Monday, August 17, 2009

From Yesterday to Today, and Today to Tomorrow; We find ourselves back at Yesterday.

There are bad people who would be less dangerous if they were quite devoid of goodness.” – La Rochefoucauld

Today sites an important example of how a Democratic-Republic is supposed to work; it is unruly, it is unkempt and it is most assuredly not pretty.

But the end result is the majority rule of individual opinions, opinions that have made us the desire and ire of onlookers for over two hundred years.

The Obama White House, made a decision over this weekend that shows that there is still an element of hope within our fragile democracy; that the civilian head of our Government still listens to the peoples majority, even at the disappointment and exasperation of itself, (President Obama), and those that follow its objectives.

The White House is now looking at privatizing a Public Health Care option instead of Nationalizing it under Government influence, which will still create the needed competition between the other private health care providers, although assumed by the White house to not be as efficient.

I applaud all American Citizens for waking the ‘Sleeping Giant’ and taking action even against those who ask us all to follow what they want, but to not do as they do.

It shows that even in an Age, where the Civilian head of the Presidency has become more and more dictatorial in action in apparent direct opposition to its Constitutional powers, (citing more than just the current presidency). That there is still hope that the Civilian head of the Presidency is just that, a Position run by a Civilian.

A position that is designed and supposed to listen to its constituents and not ignore the desire and wishes of the Nation as a whole.

Although this does not change my opinion of the current presidency’s blatant objectives, (i.e. differing forms of Socialism and the systematic dismantling of Constitutional Amendmental Rights), It shows that what our Founding Fathers laid out for us still is functioning, albeit having lain stagnant for many years. 1]

In lieu of change, the Stimulus package that was stated by President Obama as, “was not designed to work in four months -- it was designed to work over two years. “ was the same Man who when promoting the Stimulus Bill said, “We must move swiftly and boldly to put Americans back to work, and that is exactly what this plan begins to do.”, and “Most of the money we're investing as part of this plan will get out the door immediately and go directly to job creation, generating or saving 3 to 4 million new jobs. And the vast majority of these jobs will be created in the private sector -- because, as these CEOs well know, business, not government, is the engine of growth in this country”. 2]

However even the original White House unemployment predicted peak of 8% is now above 9.4%as the Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics July report shows, with 14.5 Million Americans out of work, (A National Average). 3]

During the ‘Great Depression’ of the Early 1930’s, unemployment during the first full year of the Stock Market crash, (in 1930), climbed to 8.7% nationally. By 1931 it had risen to 15.9% and it the peak of the Great Depression unemployment rose to a startling 24.9%. 4]

We are already above the unemployment rate of 1930, in our first full year of our current economic depression and it is only slated by the government to rise, projected at over 10% by 2009 year end.

Now not to be a doomsayer, I do hope that our politicians and government officials make wise choices and decisions that help stimulate our economy, bring American businesses and other business back to our shores, as well as the wise use of tax payer money.

So that we do not end up in depression peak like that at the height of the Great Depression, but outlook is not rosy and initial promises are seemingly left empty at the current stage.

I hope that I and others are wrong and as the White House now currently admonishes, that the full effect of the Stimulus won’t start to be seen until the last quarter of 2009.

But in light of a White House reversal on the importance of Government run Health care and a rising unemployment rate. We do need to worry about the current continuous global sell-off U.S. Stocks which in turn decreases or GNP and the worth of the American Dollar. And also with China’s Shanghai Composite Index in a decline that was originally shown in recovery. This puts all of us Americans under an even deeper strain since China holds much of the U.S. National Debt, (Whether it be Governmental or Individual credit debt).

And as investors already are jumping ship from the U.S. causing great strain on the U.S. Market and economy, many of these investors are now looking to jump ship from China, too. Since there is a close U.S. economic relationship with China, this spells a certain amount of disaster for not only the Chinese people but for Americans as well. 5]

Our virtues are most frequently but vices disguised.” – La Rochefoucauld

DOMA, or otherwise known as the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’, signed into being by former President Bill Clinton in 1996, is under the sights of President Obama for repeal. This act denies federal benefits to domestic partners, (Same Sex Partners), of federal employees while also allowing states to reject same-sex marriages in other states. President Obama believes this act to be discriminatory even though the Supreme Court currently upholds DOMA.

