original compositions to his bandmates which would help create the masterpieces many of us know today.

Some of the tracks by Chicago that are still popular and known with the younger and newer generations today are:

25 or 6 to 4 : Video/Song

Questions 67 & 68 : Video/Song

I'm a Man : Video/Song

Uptown: Video/Song

So whether you saw Kath when he was alive or enjoy his music or are just coming across this for the first time.

Take a couple moments and give respect to Terry Kath, a Man of whom without his musical genius, we would be that much the lesser for it.

This is dedicated to Terry Kath on the anniversary of his untimely and tragic accidental death on January 23rd, 1978

Other Sources of Interest:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 44th President and Rumors of Change

So later on today, will be the swearing in of President Elect Barack Hussein Obama.

The last Eight Years of President George W. Bush's tirade and charade is to be over and that is a relief in a way to most Citizens out there.

This is definitely an historical occasion, but not for the reasons everyone believes.

Before I continue I will state that as an American, even though I did not place a vote for Obama, will put my support to him as President, but nothing else, (Not my Faith, Trust, or Belief).
I will hope against hope that Obama will do good for this country that is my Home and Life, I will hope that he will pull us from the clutches of the Foreign Bankers of which we have been under constant assail since 1871, and part of the reason for the 1929 and 2008 collapse of the American economic system, now lest I forget why I am writing I will leave that for a later point of discussion.

The first an foremost thing that is on the mind of many Americans is Obama's eligibility to be President due to the many questions and lawsuits raised against him due to his questionable Citizenship.

In defense, Obama did release his Hawaiian birth certificate, but only in digital and to this moment still refuses to relinquish the real item in question for scrutiny of legality.

The next thing that comes to mind is Kenya, Africa, and why is the Kenyan Government so readily inclined to put a Gag order on Obama's Kenyan relatives. They say it is to streamline answers and press statements to the Press, stating, ("We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information.), yet I recall historically that any government that imposes limitations on free speech does so, to do just that limit and control the flow of free speech and 99% of the time in an effort to hide something.
In any light it looks as if they don't want Obama's family from saying things that would cause question about Obama himself. As if that isn't curious enough, why is the Kenyan Government so interested in Obama anyways, (beside the fact that his father is from there and a man of great influence especially in regards to money, and no Obama's father is not from the Pauper origins as claimed.), when ever anyone, especially a Government expresses keen interest in anyone Person or thing, it is because they believe that they have a heavy stake in that one Person or thing, so any information to the contrary on behalf of that Person or thing wold be detrimental. Like Obama's relatives stating Obama himself was born in Kenya and then flown thereafter to Hawaii.
It is curious indeed.

It is also sad to see that a Man of Obama's supposed character, and the Would be President of the United States of America, cannot even Salute the Flag, (and even though that act itself has Socialist origins, it in my opinion is the one thing that shows respect for the country in which we abide and that by saluting we uniformly proclaim it so, making it an oath to defend her, to protect her, and to fight for her.), by Obama not saluting, this is also questionable and leaves me a bit worried. As an American he has a right to not salute, however, as President of the Country that he won't pledge allegiance to is quite scary indeed.
Obama also makes excuse why he won't wear the American flag on his person, he does make a good statement but it in my opinion is just an attempt to obscure the real reason behind it.

And for those that still don't believe that Obama lived in South-East Asia for five years, I just shake my head and wash my hands of you.

Now what about the 158 documented lies that Obama has been caught up in, where Obama told the American public one thing and it was either something else entirely and or a stretch of the actual truth.

What about, now according to Domain Naming Conventions in accordance with Federal Law a Dot Gov site is for all intensive purposes a site for Government only and Obama is not nor does he run a Government organization. So it looks as if someone in the GSA allowed Obama to have this site as a Dot Gov even though it appears to violate Federal Law.
It clearly, (when I review the site against the rules for a Dot Gov), does not meet the rules as such.

Or how about Barack's Socialist behavior in Illinois and with the Marxist and Communist run Labor Unions.
Obama stated in 2006 that;
The reason they don’t believe that government has a role in solving national problems is because they think government is the problem,” Obama said to approximately 1,500 people at the Kansas Democratic Party Washington Days convention.

Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, said Bush’s political philosophy consists of giving tax breaks and encouraging “everyone to go buy your own health care, your own retirement and security, your own child care, your own schools, your own private security forces, your own roads, your own levees.

“It’s called the ownership society. In our past there has been another name for it; it’s called social Darwinism. Every man or woman for him or herself,” he said.

I have to retort to Obama, that the United States were founded on the "Ownership Society", what every he wants to label it as, this is what made America so great, Ownership was one of the main foundations and principles we fought to gain from Great Britain and King George III, Our fore-fathers wanted the right to make or break themselves with out a governing control over that decision. They wanted the right to own their own land and defend it like the King had the right to, they wanted to practice their own religions or lack thereof safe from discrimination and persecution. The fore-fathers wanted the right to own things for themselves and not have government interfere and take away those things and others, like which are a part of what caused the Revolutionary War/Colonial Rebellion.

I again retort at Obama and his statement that the reason this country is in dire shape is because of Socialist and communistic reforms, laws and actions of those in our government posing to help out the pauper masses. Yes it is a win or lose Society and we should be willing to help those in our Society that are less fortunate, however that does not mean we support them.
Every person has an Inalienable right to support themselves, in our society the only responsibility we need to do for those who have fallen to poverty is give them the tools and education necessary to lift themselves. Anything else is a burden on society and becomes Socialism and Communism.

Like all of our State and Federally run welfare programs that are only a drain to the Society that supports them and does not promote healthy individualism but only government nanny-ship.
(on a side note Wisconsin seems to be the only State to have incorporated welfare reforms which give strong incentive to the participant to get off of the program. instead of leaching off the program, not working, having more baby's, buying cars cell phones, cable, satellite, home entertainment, etc., with their welfare checks, and being a complete drain to those in society who actually work for a living to afford just those same things.)

I would like to get something for nothing, so do many people, it is in our nature. Especially for those of us living in the U.S. market where there are so many choices for food and product, that we can't even make a choice or even at times afford those choices. But the fact remains is that those who are maliciously feeding off the welfare system. Do so because they feel it is their right to do so, their right to not work, and it is no different than stealing the money out of the hard working Americans pocket who earned it in the first place.

That is Socialism in a nut shell, it tells us in so many words that the Government is your parent, the only good choices are those by your leaders, and social welfare is a positive and productive element. Even though, the Government does not know what is best for my children, just as I do not necessarily know what is best for my Neighbors. Even though the decisions of my leaders have cost me my hard earned money, cost me my freedoms, cost me my job, cost me every single day. Even though I meet more and more people on welfare who claim that they will never work again, because it is not lucrative for them like welfare is.

