Friday, November 26, 2010

Liberty Is Rusting

Liberty Is Rusting

By the dawn’s early light I see the stripes running red
Is this our last Twilight under our rusting sovereignty
Our glory reflected in a muddy vein of black gold
O’er the land of the enslaved and the home of the Police state
Our blood is awash with polluted ideology that has us sold.

What happened to the Freeman and our Just cause
While war’s desolation has entered our homes, our spirit
We take refuge in our dreams of the American past
Wishing this would all just go away, far away from our Land
Havoc of war and confusion are slowly ripping us in half

For Patriot’s voice and spacious skies so beautiful
For Natives lost and Sins unredeemed
Our Life, Liberty, and Eminent Domain
Are trampled on by the most traitorous, treacherous
Will our Creator forgive our impudence and hate

America, America, our Republic bleeds from the inside
Our grace is lost; crying and is echoing from sea to shining sea
Where is our brotherhood that brought us such goodness
Our immigrant’s blood, sweat and tears are met now with strife
Greed and contempt for Liberty has tainted our nobleness

Thine alabaster cities dreary, dimmed by the tears of lost hope
Our Patriot dream sees our Liberty is rusting away
Will we not mend ev’ry flaw and bring Liberty back in Law
Will we not see what all our heroes’ dead had seen
Can we not be impassion’d for the hope and future they saw

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2010 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

FFFUUUUUUU!!! Go out an buy one today!!!

Well 4Chan had done it again, except this time on a massive and unprecedented scale, even for them.

It really is amazing how many idiotic persons inhabit this world to pull off and support an internet campaign such as turning their own creation of the Rage/Race Guy, into a racist element just so they could keep it for themselves. Attacking Hot Topic for selling popular culture, that is like attacking the military for using weapons, or Zoos for holding animals, or peanut and butter sandwiches for having peanut butter on them; it is indeed ludicrous!

[It is no wonder the World Elitists want to destroy everyone but themselves, but that is a misnomer; what they really are after is....]

So I left a post about it on Facebook where I normally keep to myself and stay away from such behavior; but this time around I actually decided I needed to defend the Corporation over some scrupulous individuals, who retained no copyright, and have yet to produce one. Because the element here is not about stealing, it is about arrogance and that arrogance's desire to retain control over something that is popular to them and not let anyone else have it, in a most selfish way possible. Hot Topics only real crime is charging too much for many items they sell, other than that they had every right to take a popular iconic figure and turn it into a profit. There was no copyright so it is free game according to current laws.

So without further ado, here is my original Facebook Post; transcribe here for your eye scraping:

[Hot Topic was just doing its part as it always does, selling popular culture. The fact that they happened upon 4chan popular culture was only natural for the Company. Though they may not have known that some of the biggest bigots, racists, and leud personalities inhabit the 4chan culture, more than many people know, (this is not to say all of them are, just a good cross section).
If anyone has ever stepped foot into 4chan and seen or participated in almost any conversation, many of those turn out to be 'flame' sessions, where every possible derogatory name and comment can possible be fit within a sentence or paragraph is. So it is no surprise to me and many others that members of the 4chan community would take such an extreme measure to associate one of there creations with racism, just so that they could keep it for themselves, even if it pollutes the original image forever in the minds of the rest of the masses.
the 'fffuuuuuuu' character was just an expression of the most blatant raw emotion for use in any situation calling for blatant raw emotion. That at least is my opinion of it, from the many cartoons and statements i had seen on 4chan in the years past. This just proves what we already new about a sub-section of 4chan culture, that there is an arrogant sub-class that only feeds on elevating their personal rants and raves to the level of "gods', and that any use of their particular language/art/sub-culture by the uninitiated and unaccepted is to them a most vile attack on their person; as we have seen by their unwarranted albeit ludicrous attack on Hot Topic.

I want to thank Hot Topic, for continuing on in the Free Market Principle; to make money off of things that are considered popular, and for being a bastion for things that we would have a hard time finding in any other way in many places.

It is just sad that a few had to make it ugly for the rest of us.
If it were just a matter of copyright infringement, than that is what should have been brought to the table, not that "devious" attack on an industry that mainly profits from popular and iconic items.