This will most certainly cause concern and ire in the conservative branch of both the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as some of the other Independents, while being a positive note for those in the liberal stance of our nation.

I personally think ‘Marriage’ is only suitable for that of a Male and Female coupling since Marriage is in lieu of physical reproduction and the continuance of our race, besides other elements faceted to coupling in the first place; although I believe this, I do not disdain my friends that are of a homo-sexual nature the burdens of marriage either.

My Conservative upbringing asks me to rail against the repeal of this act for the indecency it proposes without it there to protect the institution of marriage, while my libertarian fascinations urge me to be a supporter of the possibility of benefits to the homo-sexual community as long as they retain the term, ‘Domestic Partnership’ and not that of ‘Marriage’, since the two are wholly different in values and operation.

Yet in the end every Family whether one that is Married or is a Domestic Partnership should be afforded the same rights, whether or not I agree with the type of partnering. 6]

In other news, the [flag [at] whitehouse [dot] gov email address that was available for the use of snitching on those who voiced their opinions against the Health Care Plan. Is no longer available under Public pressure and complaints against the White House by Citizens who were receiving unsolicited emails from the White house after being anonymously signed up for a White House Email List and receiving emails from Senior Advisor David Axelrod.

The charges held against the White House which the White House expressly denied were that of ‘creating an enemies list’. The White House also stated it will work to reduce the number of incidences of people receiving unsolicited emails. Making an effort to blame this on third-party Advocacy groups and their online petitions.

This however does not explain the fact that the system that was being used by the White House was designed to embed the emails and names of people on these petitions into its Email lists, (presumed automatically), even if these Advocacy groups were releasing too much personal data from their petitioners and the like.

But the White House has made some changes which are supposed to prevent most future issues of this nature. 7]

And speaking of Chicago politics, if you haven’t heard Mayor Daley of Chicago came up with what seemed to be a brilliant plan at first to save Chicago and its constituent’s money. But will in actuality incur a cost of much more money than its intent to save, and this is the plan.

Chicago City workers were forced to take 15 unpaid holidays of which were in effect supposed to save the city money, all except Emergency services. Now Daley continues with more forced unpaid holidays that don’t actually all coincide with actual holidays, and has pretty much all City employees, (except Emergency Services), like the City Library, the Office of Building and Permits, Garbage pick-up, etc. to take today, (Monday), off without any special notice to the public which requires many of these services. So you need to meet a deadline and require a Permit? Sorry, Closed! So you need to do research or just enjoy some literature at the library? Sorry, Closed! So your trash is out per City guidelines for Monday pick-up, (those applicable)? Sorry, No Pick-up!

What does this mean, well it will disgruntle many I am sure, it may cause some business deals and residential/business planning to go south, (although speculative), But it means possible law suits against the City of Chicago, it means overtime hours worked for those Garbage Men and Women who now have to do double the work to pick up garbage since they were forced to be off, it means more money spent to clean up the mess of a City Government being closed on a Business weekday due to lack of informing the Public affected and also well, due to being closed on a Business weekday.

So all that money that is supposed to be saved is now purported to be of waste, since this Daley plan causes more problems than it actually fixes.

If Chicago City officials really wanted to save money for the City of Chicago, they ought to think about taking an unpaid ‘work’ day in which they actually still are working, if they want something like this to work. 8]

Finally though, Today a worthy note goes to Democratic Governor of the State of Wisconsin; Jim Doyle who is refusing to run for a third term as Governor. He believes Governors should limit themselves to two terms just like the Presidency, so that it allows new leaders to develop, stating, “It gives the voters more choices. It allows us to draw new insights and inspiration from the wellsprings of renewal in each generation. 9]

Whether or not this is a guise to benefit Democrat candidates; the move is truly an American style, Founding Fathers brewed sort of action that is worthy of praise. Since it allows for a renewal and helps to prevent political stagnation.