Is that what Socialism brings us?
It seems to me it is and the facts and truths are all around us to see. Socialism just like Communism leads to only one set of things; the controlling elite make all the money, control all the usage of rights. While the working masses work more hours for less money and they see less of it because their hard earned dollar is supporting the growing masses on welfare and social programs. Programs that support for free those who do not work, and here in the U.S. even those who are not even citizens.
This includes things like progressive income tax, (which taxes a person more the more they make and so making it next to impossible to ever reach the wealth bracket), the removal of Habeus Corpus, the right to defend ones self and family, the right of free speech and on it goes till their is only squalor and mindless automatons left.

Does Obama really offer us change, change for the betterment of the whole of the United States of America?
Does this change mean we will once again go back to our roots, find our libertarian selves and shine to that of the world that hates our successes because they believe it is a mockery to their elitist wealth and control?
Or do we buckle under the current system of socialist oppression and let it get further out of hand so that all that we hold dear gets sold off to foreign interests, bankers, and elite and our laws are no longer our own.
Where we become like Europe and the rest of the World who suffers almost daily from Islamic terrorism and unrest in their cities and towns, and other such deviant malcontents.

Honestly I believe it will be a hard road, I don't know if Obama will take the hard road and prove all of us patriots and naysayers wrong and for once set things right.
Or that he will take the road paved in glitter and gold and suffer us our worst fears.

I Hope against Hopes that Obama as President, will not only make an effort but prove steadfast in protecting our Inalienable Rights and encourage the growth of the values set forth in the foundation of our society and bring our country back to its strengths in the face of all the World criticism.

I hope that he is not the 'Manchurian Candidate' that many claim he is, I hope with all my Soul that I am wrong about Obama.

Yet sadly all it is I believe, is just the fading wisps of Hope.

I challenge President Obama; May he prove me wrong.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Other Sources not linked in the above article:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sinning from the Mark

As those who know Archery, to miss ones mark is to Sin from it. Now I don't believe my article on GAZA misses the mark, however after reading the article, "The World Supports Hamas? Of Course, They Do!" by Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.

I wanted to clarify that in my request for Israel to stop their Bombardment, and my opinion of their bad decisions based on historical fact, does not imply in anyway that I would ever support Hamas or any other group who uses Terror, Guerrilla tactics, thuggery and murder of it's own Citizens, as well as murdering and rape of children and adults alike.

I do believe Israel has a right to defend its sovereignty and protect it's Citizens from harm, yet I felt that as of the writing, that Israel could have made a better decision in its actions against Hamas.

The problem Israel is having is they are fighting terror groups who fight from within the innocent populations that they inhabit, just like the U.S. has had in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They question many of us table top politicians need to ask ourselves is, what would I do if I and or my family was being bombarded by bombs and missiles, suicide bombers where trying to get into my home and kill me and or my family and loved ones?
What would most anyone do?
Well I for one wouldn't stand by and let it happen, I would gather what supplies I had to defend myself with and take out as many as I could in hopes of collapsing the power base to the threat and or possibly removing the threat altogether.

Yet just like in Police shoot outs with criminals on a populated suburban or city street, innocent people will get harmed or even killed in the line of fire.
Now this may not be bombs or missiles, however it is connotative of the situation Israel is in, and it is damned if they do, damned if they don't.

The problem that occurred here is no one was taking into effect that Israel was defending itself against an originating attack by Hamas, they were just looking at the casualty count.

As Dr. Hanson said in so many words, 'War is not proportionate', and he is absolutely right!

I still believe though that Israel could have been a better judge in their assault and also, hitting a U.N. building is definitely indefensible.

Though in the end, I am against terrorist aggression of any kind and will invariably put my efforts as a Citizen of the United States and as a Member of the Human community to working towards a solution.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Flawless, at least that's how we were...

January 18th, 2009 marks the celebration of my Sisters' 27th Birthday. I wish her all the wellness that is available in the Universe, and of course a very Happy Birthday!

My Sister, the one who used to aggravate me to no end, and on occasion still does, but nonetheless, she has been there for me countless times and I appreciated everyone.

Oddly this year not only marks the passing of an Age of the United States and ushers in a new President. It is the first year in many, many years that neither my Sister nor I will have seen each other for our Birthdays.

It was never required, but we always managed... The best party I remember ever holding for my birthday was in Downtown Chicago at a hole in the wall joint, with DJ's in two rooms, and ever small they were.

Yet my Sister had made it out so that was all that was important. Now to be honest my Birthday was attached to an event my DJ Company I worked for was throwing at the time, but it turned out OK and is probably my happiest birthday memory.

Now I became under the weather for my Sisters Birthday Party and She will be Jet Setting for mine. It all seems to cruel, everything... including getting older, yet I guess I can't be selfish I have a Sister that talks to me.

Other people are not always so fortunate, So in standard fashion that is "I";

Happy Birthday Sis'!!!
Your Numbers and Stars look good!
Don't lose the faith you hold onto!
I can't promise everything will be OK, but...
I will promise as long as I am here,
I will be here for you!
Thank you Sis' for all that you have done for me!
Thank you for being my family!
Thank you for being my Sister!
And, that is the difference...
Between 'Us' and 'Everyone Else'
(watashino imoutoha watashino yuujinha , otanjoubi omedetou)
[My sister my friend, happy birthday.]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Un moment de pause, pendant que je reflète.

A moment of pause, while I reflect.

So I met or possibly encountered an amazing individual this past month, she goes by the Alias of Ipomée and is just absolutely amazing!
She has her own Blog at Live Journal called 'RAW SWEET POTATOE', though that is not where I met her.

She is from France; she is a Model, she is an Artist, and she is a Photographer.
Her sketches speak volumes and are excellent pieces of work, and put mine to shame. Of course I haven't sketched much in years, save what I wasn't able to produce via a graphic design program.

However it is that I was not much of a characture person myself, wanted to... just wasn't very good at. Give me Nature, Mechanical, Logo design, things of that nature, I will battle with the best.
However anything that dealt with the reproduction of people, I shy away. I do have a few good pieces I may show someday of people but until then, I deliver to you Ipomée.

Ipomée is also the name of a species of plant flowers:

Go check out my friends Blog and have a wonderful day!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Gaza; The Four Letter Word of Ancient Palestine.

For the past couple of days or however long this Israeli insurrection into the Gaza Strip has been going, is becoming like a four letter word of an indiscretionable nature. Yet I speak not of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip I speak of the stain that Israel is putting out to the World, and it has become such a stain that it can no longer be bleached out.

I do not disregard the fact that Terrorist actions on behalf of some of the peoples living in and or operating in the Gaza Strip, however it does not explain the actions of the Israeli Government.

I do not also blame all of Israel, for it is the Zionist movement that has always had more of a militaristic and combative nature that the other elements within Israel do not.