A little scraping insight into the world of 4chan:
This isn't by far the worst, but some may still be offended so be warned.
And for the extremely Uninitiated; a Wiki:

But the article that seems to sum it up is of course right here @
So now that this can no longer be unread and undone in your mind, I bid you farewell, until we meet again!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

So this post comes late this day because I have been working all day and this is the first I have been able to look at my Computer.

Today, the 11th of November, 2010; is Veterans Day here in the United States of America.

It is were we Honor and celebrate all those who have served and defended our country in Peacetime and in War.

Some Vets this year expressed how they were the reluctant soldier, while others volunteered for service, but they were all happy to have defended our Country, and many were surprised at the turn outs and the love shared by their fellow Americans this day.

I have been a supporter of our service Men and Women since I was a kid; I have not always agreed with the police actions, battles, skirmishes and wars we have and are involved in; but that I believe should never undermine the service and selfless actions of those who defend our Country.

My Grandfather on my Moms Side served in the Air Force as a SF during the Korean War, My 2 Great Uncles on my Mother's side also served, between the Korean War and the Viet-Nam Conflict; One was a Paratrooper in the Army and other was a Marine.

My Grandfather on my Father's side was too young for WWII and my Father's draft card never was called during the Viet-Nam Conflict.

My Step-Father Served in the Marines during the late 70's and early 80's on the Flight deck of an Aircraft carrier.

I tried to get into the Air National Guard when I was 17 going on 18, but there was no major war and I got a very nice refusal letter, (which I still have), from some Lt. Col stating how they appreciated my enthusiasm, but I was too young.

I tried for the Air Force when I was 18, but right before I was allowed to sign my life away to Uncle Sam, the Air Force Doctors denied me because of my past health issues with Asthma, which had not caused me any serious issues since Feb. 9th of 1991.

Sept. 10th, 2001, I went to bed having mostly convinced myself to sign up for the Air Force again, but after I awoke on the 11th, I wasn't to keen on fighting a land war in Asia. Besides I had a good job at the time and I was supporting Service Men and Women in other ways and I figured I would continue to do so.

My brother serves in the U.S. Army now, He is in post training for his job, and he is a couple months out of Boot Camp; he went right in after High School Graduation.

I and my family are very proud of him and the other Family members who have served.

I am also very proud of all those who have served this great Country, from the Colonial Wars with Britain through the Conflicts of today.

So if you do anything today, or even at any point in the future, Thank a Soldier, Thank a Veteran, Thank them for their selfless act of putting their life on the line for our Freedoms.

Buy them a drink, help out at a your local VFW, visit interned Vet's at your local VA, They have done the dirty work so we can enjoy the things that we do everyday.

I was out on Oct. 6th with a family member and a friend, and I saw a Marine, he is a regular at the place we went to and has served for 5 years so far.

So I went up to him and thanked him for serving our country and I and my friend each bought him a drink. He in turn thanked us for being so gracious and supportive.

Now just buying a drink isn't enough, but to receive a Thank You when there are still so many who spit on the Soldiers and curse them for their service, means a lot to many of them.

So thank you everyone who have and do serve to protect the way of life we have here in the United States of America!

Happy Veterans Day!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

To find out more about this Veterans Day and other ways to help go to the links below:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Secret Subway Stop by New York City City Hall

Secret Subway Stop by New York City City Hall.

For those of you who enjoy New York and like to sight see, this might be for you.;_ylt=Aiw84tJfdtrUpdBEjbnRmjes0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFpcmltYTYyBHBvcwMyMQRzZWMDYWNjb3JkaW9uX21vc3RfcG9wdWxhcgRzbGsDYXNlY3JldHN1Yndh
R. William Holzkopf Jr.

07.15.2013 Edit
Old link defunct here is a working link:

White House Altered report on Oil Spill.

White House altered drilling safety report to make it look favorable to their view.;_ylt=AnPw2lL1lNWm7m5mMKCwHNQb.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTJ2ZGtzcGZrBGFzc2V0Ay9zL2FwL3VzX2d1bGZfb2lsX3NwaWxsBGNjb2RlA21wX2VjXzhfMTAEY3BvcwMyBHBvcwMyBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDcmVwb3J0d2hpdGVo

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

NASA to World Billionaires; fund Mars Manned Mission

NASA looking to coax World Billionaires to fund Mars Manned Mission.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Missle Launch? off the Coast of California!