So a loud ‘Hurrah’ and a big ‘Thumbs up’, goes to Governor Jim Doyle for upholding values that once inspired those that helped create this great nation.

Maybe Governor Jim Doyle’s trend setting ideas will inspire other politicians to take action in a similar or equal light…?

Well one can hope.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.











Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall of Civil Liberties

In light of the on-going onslaught of American 1st Amendment Rights. The only real Flagrant acts are being done by people like Daniel Mach of the ACLU.

It seems like something else out of an Orwell story, amongst all the current Orwellian mischief, propaganda and propagation in current years.

Although I do not disagree that a court order is in assumed violation. Something like this should be a non-issue to begin with.

Christianity, (specifically the one being attacked here), has been the single most attacked Religion of the past 20 years here in the United States of America.

The only Country; currently in the World that thought Freedom of Religion, Speech and Press where so important that we made it our 1st Amendment to our Constitution.

"Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression.
Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

It has become the order of the times to make laws and conditions of which clearly violate the 1st amendment. Like the January out of court settlement the Santa Rosa County School District reached with the ACLU for supposed 1st Amendment Violations.

Let's think about this for a minute, since many people seem to not understand what a 'Real' 1st amendment violation is.


So how does one go about violating the 1st amendment?

Well put simply a 1st Amendment violation occurs when and if a Government, (U.S.of A.), makes a law to establish a State Religion, or prohibits the free practice/exercise of any Religion. Violations also occur if an individuals freedom of speech is abridged, (Moderated in such a way as the individual cannot sufficiently express open opinion and thought without reparation occurring.)

Also, preventing the freedom of Press; preventing peaceable assembly by the People and preventing petition for a redress of grievances. We however are currently concerned about Speech and Religion.

So if a violation of the 1st amendment is as stated above, then how do groups like the ACLU with people like Daniel Mach, get away with violating the Founding laws of the land for their own personal gain, or the personal gain of others?

This may be the question of the decade... If we are to follow Constitutional law, (Amendments being apart of that law), then this would in initial judgement assume that every court case, law and settlements that rule in favor against 1st Amendment rights; such as the Santa Rosa County School District Settlement with the ACLU. A settlement that seems to have been reached under a certain amount of duress against the school district for violations of the 1st amendment but turns out it is the ACLU that has and is violating the 1st amendment by prohibiting free speech and practice of religion.

This is not only sad but scary indeed, not to mention that now two well respected teachers of their Community are now under criminal charges for saying a prayer for their meal around other consenting adults.

With the accusation that some school children over heard in another room? Hence violating the unconstitutional Settlement the ACLU won earlier this year. Well that remains to be seen, especially since the school, Students and teachers have come out in protest of this, Which seems promising.

What many others are failing to see and ask questions regarding, is:

What happens once one religion is attacked and sufficiently demonized and wiped away?

Well if history is a guide, and it usually is; this would mean that once the dominant religion is swept away in one fashion or another, then that leaves the other current religions and faiths in the eye of the target.

Once it is okay to take away freedom of one Religion, then no other religion is safe, this goes for speech as well.

This is just another good example of the slow erosion and chipping away of our most sacred of Civil Rights, until they no longer exist for us to exercise.

A Christian should be able to pray over their food without fear of reprisal, just as a Wicca(n)/Witch should be able to bless their food, a Hindu to pray over theirs as well, as well as those of Islamic faith and Buddhism and Taoism or any other Religion and Faith.

The 1st amendment allows for the free practice thereof as long as one does not force their practice upon another. And praying over ones personal food stuffs before a meal does not constitute a violation of the 1st Amendment. Nor is it a violation if all in specific tabling are in consent to a group-wide act of a specific religion or faith.

If others happen to be in listening distance but are in a separate room, this does not constitute a violation. However since the School district of Santa Rosa allowed a settlement to be reached, however unconstitutional, they are currently bound by that settlement since it is a contractual agreement between parties bound by current law.

One can only hope that an event such as this will wake Americans up to the travesty at hand so as to prevent future unconstitutional meanderings of organizations such as the ACLU and arrogant outbursts like litigators such as Daniel Mach.