I know many of the Jewish community that condemn these actions of Israel, (Israeli Nationals, U.S. Citizens, and the like), but as we here in the U.S. of A. and as well as those around the World just do not see a stop coming to this and are completely abhorred by it.

What Israel is doing is an act of total obliteration of a place and its people, people of mixed heritages that which is Gaza.
They claim all sorts of reasons, (by which my own country is not innocent of), reasons that portray them as the victim as they pile drive the Gaza Strip into more dust than is already occupied there.

I seem to remember another country under the control of tyrannical leaders, doing quite a similar thing back in 1939. Now do I believe the Leaders of Israel are tyrannical? I haven't in the past but I am willing to assume, (as we all know how well assumptions tend to turn out), that the Leaders of Israel have misdirected intentions, that this is a mistake, and that they need to re-evaluate their actions. Yet that is becoming harder and harder to assume over the past many years and especially right now.

Some days I think the level of Humanity in the World has dropped to new lows, I and most everyone else tries to ignore it, but some thing cannot and simply should not be ignored.
Now there are some things that have been lost and other things that just never where when it comes to protecting your sovereignty as a nation and resolving things in a peaceful nature, and I do understand that things in the middle east are complicated but so is everything. I also understand that some of these complications are a constant result of some of the Bordering power nations and even the U.S.

But that aside, oneself and even a Country should conduct itself in a manner befitting a Country of the 21st Century. Granted there are not many good examples of what I speak of, most falling back to points in history that none of us were alive for. However, maintaining a level of discretion and allowing for a modest assortment of propriety when dealing with volatile situations, should for the most be on everyones mind.

This doesn't mean one should be a 'Poster Boy' for the World or even have to follow others examples, yet the question is begged what is your end solution when you are outright slaughtering masses of citizenry, under the guise of 'terrorist cleansing', (again I state the U.S. is not innocent here), and then proceed to bombard a United Nations installation, (which Israel is apart of), of which people are taking shelter in to avoid this violent act.

Israel claims that there were attacks from that area towards Israel and that may have been true, but even though I have no faith in the U.N. in its policies and various other of its applications. I cannot consider that the U.N. would allow criminal and or war like activity to take place within the sovereignty of its complexes and buildings.

The fact that Israel continued to bombard the U.N. installation with innocent non-combatants inside even after the U.N. was continuously trying to stop it from happening.

This is aggrievous in nature and I consider it a crime of most foul, if it is true that Hamas or some other Militant group fired on Israel, from or near the location of the U.N. Installation, the Israeli Government and or Military should have taken care to warn the U.N. facility of a bombardment in the area as well as taken care to not hit the facility. The technology of missile guidance systems are in an age that it is near impossible to miss your target except by sheer force of will.

This reminds me a lot of the incident during the Conflict in Vietnam when Israeli forces bombed and continued to bomb a U.S. Military ship after request to not do so, the ship being not equipped to defend itself against such an attack was there in Vietnam as observation only and was not a physical threat to anyone in Vietnam or by any means Israel, (there is more aggravation to this than just Israel in the Vietnam matter but the case and point are made.)

Israel has a history of self initialized violence and are no more victims than their neighbors, I personally cannot condone Israel's actions this week or even this past day, even in light of the Terrorist group Hamas and the other militant factions out there that pose a threat to Israel.

One of the main oppositions to the Peace process between Israel and it's neighbors has well been Israel itself. Politically speaking Peace while it bombs the life out of its neighbors, is just bad business and signs of being just as bad as those they condemn are so.

'God's chosen people' or as the Israeli's purport to be, should take another gander at their Torah and take more time out to pray to YHVH and listen a little harder when YHVH speaks to them, for I find it hard to believe even YHVH would condone the actions and travesties that Israel seems to be committing at this moment in Time.

I ask like so many others in the World community for Israel to lay down it's arms against Gaza and actually make an effort towards not killing innocent people, for there are other solutions.

R. William Holzkopf jr.

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USS Liberty (Israeli Attack on US in Vietnam 1967)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ego Deflation

So I get an email from a friend of mine and she matter-of-factually says she has found patterns to crochet DnD Dice.

I happened to find a d20 crocheted here, and though range of emotions rampaged through my head and a mix of tears and deranged laughter in the style of a manga anime fought to gain measure against my senses.


Though I will not recant my earlier loss of sense in, "I Couldn't Help My Self".
I believe a crochet needle has managed to deflate my ego.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I couldn't help my self

While perusing local blogs, I came across this site;, and saw this.

And I really don't know why but I just couldn't help myself.

I laughed...


...But if it's all the same to you, I don't want to talk about it.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

La locura de la vida que sigue.

The craziness of life that follows...

If you ever have a bad day, week or maybe even year it is good to know that we have at least (5), Five count it Five ways to keep our life in check.

Some things in life just plain and outright 'blow chunks', (as the operative phrase may be), like this quoted from here:

"New legislation signed on May 9, 2007, declares that in the event of a “catastrophic event”, the President can take total control over the government and the country, bypassing all other levels of government at the state, federal, local, territorial and tribal levels, and thus ensuring total unprecedented dictatorial power."

But on the lighter side, as of this posting... it will be a high of 73° F in Phoenix, AZ.
And for all of us in the Frigid North, we can dream... Just not while Driving!!!
I know some of you are checking this on your phones, (leave it to technology...).

Speaking of Tech!
Many of the people I know have a Second Life, yes the game. To be honest it is free to join but pretty much everything else will cost you. That said, it is probably one of the best game platforms to come out at the beginning of the 21st Century, and certainly is growing. It is so similar to real life its virtual money is actually physically tradeable and really as code goes your knowledge is the limit.
What is interesting though is how real it is getting, seems we can't get away from corporate interests if we tried.
Look over there, that is the WIRED News Head Quarters, and out in the ocean, that Island is owned by Reuters. and over the Way is an exact replica of CNET Networks San Fransisco Headquarters.
Yet wait, this is a game...

And games we play, and challenges we take and I wish we had more moments like these in our life. Because to be totally sane about things is not normal and well just plain boring.

Yet in the end...
"Accept the craziness of your life. Do what you can do now. Let go of everything else." - Marshall Goldman

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gliese, meet the Bankers

Something to fuel the fire or ire as it may be:

"We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate).

Also in Space News:

So on April 27, 2007 in the 87th closest known closest star system to Earth at about 20.3 light years (192 trillion km or 119 trillion miles), in the constellation of Libra is Gliese 581 c. The first reported possible Earth-like planet, With a temperature in the range for water and life.

Earth sized planets are not rare in the Universes, just the appropriate conditions, "We know of only two [planets in the habitable zone]. We know this one and we know our own. But two is better than one." -Seth Shostak

A Crisis! We have a date, just don't know what it is yet!