The Infallible Military leaders might as well just say;

‘Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and refracted the light from Venus.’

Initial reports from this morning, stated that it might have been a Missile launch off the coast of California Monday Evening, although NORAD, the Pentagon and other Officials remained relatively quiet on what it was, except that they did not pick up any such launch on their systems. (Making a mention of Tomahawk missiles and how the vapor trail of the mystery is too large, failing in this report to highlight that ICBM Trident Missiles have a similar Vapor trail to what we see in the video).

As of sometime after 12pm today, (11/10/2010), Officials are stating it is an airliner and not a missile; however this line seems to be coming only from top military and government officials, while everyone else is concerned that that is not necessarily the case.

The one thing I have yet to see or hear anyone relate to us is, showing the many videos of ICBM missile launches to compare the Vapor trails and or recounting any previous reports of vapor trails such that resemble this current one, if it is really an Airplane or Airliner Vapor Contrail.

The question is begged, if this is an Airplane, this event would be common for planes coming into and out of LAX and would happen on a regular basis, (or for any airport in the U.S. for that matter). Is this a common event? And if so why would seasoned news reporters report it as an unknown factor, assuming that it could be a missile?

I have watched many a plane fly overhead, take off and land at airports; I live by two major airports, both of which are near a large body of water, (O’Hare Int’l Airport and Midway Airport, both near Lake Michigan), and during parts of the year the Chicago, IL area has similar conditions that would be found by L.A., and I have yet to see any vapor contrails look like the one in the Nov. 8 2010 L.A. video below:

The U.S. Military has in the past had test missiles launched to show military might against the Soviets during the cold war.

As excerpted from CBS; Former U.S. NATO Ambassador Robert Ellsworth Explains:

KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth, who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, to get his thoughts.
…"It's spectacular… It takes people's breath away," said Ellsworth, calling the projectile, "a big missile"…
Ellsworth urged American to wait for definitive answers to come from the military.

When asked, however, what he thought it might be, the former ambassador said it could possibly have been a missile test timed as a demonstration of American military might as President Obama tours Asia.

"It could be a test-firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine … to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we can do that," speculated Ellsworth.

Ellsworth said such tests were carried out in the Atlantic to demonstrate America's power to the Soviets, when there was a Soviet Union, but he doesn't believe an ICBM has previously been tested by the U.S. over the Pacific.

NOTAM had put out a warning to pilots to stay clear of the area where the mystery missile occurred:


As seen here and here.

NOTAM report A2832/10 is missing from the KZLA notice list on NOTAM’s website: (You can go to and scroll to the bottom and click on KZLA and then Click on view notices to see all the notices).

There is a new notice for Nov 15th-16th 2010, with similar warnings as the above noticed.

*Although The date stamp for the original notice don’t seem to match up with the Monday evening ‘launch’, people are reading them as local time and all NOTAM is released in GMT Zulu; which for L.A. would be there Local time -8:00. Of course it is always possible that the report time was modified, and as it can no longer be found in the notices on their website; this gives more credence to a cover-up.*

What is NOTAM, You ask? It is a quasi-acronym for a "Notice To Airmen".

Here is another limited known fact; Submarines and also their missile launches are harder, (though not impossible), to detect during Geomagnetic storms. But Space shows for Nov. 8th 2010 B-Class flares and Geomagnetic storms are shown for Mid-Latitudes to be a probability of only 10 % (K4 or Less Active type storm), for Nov.8 2010.

Their main page article titled "MYSTERY MISSILE" LAUNCH: for Nov. 10 2010, expresses they are an authority on mis-identified contrails, but have fallen in step with the rest of the Bureaucrats and Officials and said that they are unsure what it is.

So a Geomagnetic storm may or may not have had any real effect in the supposed lack of awareness by our Defense Departments.

In the end, if it is an Airplane, I guess we will have to re-evaluate our years of understanding on Vapor trails. If it really is a missile, then we are going to be force served whatever it is they want us to swallow.

But whatever is going on, it suspiciously occurred as President Obama visits asia, (8 days, 4 in China); just like the “coincidence’ that Bombs were found on planes heading for the U.S. right before the Mid-term Elections.

