About Me

I am a U.S. Citizen, born and raised. I hail from the Chicagoland area and have lived in the states of Illinois, Ohio, and Georgia.

Besides my various ventures into Poetry, (with some publishing's), story Writing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Hand Drawn Art, Computer build/repair, and Philosophical meanderings.

I have a keen interest in the culture, peoples and history of Japan; I am still currently learning the language and one day maybe I will obtain a job opportunity because of it.

Although I do know a little German and have attempted Swedish, and even Bulgarian believe it or not. =-P

I bring this Web-Log to the World to express my individual self and the opinions I harbor from time-to-time. Of the things I write about, I do not intend for any of them to inflict or cause any harm whatsoever. Though I do understand that I will invariably have those people that will come across my op-eds and disagree with me.

Although in their disagreement I hope that they will still have a learning experience, even if it was not fun or in alignment with their ideals.

I am from a previous life a vinyl toting DJ, who is now an Independently published artist; though my musical tracks fall into the Electronic spectrum of sound, I hail from Industrial, Metal, and Punk roots. I am by no means famous, nor do I desire fame in that area. I just enjoy music and have fun creating something from nothing, essentially. ;-P

I am currently looking for people to meet up with who have an interest in Japanese Culture, and who either know or are in the process of learning the Japanese language. There is a MEET-UP in my area but they seem to be having a slow year at the moment.

Of course if you enjoy a wide selection of music, enjoy art and like poetry, this is a plus...

My faithful followers and those of you who randomly stop in by the graces of the Internet gods, can always just leave me a comment, though if you desire and want not it to grace the pages of this blog forever hosted in the domains of Internet drugery.

You can email me at kenjanosekkyoudan [at] gmail [dot] com

"Thank you for reading, and keep learning; it is our only defense against Worldwide idiocy!"

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