I can't seem to find the full recording of this interview with Colin Powell, so this might possibly be made to be taken out of context.
However in light that something does happen, E.G. Full economic collapse, nuclear attack on the U.S., or something worse, at least I'll have spread the word before hand.
So if January 21st/22nd pass without incident just ignore this post.

Found via, and taken from

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

To Health, or to Sickness... That is the Question.

As I ponder my thoughts, while I jingle the only money I currently have in my pocket and look to eat processed junk that will surely kill me and anyone else that even takes a whiff.

I dream of fresh garden produce and other natural food stuffs, that can only make ones mouth water to some extent, at least in the knowledge that it is what your body needs and requires and won't kill you, (Unless your allergic, but that is something else).

I have over the years tried to cut out the unhealthy and being young still this is even more advantageous... it means possible longer life, healthier years, less sickness and medicine.
However it seems to me even coming from the ever shrinking middle class of America that it is but a Rich Mans game and I don't even have enough change in my pocket to get in the door, let alone get dealed in at the table.

Most all of our food seems to be Corporately controlled at some level and most of that food if not all, has some form of processing done to it to bleach out anything useful to our bodies in addition to all the additives that are raining terror on our bodies as well.

Cancer has struck on both sides of my family, both parents, most my immediate grandparents, so health has been a close issue to me for some time. Not just because of the cancer, but health issues that plagued me when I was younger and a few things that still do today.

So eating healthy is by far on the top of my list, even to the extent of going vegan.

Now the most disturbing thing to me is probably Human Nature and its obsession with destruction and the obfuscated and twisted view of the World. All the greed, the desire for power and control of things and people.

So while I slowly kill myself in eating this microwave dinner, I must speak out against some more travesties against us Humans and even the plants and animals involved.

Did you know that rights are being violated as I write here, and this is not even getting major new coverage? I'm not surprised, but you might be... With all these self serving interest groups and corporate entities full of people, Human just like you and me though I use the Classification of Human in regards to they ever so carefully, because I am not really sure if that is true.

All these people getting a pay check just like everyone else, (at least those of you still retaining a job in this tough economic time). These people who have family, loved ones, people they care about... Heck even just themselves. Yet they support and push for things that will hurt, maim, kill and destroy each and everyone of us.

What perversion is this, is there a new drug in our water supplies we don't know about yet? Of course this can't be, things like this have been going on since before I was even born, in fact it has a place in almost every facet of our recorded history. Yet the fact remains that it is still ongoing and it seems to be ceaseless with no end in sight and it is only getting worse.

To grow up in the freest Nation in the World and yet encounter and have to be subjected to an by such crimes against humanity, is preposterous to say the least.
Has our society become so complacent that crimes against oneself is a way of life and no action is required.

On a side note, I remember after September 11th, 2001 the phrase, "Freedom isn't Free!", rolling off the tongues of almost ever person in America from street urchins all the way up to the President of the United States of America. What seemed odd to me is that no one seemed to care, yes there was rage and anger and sadness but no one seemed to care about there freedom. Words are empty if the have no meaning to you, you can say them till you're blue in the face but if you do not believe what is being said, there is no power in it.

I know there are those of you out there that do believe and try and fight every single day to make it so, but the rest of us, seem to have forgotten, seemed to have cared less about the freedoms we were spouting and more about the amenities we wanted in life.
The state of our nation is proof of that and I don't even need to go into the whys or the hows, because well, we all lived it, most have just chose to ignore it.

I look at our nation and see a complacent, passive-aggressive, bi-polar, and hopped up on pharm- drugged society that will believe anything that is thrown in our faces even when some of our politicians and doctors are feeding us poison openly and we don't even care.

Which brings me back to my first point, while randomly researching various topics and subjects I happened upon this, and it appalled me. I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked and surprised, but I was. I knew about corporate farming and how it was destroying the individual farmer. I have seen firsthand the destructive power of corporate entities loose with rabid intent and big government wielding out of control. I know some of these farmers personally and it is atrocious how their rights have been violated, from illegal land grabbing to being threatened with fines and jail if they don't go along with unhumanitarian initiatives and or destructive measures.

Sadly I believe we are nearing the end of the beginning for things such as these and when even an Amish farmer is being threatened, to me at least this presents some serious alarm bells going off, and I mean serious! When the Amish and their branch-offs are being threatened by the Government sworn to protect them and the rest of us as well as Corporate interests, it is a sad day.

The case seems to be that a faction or a group of people in our government and corporations want to take away our right to clean and healthy food products whether plant or animal grown, (Animal food stuffs is a serious topic as well but I will digress to maintain point). 'They' want all animals and seeds to be genetically altered and grown, so that there are patents on everything, so there is no free public use, creating a complete system of enslavement.

And what happens when we only have genetically engineered seeds at our disposal; what happens when someone wants to grow a garden and the food that is grown is not healthy at all but the stuff cancers, heart attacks, and disease are made of. For those that eat meat, what happens when there are no original cows, or bison, or fish, or chicken, or turkeys left... since the past 20 years have shown that genetically engineered meats have caused more health issues than the original.

This is not only about attacks on religious freedoms by Government and Corporate interests, this is and attack on our food supply, it is an attack on the individuals right to maintain a job for the benefit of their and other families. It is an attack on ourselves, each individual, each one of us is having a crime committed against us, so I say to you all, "Freedom isn't Free"!

However, I doubt those words have any meaning anymore... Patriotism is dead but its corpse is being paraded by people who wish to profit off our sickness and death. Hope is lost to most yet it is still being spouted by those whose tongues are tainted with lies and deception. Liberty has been whored out to the World and they don't even want it. Our Freedom died completely with great applause almost nine years ago and it seems no one can support themselves any more and we are taught in our homes, schools, and places of work that our one true parent is the government and they should be our thoughts, our decisions, our lives, we have let the one power in this World that was a servant of the people become the oppressor of the people.

So I say No! Freedom isn't free, it has to be fought for constantly and we have just given up on the most important thing to freedom; Self preservation of Individual thought and action.

First control the schools, their Minds you'll have; Second control their rights, (Food, Healthcare, Speech, Religion, etc.), and you'll control their Bodies; Third finalize control on independence,(Make everyone totally incompetent and require dependence upon the Government), and you'll metaphorically have their Souls.

Americans today still fear Socialism and Communism, and speak ill of these things, and how we have to protect ourselves from these things and more.

At what cost, at what price did we sell off our common sense America?

It is already here, it has been for quite some time, (one reason why the rest of the World doesn't Fear or Respect us anymore.).

We are no longer in the sunshine of our Libertine birth, and though I'd hate to use this analogy it is the one that comes to mind... We are in the "Empire Strikes Back" of our Nations history.

...And there is no "Luke Skywalker" to save us...

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A rotting corpse, is still a rotting corpse...