ICBM missiles being fired; notice the similarity in the vapor trails including the concentric ripples caused by the Missiles spinning to adjust trajectory, (called Roll Maneuvers).

R. William Holzkopf Jr.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Japan; Some Things never change

We may know Japan for its Anime, Sushi-Sashimi, Geisha's, The Famous or Infamous Rising Sun Flag, But less know about the continuous threat of panty-thieves that has been ongoing for close to a thousand years.

This obsession, mainly by males seems peculiar and a bit aberrant to many Westerners, but the closest representation of it would be the 'Peeping-Tom', though some of you may remember some older college movies that incorporated a mixture of peepin-tom's and panty thievery.

Either way here is a new case brought to us by Weird Asia News, in the form of a 54 year old Panty-thief.

But Japan isn't all panty raiding, they tend toward the, dare I say, 'Cute side', especially when concerning safety; as we see here from Pink Tentacle.

Have a great Day everyone!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

As a reflection of ourselves

Momentous occurrences have and are transpiring, We have just imbued power to new Persons, who promise certain affects to our rule of law, taxes or the lack thereof; our freedoms, rights and also to the delegation of such.

Many more people are said to have gone out in vote this past November the 2nd, than in many years past.

Much to do with frustration, but also contemplation and pride for ones ideals and future within this Great Country of ours.

Now many theories, some fallen to conspiracy have been abound, many for many years as well. However, whether they hold to truth or to false pretenses is up for conjecture, but what is important is that may U.S. Citizens whether, denoting self to one party of the other, or just voting conscience; have made statement that they; We, know that corruption is rampant in many areas of our leadership and governing body and that we were; are trying to effect change by our Right to a non-violent revolution known as a vote.

I am proud of the Many Americans who voted their conscience whether they voted opposite to me or in likeness. For now we have a large number of new individuals of whom will begin this new set and form of Public Service to the Citizens of the United States of America.

Yet we must remind ourselves that we have had many changes in the past to see only the same actions by different faces and names with different party affiliations. With the insidious nature prevalent among some if not many of our Leaders and officials, who speak in serpent tongue to disguise the nature of their true business.

And that only by daily education of ourselves, and persistent policing of our Public Servants may we eventually find a breath of honesty and virtue among those who serve our interests.

Alexander Hamilton wrote specifically about such deprecating events that could harm our Society in the first Federalist Papers, writing;

"A torrent of angry and malignent passions will be let loose. To judge from the conduct of the opposite parties, we shall be led to conclude that they will mutually hope to envice the justness of their opinions, and to increase the number of their converts by the loudness of their declamations and the bitterness of their invectives. An enlightened zeal for the energy and efficiency of government will be stigmatized as the offspring of a temper fond of despotic power and hostile to the principles of liberty.

An over-scrupulous jealousy of danger to the rights of the people, which is more commonly the fault of the head than of the heart, will be represented as mere pretense and artifice, the stale bait for popularity at the expense of the public good.

It will be forgotten, on the one hand, that jealousy is the usual concomitant of love, and that noble enthusiasm of liberty is apt to be infected with a spirit of narrow and illiberal distrust.

On the other hand, it will equally be forgotten that the vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty, that, in the contemplation of a sound and well -informed judgment, their interest can never be separated; and that a dangerous ambition often lurks behind the specious[Superficial/Deceptive] mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government.

History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious[dutiful] court[Pay Homage to; Seek favor of] to the people; commencing demagogues[A leader who obscures, distorts or incites the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.], and ending tyrants."

This essentially translates into modern English as 'There will be parties and persons who will try and waver your opinion and virtue by inciting and or manipulating emotions and bitterness, by bringing up the passions, beliefs and or prejudices of the Citizenry so to make them riled about their Rights and Liberties; and it is in this way that one can take away those Rights and Liberties more so than doing the same by just trying to incite for or against the stable and efficient function of government.'

These are powerful and well educated words that should be well adhered to every day that we are alive, because Tyranny and Criminals never sleep and that is why no matter our affiliation, we need to be ever vigilant to protect our Life, Liberty, and Eminent Domain.

R. William Holzkopf jr.