All of whom shame their names as American Citizens by dragging the Constitution and its amendments through the mud; by violating it not only on a consistent basis, but by violating it just once.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Technology and Design for Better Living

Urban Mole is looking to use old infrastructure, (i.e. Sewers, etc.), to incorporate a new delivery system for package transport.

Apparently there is going to be an infrastructure boom, (When? No stipulation), but if you have a degree in Urban Designing, Process Piping Design and or a degree in Nuclear Engineering; You're in luck!

If your in Surgery, (Assuming you are a Surgeon), and the power goes out or you are in an area with undesirable power. Here is an ingenious and fairly simple design to help you maintain light during surgery. Can also be useful for other circumstances including your average power outage.

Creating energy from a revolving door or an 'Energy Tail'.

Self-Sustaining Communities, that are also energy efficient and help create there own heating and cooling. The way of the future?

The U.K. has given the go ahead to building 100,000 new Eco-Homes built with the latest technology in an effort to be as self sustainable s is possible.

Fake architect designs brilliant energy producing buildings.

Not an energy efficient item, yet deserves mention.
A smart biking project by SENSEable City Labs in Copenhagen, has designed bikes with a 'SmartTag' technology. that tracks the bikers movements to somehow help with Traffic control and finding some biker you'd like to meet up with.
[My personal opinion, it has good intentions but will ultimately be used inappropriately]

Let's try and save on paper and ink by opting for receipts instead of receiving them automatically.

Do you like Beer? Maybe not... But either way one Beer company reinvests itself into the local communities it is apart of and is considered to be, "Conscientious Capitalism".

R. Willia Holzkopf Jr.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am an American! I am a Representative of America!

So Sen. Arlen Specter believes that, all these angry and upset American Citizens all over the U.S. are, "not necessarily representative of America"!?

What kind of crock of Crap is that supposed to mean?

That is absolutely the same thing as saying all of us who speak are minds and opinions are, "Un-American", as Nancy Pelosi had stated some days back!

This is just more of the Radical Democrat line of B.S. when they don't have the support of the Nation they think they are Royalty in!

It is always ever o.k. when these Democrats and Socialist Liberals pay to have people say "Hooray for our Side", or Support whatever Candidate is running or whatever reform or Bill is up for vote.

Yet if Regular Non-Democrat party or even Former Democrat party American Citizens, come out of their own free will and volition to exercise their 1st amendment rights. It is suddenly wrong, a travesty, "Un-American" and or "not necessarily representative of America".

There are two old sayings we use here in America to those who talk a lot of guff but can't seem to handle the task.

'If it's too hot, get out of the kitchen', and 'If you can't walk the walk, don't talk the talk.'

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

'I am neither a Democrat or Republican party member, I am a United States of America Citizen and I vote my conscious and voice my opinion. I am one of many representatives of this Great Nation that is America, and I am disgusted that some of our Senators and Representatives who are supposed to uphold Constitutional and Amendmental values, who are supposed to be 'our' Representatives of our collective individual voices and 'our' mirror to the World. That they would have the gall to break ranks, show arrogance and contempt for this Great Nation as well as talk down to and dirty the American name. I am R. William Holzkopf Jr.'

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Reform: Protesters

Whether or not you agree with the current Health Care Reform or Not. You do have a Fundamental Right to voice your Opinion.

However, it is inappropriate, dangerous, and often illegal to cause disruptive or physical harm to people at "Town Hall Meetings", or other such similar Democratic events open to Public debate.
(I am speaking more of those on both Republican and Democrat sides who are strong arming the opposing side in an effort to sway opinion.)

These "Town Hall Meetings" are for Public Debate yes, but it is up to all of us to ask 'Strong' questions of our leaders and not accuse, consistently use verbal abuse and or physically beat up those who oppose what we believe to be right.

Accusations, verbal abuse and causing of physical harm are for street thugs and do not belong in a Public debate, no matter how heated a discussion may get.

If you feel a protest is the right course of action, you are perfectly allowed to protest outside the facility; picketing with signs and chants and speeches or whatever is lawful for your area.

But it is not lawful to disrupt a Public debate in such a way were you can be considered to be forcibly removed.