A rotting corpse, is still a rotting corpse no matter how much perfume, cologne, and makeup you adorn it with.
As so is China's Espionage against the U.S., which little or few Americans even notice, from Wal-mart to Wall Street, we Americans are being targeted to help those that wish to bury us.
This is not that I believe all Chinese are bad and seek ill will toward the United States, however... with all the ill-content being purveyed toward us Americans whether at fault of our Government or that of others. China is the scorpion in our bed sheets, and we better take notice, and quick.
This Article portrays it best, (, and will scare the pants off you. If it doesn't, I would worry about what your eating and who's paying your salary.
The Chinese government is determined to make war against us, Why, I really don't understand it, except that it probably has to do with power and greed.
Either way, knowledge is power and to know the name of thine enemy gives you power over them. The name of the enemy is the Chinese government; teaching and paying its people to spy on us in an effort to wage war against us. one such way is by affixing new computers and laptops with tracking devices that route information from your new device to the Chinese.
How sickening is that, it is seeming to be out of some totalitarian sci-fi flick but in fact is reality.
If we were sickened by the Clinton Administration for giving away American Technological secrets, meant for the protection and defense of our nation. The we should be utterly appalled and abhorred by what the Bush Administration has done.
This and more crimes against our nation by China are in the above listed article, and with all the maleficence by our corporate entities and how they all discredit our integrity, gives me pause to reflect and wish that items we buy, were still "Made in Japan".

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

"It's called a Lance. Hello?"

One of my all time favorite films is "A knight’s Tale", it is so because it is one of the most unique stories I have ever come to know, using age old material, for it is cheeky in comedy and so brilliant in verse.

Yet I am endearingly fascinated by this film, because it shows the strength of ones own character, it gives us charity to find new scope in life. To stand tall above the edifices of our poverty and find Hope.

Though most of all I like this film because it grasps that which is not just simple artifices, but will alone take hold of the heavens themselves and shake loose the firmament, so that one may change their stars.

Now Hope in all its glory and grandeur, is a very dangerous thing, it says to the people; the grass is greener, that the pockets are not empty, that the will of the individual will prevail, and that every Man, Woman, and Child will have a fair chance at life.
It can bring Kings to their knees, it can take money from the elite, and it can change the course of history. Hope is the Knight of the weak and powerless and the scourge of the powerful and greedy.

Yet it can also betray us our notions, when we give faith to those who preach false hope.
This Hope is what the Rich give to the poor, so that the poor will keep working. This Hope is what Militaries give to the common Man, before they are toted off to the killing fields of Politicians. This Hope is what Governments and leaders give to their Citizens so that the masses will follow blindly. In this case Hope seems to be a Man made device, filled with trickery and treachery, a fool’s errand.

Ahh... but only a fool would not see false hope from truth. Believing, all fragile hope entwined from hearts burden to the arrow shot stars of the fiery expanse of Heaven is the same.
Nay I say that it is welcome to all from pauper to prince, and the truth of it speaks verse and beauty in the blood of Man. That one should weep at the thought or even sound of its mention.

For Hope is the birthright of every Man, and is not a Trojan gift to be splayed by whit and whim. Hope when done right, takes no credit, nor golden halls, or takes any stately name or badge.

Deceivers and liars betray us their conscience, when spake they of Hope, whilst they consort with Devils.

One must remember; Hope comes from Will of action. It is the fear that begets courage; it is the Earth that holds Water and the Air that fuels Fire.

Those that claim fearlessness, I fear the most. For it is a Man with nothing to lose, who will throw away his kingdom.

That gives me no Hope, none at all, though a Man who knows fear and denies it not and yet has the Will to stand firm and the constitution to move forward.
Has courage enough for me and is in my own eyes as one holding the torch of Isis, shining Hope for all Mankind.

"A fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.", (Act 5, Scene 1: Shakespeare), and how foolish were the French to challenge the Right of Kings, how foolish were the American fore fathers to follow suit; give every Man Hope and say that each Man is a King and every home is his Kingdom and shall be protected as such.

I think they all knew they were foolish, but the difference between their Hope and our Hope today; is that every single person from Governor to laymen, from indentures servant to slave all had a very specific stake in the Hope that they all fought for to win.

Today, we have no real Hope to speak of; save the false Hope fed to us by our leaders, false Hope that leads us to believe we are in control of our lives. Lives of ease with material gratification at our finger tips, media distractions and the illusion of power.

While the Reality that no one accepts or bears in mind, is that we are locked into a debt of peonage, serving the national bankers and the interests of the elite.

Where? My loyal readers, is the Hope in that?

In the coming days and even years, we all Americans and the World alike, are to be pressed and fitted for a new age of Man. We have been primed, primped, and readied for at least 147 years since a document called the 'Hazard Circular', and we are in dire need of Hope again.

"Now is the winter of our discontent." (Act 1, Scene 1: Shakespeare). Yet tales being plainly told will yield honest speed best, and so as tales go; a Man of pauper lineage can dream of something greater than himself. Then by Will of heart and strength of character, reach up to Heaven and shake such firmament that grasp his stars and change his course, did he.

What is of a Man, is it lineage or is it heart, I believe heart is what makes a person great for lineage is no measure of a Man. The Hope that I see for every Man, Woman, and Child, and so I to in Hope of myself and those that may follow. That my future and my life will know better. That Man of every walk of life will heed this call of new Hope, and that I shall bring a heartfelt smile to my Father.

I will indeed grasp the Heavens to change my stars.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Full Moon

Of course as of this writing the moon is still a Waxing Gibbous at 98.5% luminosity, 98.5%? Looks Full to me as such it is.
As it is, here in the Midwest a week into the New Year, It is over cast and snowing... so I couldn't see the Moon if I wanted to, not with my naked eyes anyway.
Which brings me to the point of this post; "Full Moon Party"!!!

...And not the one that occurs after ones drawers are dropped, and there is no Ron Jeremy lurking!

A "Full Moon Party", at least the one I am talking about, Occurs in many places around the world; Arizona, U.S., Europe, Etc. The Biggest seems to be in Koh Phangan, Thailand and being free to be a part of the most desirable. Seen as 20,000- 30,000 people attend and the beach side bars stay open 'till sunrise playing all sorts of music to water ones tastes.

Goa Goa, India is probably the 2nd biggest "Full Moon Party", as my research can gather. If not by name alone, in fact one of the biggest Trance parties in the World occurs here as well. Next to of course the Parties that get thrown in Ibiza, Spain, (links 1, 2, 3)

The next biggest"Full Moon Party" seems to be in the United States in Arizona, (I could be wrong, but I only did limited research on this subject), Being in the Superstition Mountains area by Apache Junction, AZ. So instead of a Beach Ocean Party, you have a desert one.
Either way I'm sure it'd be fun for those in that particular mindset. (Sorry no specific links, I would suggest hitting the BBS's, especially those relating to the Electronic Culture.

