Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Beginning!

Now that everyone is done talking about the World's end, 
Maybe we can start focusing on the beginning of a better World!?!!

Now that everyone is up to speed.

I think we should strive to send out positive energy/thoughts/light and love out to everyone we know, then visually expand that and include our States, Provinces, Countries, Continents and even the whole world.

If we did this by ourselves at least once everyday, I believe we would have an effect. But like anything natural... the effects aren't instantaneous, the manifest over a period of time. 

So don't be discouraged!

If we do this with a group of people, once everyday. 
We would have an even greater effect! It doesn't matter if you believe in Christianity, Wicca/e, Paganism or anything else. All that you need to do is what you do best for your faith or Non-Faith, Prayer, Intent, and of course VISUALIZATION!

If anything you'll feel better, albeit a bit drained.

If just half of the people on this whole planet, (I presume though I do not know for sure), would do this. I believe we would have a noticeable effect of how we treat each other, act, and express our selves.

If a group of 4000 people praying for positivity (Transcendental Meditation), for about 3 months in Washington D.C. decreased the crime rate by 21% in 1993, imagine what more than that can accomplish!?!!!

It time to stop standing on the sidelines watching, and do that something many of us always wonder why no one did.

This is a simple and easy thing we can all do, that only takes a little bit of time and it's free!

Send some love today! :D
R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Friday, December 07, 2012


What could have become of the Human race?

We may never know, but with how the common public of all shapes, colors, faiths, and sizes come together on a daily basis all over the planet, I see the possibilities.

Yet I can imagine an Earth that is wonderful and amazing, a place where the majority of Humans work together on some level of peace an harmony and how far we'd be culturally, spiritually, and physically.

We'd probably inhabit our Solar System by now, have enough food and places to live and very little to no poverty at all.

Money probably would still exist but it would not be the driving force behind Human endeavors. Trade, barter, and creative vision would be.

Maybe not a Utopia, but definitely a place where everyone has the ability and the chance to succeed if they want to.

But, we have a small group of families going back historically a couple thousand years, maybe even to the first Kings.

Who feel they and no one else are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

These are the people who have set-up and or cause most if not all of the troubles and strife we have today.

Humanity is not perfect, that is what makes us so great, it is our capacity for foolish actions and irresponsible decisions that shape who we are and teach us lessons as we grow.

One cannot grow if one does not error in their ways.

Yet these families spread disease among us, poison our air, water, land and food.

These families, use services to map and track our genomes so they can control us like cattle.

These families use services guised as help to create infertility or prevent reproduction.

These families control the money of the Earth to create poverty where there should be prosperity, they design and fabricate issues so that wars start and profit from them while they depopulate the planet of the cattle they despise.

They have created a system of death and destruction where mutual respect and love should be.

We are the ones that are supposedly filthy, unclean and biologically unsanitary, yet they are the ones making it so.

Yet the strength of Humanity always shows through in the bleakest of times and opposites keep coming together to defend and help each other despite the odds.

These families are losing control, the Spiritual Awareness and ever growing communication amongst Humans around the planet has caused light to be shone upon their shadowy actions.

They, the families are working and trying to implement their draconian plans quicker than they had anticipated. Many of their plans are failing in large volume, however they are still very much in control.

My vision is similar to many Humans who have either enjoyed or have strived for freedom from tyranny. To live and die free with all of our inalienable rights, but most of us forgot how to protect that simple thing that is so easy to get caught up in.

We have all become complacent, we have been duped for so long we believe the lie.

Most will read this and scoff, scoff because they think they know different, think they are absolutely right. They will want a witch-hunt and will want 'justice' done, but no matter how many times and how many people strike up their chant. It is just hollow sentiment based on corrupted ideology, designed to lessen the blow and hide the truth.

A wise man named Edmund Burke once said in the face of tyranny; “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!”, I am not powerful, I do not have enough money to throw a stick at. I am not a mover and a shaker.

Yet I still have a voice, A voice that speaks through written words. Some say the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe that is true.

Granted it will not defend from bullets, knives or swords, but it will instill thought in others, it will make people question the status quo, it will inspire lateral thinking and with enough pens writing the truth. Enough voices will be heard and from those voices more will rise and eventually, bearing the right circumstances, a revolution will be born.

Not necessarily one of blood or violence, but one of peace and love and a willingness to change that which no longer belongs in a society that is one.

Deception, Greed, Hate, Intolerance and the like may always forever exist in the Human Spirit. Yet so also does Truth, Sharing, Love, Acceptance and other such things.

The old guard no longer benefits Humanity as a whole, and the old guard has refused to come to terms with the burgeoning reality of Life. The oneness, the unity that Humans are starting to except within themselves and others around them is a beacon of hope to those who saw no way out, this unity is a scary thing to those who like to control.

The old guard only seeks to destroy and take, and the new emerging guard is willing to prevent them so that the awakening consciousness of Humanity can prosper.

The thing no one really has figured out yet on either side is how the New Guard will achieve the task of making a new path for Humanity without violence to lead the way out of the old.

For something to be birthed something else needs to die, in the respect that two things of macrocosmic value cannot occupy the same space at the same time. One will have to win out and the other will have to go out.

This New consciousness could very well fail, but I believe that those of us who are apart of this new consciousness, have a very good chance to bring us one step closer to a place we should be instead of a place that someone else has chosen for us.

What will you do!??

Will you make a stand in a way that represents you!?!

Or will you run and hide and hope that everything turns out alright?!?

We may make our own reality, but that doesn't mean we are supposed to stand idly by. It is by our own Minds, bodies and hands that we are able to make our perceptions and thoughts reality.

You have every right to stand on the sidelines, but if you cannot even stand up for yourself, then you are not going to be able to stand up for others.

In the Americas we were given a gift, granted one stained by blood, greed and trial and error, but a gift no one else had in recorded history. A group of people who decided that they should be able to decide their own destiny and no one else had that right. They laid a foundation for future generations to experience this amazing perspective in the World and told us how to keep it if we wanted to.

So far the words on pages and in digital still exist for everyone to read... But very few care to, or even know.

This foundation, this gift of Liberté, is the most dangerous gift of all because those who believe they are entitled to control, want nothing more than to control it, and by any means necessary.

This is our plight today. 

A constant battle against those seeking to control our very own destiny's.

No one ever said we wouldn't stumble along the way with this gift, but it needs to be guarded every generation!

It is also open to any who want it, and it should never be forced upon others. 
Living by example is a very good way to bring more people to the table.

I want a better future for not only myself and others but for all of Mankind. We are not alone in our endeavors and I think we need to grow up and start acting like a family instead of adversaries looking to one up each other.

We have been divided on purpose, and it is not for our gain.

Unity is the weapon that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of those who despise us.

United we can stand, Divided we will surely fall.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2012 R. William Holzkopf Jr.