Also please refrain from violent actions against each other, this will only fuel the fire for the opposing group and give you and your whole movement a bad name and hurt your cause.

The opposition always is looking to prod and poke you so that you strike first. So much so that they are hoping to get you mad and irritated so that someone will take a violent course of action against them, so they can use it as a rallying cry to their mindless masses that follow them.

Do Not let this happen, for it will only help them win and give the opposition the ability to destroy everything that has been worked so hard for.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Sending Hope and Sincerity to Asia

For those who suffered in the earthquakes that tore through Japan on August 10 and 11th (U.S. date);
Magnitude Location Time
6.4 Near the south coast of Honshu, Japan
4.5 Izu Islands, Japan region 08.10.2009 Map
7.1 Izu Islands, Japan region

For those in Taiwan affected by the Terrible Typhoon that swept through their Country.

And also for those in China who also were affected by the Typhoon.

I send my hope and my sincerity in that all three countries, Japan, Taiwan and China's citizens recover from these disasters. I also send my condolences to any that lost family and friends to these disasters.

May your Recovery be quick, your patience be centered and your determination be successful!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Trading Freedom for Fascism: The State of Things

Such a strong word; Fascism is. It brings up thoughts and images of Mussolini Italy, Adolf Hitler and his puppet Socialist Nazi Regime, and even the Stalinist Regime of the former CCCP. Fascism conjures very strong feelings in all types of people. Emotions ranging from a strong like, to lackadaisical naivety, to extreme Anger and fear.

I cannot speak for Citizens of other countries, but as an American Citizen, I have heard varying view points from my fellow Citizens and except for a small minority of people, who fall into the, "I could Care Less" Category. We as a country seem to be split down the center. Although the definition of the split is not necessarily equal, when it comes to opinions on America, what we really stand for, and if we are truly still a Democratic-Republic or have slipped into Socialism and sliding head-fast into Fascism.

It is true many do not understand what Fascism truly is any more, at least by definition. It is used to label many things people do not like, whether it is people, business, laws, states, and governments, etc.

The root of Fascism comes from the Italian word Fascio which its root comes from the Latin; Fasces. 1]

Fasces is a bundle of sticks or rods that are bound together to signify strength. The more Fasces, the more Strength, also sometimes shown with an axe in it as well. The symbol of Fasces is similar to the phrase 'With Unity comes Strength'. (Also can be found on the back of the U.S. Mercury Dime.)

Fascism was first used by Benito Mussolini in 1919, but seems to be a reference to the Fasci Siciliani of the 1890's. The Fasci conducted early Trade Unions that were founded on Socialist ideologies, though had a mostly practical lure. However the term Fascism more applied to the government of Prime Minister Crispi on how he and his ruling elite behaved when striking down these Fasci and their trade Unions. PM Crispi used public fear of social revolution to strike at all "subversive" organizations, creating a broad and inaccurate agenda which affected both the good and the bad, as it were. 2]

So what does fascism do and what does it entail?
Fascism does not allow any unregulated domestic or foreign markets. The same thing happened with Italy and Germany, both countries accomplishing this through a militaristic empire building of 'Client' states. This ensures a steady flow of needed resources and the ability to prop up their weakening currency that is being inflated to fund domestic programs and military interventions.

Nationalism is the flag of Fascism, they use the Media, Public events and Schools as well as a leader embodied with charisma and the Nationalism movement. A Fascist state pushes compulsory national service for all young adults to drum up support for National Unity while slowly or quickly eroding the sense of individual as well as individual rights.

There is also the creation of external and internal enemies that are allegedly threatening the nation, along with the creation of Public Welfare Programs used to pacify the populous since these programs are offered as protection against unpredictability and the trials and tribulations of our lives.