I know there are some in Europe and else where but I really didn't feel like trying to track them down, if any of my readers know of any and have links let me know so I can post them available here.

So tomorrow I will be going full gear into this 'Full Moon Party', and in fact I will be going out with a very old good friend and we will be dressed in White and be celebrating the Full Moon in all its glory...well probably not completely true... but we will be in white and out to Party!!!

And why must I play to this fad? Because honestly I am Bored, the Winter blues are starting to creep in and I really haven't gotten out and done anything since New Years and before that it was much longer than that. Really I just hate being couped up, So tomorrow I will celebrate getting out and enjoying the company of friends under a Full Moon, I will be wearing white and looking like a god!

Well it'll be a good time, for I command it!

So if anyone of me readers has a story about their Full Moon Night comment me here and let us all know about it.

For the time though, Have a Safe and exciting Friday night and be well!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Apology to readers

After working 3 hours on post "Strange Brew", I completely forgot to edit and spell check my text. And so with relief at being finished witlessly submitted it for publishing, and although this is correctable. However for those of you on my Mailing list that however is not at the moment.
Unless I make a 'Correction' post...

...And so it is.

I have linked the Strange Brew post above in the Paragraph and below with the full link for those in my Mailing list, otherwise ignore the links..

Thank you,

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Strange Brew: What do You believe?

...And no, not the Cream song!

So on occasion I have had people come up to me and ask where do I stand on Religion, Faith and the circumstantial-ness of the super natural.

I tend to answer their question with a question, not because I think it's funny, however because I feel their is always an underlying and hidden objective by asking someone these things.
Not necessarily always bad, but questions of that nature tend in my experience to be bad or at most laced with a loaded sense of ambiguity... leading to answers that will set course to a downward spiral of agony for both parties involved.

Now if you're still with me, I'll continue...

I often like to refer myself as being a 'Gnost-Shin-T(d)ao-Fucist', (GnosShinTaoFucist), mostly because I do like the bewildered look that appears on the onlookers face. Yet more sincerley due to the fact that I carry and hold aspects of the faiths and philosophies intertwined into my own imaginarey expressed Religion.
These being:


Oddly enough, my use of this Religious Trope, falls back to my High School days and the crowd that I ran with, or should I more correctly refer to them as a 'Dis-jointed collective of enlightened and uniquely talented individuals', of who only crossed paths together on random days when the Astrological accord was in in some curious alignment.

Most of us had some element of Religious or Non-Religious Trope that would raise the ire of many a good Christian Minister or Catholic House wife, etc.

I being an ordained Minister myself, however just laugh at the others ire, for isn't the whole aspect of life to find ones own path through some element or form of self expressive thought, Religion, Faith or Otherwise.

People will naturally assume since I am an ordained Minister, that I am Ministering in the faith named after the Ancient Greek and Mediterranean Spiritual Leaders called 'Christos'. (And for those about to rebut, Christos is a Title and not a Name, at least of and during the time of the Christian 'Jesus Christ,' it was for High priests and Kings; See 1 and 2 and 3.)

However, I am not here to debate this particular article of repute.

Yet this is not necessarily the case and I despise stereotypes, though it is interesting to see how many people fall into their own stereotype so easily and odd when the become irate when you comment to that fact; you're either proud of it or you're not, if your not than why must one emphasize and continue to push the fact of that stereotype?

Another question for the ages?

Ahh... but I am meandering away from the topic at hand...

I will admit I was born into A Lutheran household into a Church that was a part of the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and baptized as such. Then went to a private Lutheran school that was a part of the LCMS, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. (Imagine the horror a young boy saw when both Churches said he should do Catechism Classes for both places ELCA and LCMS.) I did fight it and only had to do it in one, I personally always though Catechism was a good way to get one to be catatonic, that I suppose is neither here nor there.

Now though, I thank my graces to such fortune, not only did I get an excellent education, I had good teachers who were willing to take a barrage of questions that would make a Catholic Priest turn red and run. And if they couldn't answer the question, they'd answer honestly to that fact.

Yet also, I didn't stop there, I'd question my Catholic friends, their parents. Other people I knew or met I'd also question about their views on well everything.
I would pour through the Library texts and at the advent of the Internet, (how old do I suddenly feel now...), I would pour through all sorts of BBS's and then Websites, and eventually places like Sacred Texts, (which by the way is probably the best place currently anywhere, next to being actually at the Library of Congress, The National Archives of Egypt, Hamdard University, (which has the 2nd largest Library in Asia), Bibliothèque nationale de France, and or the Vatican Library, (Currently one of the oldest continuously running Libraries in the World).)

Also I had the unique fortune to be invited to participate in a local Catholic CCD course which happened to be run by my Tai Kwon Do Instructor of the time. He thought it'd be good for me so I could see what the Catholic Church was indoctrinating young peoples with and these Poor CCD Souls could hear my alternate Luther-like rebuttals; which was mixed with a bit of pagan mysticism.
He thought it would be good for their faiths to be challenged, so they could have real world experience.
I think my former Instructor was absolutely right.

Which leads me back to my original point, Challenges of Faith, Religions and Other items is directly proportional to our self growth.
Though challenges especially in the area of Religion and Faith tend to lead to Knowledge censorship, Book burning, and other types of undesirable things.
I still welcome challenges, especially if I can spout my wisdom on the subject, limited as it may be, it is good to stroke ones Ego every know and then.

I however believe that wisdom should be there for the asking, and any force feed of wisdom or knowledge in general is a fools errand and won't promote any type of positive growth.
Sadly there are too many people and organizations that believe one must force feed others their ideology so that they can feel safe and protected in some unambiguous way from these portent outsiders, by bringing them into the fold or circle as it may be.

I look at things in this light, if someone wants to talk, to have a discussion with philosophical overtones relating to Religion, Faith, and other disambiguations.
I will gladly and happily have a seat with them and chat the night away, yet if the intention is to change my view point by coercion of word or any other element relating to their la force de volonté, I will immediately withdraw and ask them sternly to leave my consul.
I personally believe it is inappropriate behavior to force ones will on another, only by actions may we serve others in order that they may see our light, and not by forcing that light down their metaphorical throats.

You may have noticed I separate Religion and Faith, most; you will find no longer do this now a days. Not that I am some wizened figure of great past repute. It is a matter of choice for me based on my opinion of the studies I have encountered.

To me as I understand it; Religion as being defined from origin word Religare of Latin; meaning 'to bind'. A binding of ones self to that specific insight that is called Religion.

...and as I understand it; Faith is the trustworthiness of an idea or person but to that end you are only bound to what you seek and what you seek can and will change.

(Faith is a word that is used in very broad terms encompassing Religions, Ideologies, Trust and things of transcendence, etc. I am using it more from a transcendental ideological standpoint.)

When in my studies of various faiths and the varied elements and factions of Christianity itself. I noticed one overall continuous factor that once bound by the facet of Religion always became dirtied, blurred, or even lost altogether.
That is the "Idea", I will not lecture this point and will be brief since I could talk and write a lifetime about this and still not be finished.
So I'll 'cliff note' my version of it;
The "Idea", is expressed by Jesus to his disciples and it is expressed through many other prophets from many other Religions and Faiths, etc.

The "Idea" as expressed is just that an Idea, that if upheld, will help bring a harmonious nature to the one who understands and is willing to uphold that "Idea", essentially the start of a path to an enlightened nature.
This of course does not mean you will be protected from onslaught, betrayers, sickness or death. And this is one of the many reasons why the "Idea: becomes blurred and or lost. Human nature, for most is to take an "Idea", bundle it with the preconcepts of current cultural foundations, add the moral code and justifications of that people and time period as well as place. Then term the "Idea" a Religion and name that religion. So as to bind themselves within a bound box of safety nets and preconceived notions that aren't outrageous to what is acceptable at the time.

By doing such, one then destroys the "Idea" as it becomes now a Religion.

Religion is the one ultimate destroyer of this world for at least 5000 years, because Religion incorporates Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, and Envy. Yes Religion incorporates the 'Seven Deadly Sins', as proclaimed by the Catholic Church themselves, via Monk Evagrius Ponticus.
History past or current is littered with such by the Catholic Church and other Religions having encouraged or facilitated at least one of these many sins.

I am not saying all aspects of Religion are bad, many good things have come from and come about via Religion.

Yet as a whole the experiment is a failure.

To revert to an earlier portion of this text I stated;

"Sadly there are too many people and organizations that believe one must force feed others their ideology so that they can feel safe and protected in some unambiguous way from these portent outsiders, by bringing them into the fold or circle as it may be.

I have simultaneously worried that others would strike the fact that, aren't I doing the same thing? However as verbose as this has become, This is a Weblog for my own personal outcry of my own personal thoughts and understandings, done out of a need to occupy my time and have a collection of "Ideas" saved for all time in the mass of 1's and 0's.
It is by the choice of my readers and other poor saps who happen across this Weblog, and actually partake the time to read this almost essay of sorts.
I could care less if someone hated it or liked it, that is the Freedom I enjoy in this matter. If my words bring a positive change to someones life then I will be happy that someone decided to take the time and interest to see my light.

So when someone asks me what I believe, I tell them; I have Faith in the "Idea", the underlying "Idea" behind Religion, Quantum Physics, Meta Physics, Geomatria, etc. I Believe in a Universal God, one that created everything in our Universe and possibly beyond. a God the built the building blocks that built us, a God who is in everything that is God's own design.

I have Faith in the "Idea", that 'We' are all apart of the same strange brew, interconnected with each other and everything else in the Universe.
God is as much apart of each and everyone of us as we are apart of God.
This in my view, does not mean 'We' are 'God' as some prescribe to, but that we are apart and connected.

This reasoning then leads one to realize that the Religions and Faiths within Wiccae are as much apart of the Grand Design as Islam and Christianity for example.

Even the Christian Bible via the Torah and the Tanakh allows for the existence of Supernatural Beings and gods, it is just that Christianity for example, prescribes to a mono-theistic tri-ality but being bound by Religion many of the followers don't even grasp the true meaning of their own Faith. And those where there are the corrupted officials and leaders of said and other Religions do not help the foray.

I in keeping with my "Idea" of my Faith, then tell the questioner that I however, do not prescribe to Religion, since it is Omnipotent towards goals of control and destruction of free thought and personal sovereignty.

And to the effect of Supernatural items, I have Faith that the existence is there, I have encountered items not currently explainable by Western Science. But to me what is termed Supernatural is only done so through ignorance of those wanting to categorize every inch of reality, by tearing such things apart; as if when some one shows you a small miscellaneous gear and asks you to tell them what it is apart of, which you cannot unless you see the whole aspect of what it is and where it came from.

Knowing the inner workings of something is something I adore and relish at understanding.
However tearing something apart and labeling each specific found item will not help make any clearer the purpose of the item.

The items experienced as Supernatural are as much apart of our Natural reality as anything else, 'We' are just taught to view it as different, to view it as leper and non-conformist.
This however is a whole other topic for investigation.

So in closing, What do I believe?
While existing in this strange brew...
I Believe I am Human and in that Nature susceptible to Err, I Believe that their is a Great Universal Creator who created the multiple gods of the Universe, for the function that is their order. I Believe that 'We' are all connected to the Creator and the Creator is connected to us as 'We' are all connected to each other and the world around us.
I Believe that our actions create the existence around each and everyone of us and that if we wield our self violently through Space and Time as it were, 'We' will cause damage to ourselves, others, and that which is around us.
I believe I am responsible to myself first and to the Universe as a whole second, as long as the first does not induce harm to the second.
I have Faith in an "Idea", and that"Idea" is born of personal contemplation, meditation, and centuries of "Ideas".

But I think the simplest most acceptable answer, sadly is to label myself... though I abhor from trying to label my "Idea". I temporarily instate a label to give an acceptable non-committal answer that will give a general yet limited idea of were I am in connection to the Question of 'What do you believe?'.
So the Questioner, will feel safe and cozy with what are termed as level and sane, or at least accepted systems of belief. so I don't actually have to explain what I have written here and this really is only a synopsis of the whole.

In the End I am Human and I Err, but as excuses go... I will silently saunter away and whisper...


R. William Holzkopf Jr.

A Reason To Live? ;UNIQLOCK:

So I found this, (UNIQLOCK), via, it is quite the most unique thing I have seen as of yet that is related to Time and clocks... I'm sure you won't be disappointed, though it will be sure to pull a range of emotions. Just watch it for at least 30 seconds and I promise you might be there longer.

...And I'll roughly quote my Japanese Instructor Dr. Miller, "There's no making sense of it, it is just 'Japanese'."

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Think Twice before you think!!!

Scientists created a machine that can see your thoughts:
The results of this research by Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories can be found in the December 11th, 2008 issue of US science journal Neuron.

Granted this is in its infant stage, or maybe toddler depending who's talking, but it is still quite amazing what the scientists are doing, they will have color soon...

This is both welcome and disturbing in the same light, in my opinion.
On one side, this will help with neurological disorders, handicaps, and other medical related items.
This also when the Household companion items comes to market, will be great for all those Dreams you have, but are never awake enough... or are just too lazy to write them down... I am a little of both.
As well, it will be a new niche for Hollywood... come on... you can just imagine, and no two thought processes will be alike...well we can hope.

The down side, brings to mind '1984' type horror moments and unregulated Sci-fi like control.
It's bad enough corporations like Wal-Mart sew RFID tags into there clothing lines, but there are tracking sensors in our money, Most everything is going to a credit based system and I am not talking about Credit cards, though that is a part of it. The U.S. is pushing National I.D. cards ... Britain already has them, (and though shown as failures in personal security), both countries insist it is wholly safe for the citizen.
if things like that aren't enough, I envision this seemingly harmless technology, which has such beneficial elements to it. As being used for more types of Government control of the populace.
Not sure of what I mean, a few examples of how this new Tech- could be used that might be considered volatile to an individual;

1) Forget old school Lie Detector machines, this 'NEW' Brain Scan Detector will 'Video-sca-tech' your brain in 'NEW' 720p HD!!!

2) Forget redlight cameras, This 'NEW' Intersection Brain Scanner will help your Police force, weed out the criminal element, by scanning the thoughts of the passers through, (oh and since your Nat. ID card has RFID tech- in it with your ID No., Name, Address, Dob, Credit cards, Banking No., Soc. Sec. #, and many other things, any criminal element with an IQ over 130 can build a system to hack this 'NEW' system and steal your info, and even your thoughts.)

Which leads me to no. 3:
3) ...Latest news today; the Illegal 'Brain Jacker' device, is causing undue unrest in the local suburbs, stealing the thoughts, plans, and secret information from passers bys brains. The police have no suspects and so are going home to home scanning locals brains for any information, via the Patriot Act.

I guess I started to rant, apologies around, however Knowledge is power and I thought I should let my readers know about this.
The more people are aware of new tech-, the more we can try to keep it under control, so things like this don't happen. Granted it may be futile, but i believe it is better to be at the forefront fighting for what you believe in and trying to make a change, than to be naively standing idle hoping that it isn't happening and that it will just go away.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Something to chew a bit and then Laugh hysterically at!

So this British News Show called 'Banksy' bought a whole bunch of Paris Hilton Cd's, Took out the inserts, modified them and put them back on the shelves:

Below excerpted from (Youtube link modified since original link was bad.)
"In August 2006 42 stores in the UK were restocked by Banksy with 500 reworked versions of Paris Hilton's debut CD. Paris's album, widely regarded as being unhindered by talent, was until this point looking a dead cert for the pound shop. But suddenly it got a whole new lease of life with up to five extra copies being sold.

There's a great video showing how this whole caper was pulled off on Youtube.

The CD itself contains a sampled track with titles such as "why Am I Famous", What Have I Done" and "What Am I For" listed on the cover. The remixing is credited as Banksy and DM - a reference to Danger Mouse who is the producer behind the second Gorillaz album, the Grey Album and Gnarls Barkley.

Inside the cover the doctored pictures have new slogans splashed across them including "Life Wasn't Meant To Be Fair", "90% of success is just showing up" and "Every time someone asks me how I am I hesitate for a little bit too long".

Anyone picking a copy up intending to buy the real Paris Hilton album shouldn't be too disappointed - the first one sold on EBay allegedly went for £750.

STATUS: All probably now long gone from the shelves of Britain's high street retailers."

Selection taken from


For the Liberty Challenged...

Another swell work of art by Banksy:

Below excerpted from

"Every unveiling needs a master of ceremonies - cue MC Dynamite to do the honours:

"Congratulations on acquiring your new monument. It is dedicated to thugs, bullies, liars, thieves, the corrupt, the arrogant and the stupid. Essentially it is dedicated to the entire British Legal system".

A cartoon character Tony Blair came out to inspect London's newest monument...a 'cheap, fake royal impersonator' as promised indeed."


This and that, leads me to this of course:

To my readers, I neither condone nor approve of the above actions taken by Banksy, nor should anyone do as they did ever!
However it is an interesting piece of news I thought worthy to regurgitate.
And the Corrupt Liberty sculpture, in lieu of what had occurred and why it was brought about is just a good and loud statement, that more people should make.
Of course the Banksy sculpture is in Britain, but that doesn't mean My American readers should forgo notice.
The only watchdog of any Government, is its People, its Citizens. If their are injustices occurring and the system is letting it happen. And no one is asking about it or doing anything about it, Who should be?
Hopefully I will never have to answer that question outright, since the answer is plain as day.

The one thing I always liked about America, the way it used to be, the way it is supposed to be, and the way many foreigners seem to not wholly grasp.
Is the fact that in America you can question authority... Question it to keep it in check, even if one is bold faced wrong they still can question.
That is the beauty of the system that was set up, every Citizen is a 'Check and Balance' to each and every part of the system.
Thus a watch dog for every watch dog for every part of the system, and every part of the system a watch dog to and for each other.
[If there is still a Public school out there in the U.S. that teaches the truth and application of the Democratic-Republic, I will be most surely surprised.]
Yet, sadly... I really do wonder about the state we're in!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First Post

First Post:

While I set to composing the first post for this blog, I realize that this will not only make or break this blog, but set the foundation for the etiquette and direction of this blog.
It is not without saying that the direction of this blog is of a philosophical nature, yet it will entail loose aspects toward that result.
As a result I will also bring material, data, and media to the attention of my readers that I believe is of special interest.
Kenja No Sekkyoudan, is so named in part due to my personal preference towards Asian culture and philosophy, yet also for the reason that it has a different ring than just 'The Philosopher's Pulpit', as I am sure some where out there in all the 1's and 0's, that name is already taken in some aspect, but really it is just personal taste.
In the future I will also be bringing on another Author for posting here, of whom I am sure will be of great interest to the readers.
Well it is 2009 according to the Gregorian calendar which has around since 1582 and is the continuance of the Julian calendar.
The main motivation to move from the Julian Calendar, well for those using it at the time, was do to the Catholic Church trying to standardize the holiday of Easter.
But that is neither here nor there, the United States will have the First mostly Non-White President to take office in... ever.
Now I personally have never liked his politics and believe his policies will misdirect the fabric of the American Republic, but in respect to America I do accept his win of the Presidential race for office, and hope that he will be action and not just talk as well that he will actually bring about a better America as he so promises.
China will celebrate their New Year on January 26th, 2009, while the Economic depression creating great unrest between jobless workers and students, currently doesn't seem to be coming to an end.
Elections to the European Union Parliment will be held in June.
Segio Loureiro has designed a concept vehicle called the 'Phoenix Concept', that is electric but uses the kinetic laws of physics so it will reduce energy consumption and have energy regeneration all in one unit, plus it is a looker right out of Massachussets, as seen here.
Finally, in Japan on January 14th, 2009, Nagoya University and JST, (Japan Science and Technology Agency), will be hosting the "Next Generation Japanese Technology Showcase" at Cornell Club in New York. The showcase will feature early to advanced stage developments in the fields of physical and life sciences, as seen here.
Now, though this is a rough hash of different topics, I believe it is a good start.
Thank you for your time.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.