Fascist regimes offer such things as;

Social Welfare Programs... these are sold as protection from poverty and illness, but what really happens as has happened here in America. All welfare programs take money from taxes, taxes taken from Citizens who work. Welfare programs promote inconstancy and a populous trained to take from the Public Coffers, as well as creating a limited working environment in the process. This process is known as a Welfare Trap/ Unemployment Trap/Poverty Trap. These discourage movement into work due to the taxing out of the earned welfare from the people’s wage. 3]

"A person on welfare finds a part time job that will pay him/her a minimum wage of five dollars per hour, eight hours per week. The forty dollars he/she earns per week will be deducted from their welfare payments leaving him/her with no net gain. Frequently, in fact, they will recover a net loss as the government will also levy a tax on their forty dollars. There may also be extra child-care and commuting costs, now that he/she is no longer able to remain at home all day. Therefore, despite performing eight hours of work productive to society (and, theoretically, themselves) they are now worse off than before they acquired employment." 4]

In such creating strain on the Programs, because it is easier to take from the system than to get off the system, this causes a heavy strain on the welfare programs because less people end up working and so less are paying into the system. This becomes a vicious cycle that can only be gotten out of by the destruction of the system itself.

This is not to say all welfare is bad, however even well regulated welfare systems eventually all end up failing.

They first start with the initiative to help the poor and the elderly and orphans. Then they include the sick, the out of work and the disabled. Finally it covers minority and foreign groups, with usually a heavy lean to only minority and foreign groups and then, well eventually there is little left to support the system because everyone is on the system. The Systems debt increases because the Welfare state has to create money where there is none, this cause inflation... and so on, and so on.

Types of Welfare: (Just a Selection)
1. Social Security
2. Medicare
3. Nationalized/Government Healthcare
4. Food Stamps
5. Family Aid
6. Housing Assistance

Another thing sold to the populous is the Nationalization of Industry and Financial Markets.

This is sold as saving the country and the people from economic loss while subversively passing along debt to each individual citizen. In reality though it is said to be the savior of the Country it is actually the tightening of the Fascist control of finances and industry by the Government, while creating a poverty stricken government dependent society.

Fascism roots itself into the education centers of a country; spreading indoctrination where government is hyped in a positive light, while under-educating the students to their rights and individualism and giving them the belief that they must financially support the State otherwise they are the enemy.

Fascist States create heavy amounts of regulatory requirements of which they say are to protect people from free market systems. Yet in reality it helps favor those who gain from the government regulations at the populous's expense.

These systems create enemies from within and without. Not unlike the United States 'War on Drugs' and the 'War on Terror'. Supposed to protect the masses from these terrible things, however these things like the 'War on Terror' are in part caused by the U.S. of A.'s harmful foreign policy. Both become a War on Freedom turning a Free Republic into a Police State. With even Law enforcement resembling an occupying paramilitary force.

To top it all off, in the beginning of a Fascist take over the State promotes the Values of the Old regime while wrapping in their own distorted philosophies and ideology.
So in places such as the United States of America. Freedom of Speech is a fundamental Inalienable Right, so much so that it was made the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

But in a Fascist regime, they promote things like freedom of speech and press and vote, only if you are agreeing with the State. If you disagree, they allege or even directly call those in disagreement, (Whether Vocal or written), that they are, 'Crazy', they are 'Disruptive', they are 'Violent', they are 'Enemies of the State', they are ' Terrorists', they are; as in the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, called: "Nazis" and "Un-American" 5], because hard working Americans are waking up and deciding to use their 1st Amendment Rights to speak their opinions on a wide variety of topics, but specifically Nationalized Health Care.
And these Citizens that are exercising their fundamental Constitutionally granted Rights are getting berated by their own Government for doing so?!

Well in the article 'Facts are Stubborn Things' by Macon Phillips. the 'White House Director of New Media'. Posted this blog asserting there is much disinformation about the 'Health care reform Bill', about how there are Email scams and rumors that are causing this problem and how the White house cannot keep track of all of them. Stating "Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to [email removed]." 6]

So what is a Fascist State?
An environment where they seduce family, friends and neighbors into snitching on each other for the safety and welfare of the State.

Where freedom of speech is hindered by the State only if you are on the opposing side.

Where the State gives everyone free healthcare, aid, and education although everyone seems to realize when it's too late that the only way to fund such things is through taxing those working and if most everyone is on the system; where is that money coming from. It isn't coming from the politicians and leaders pockets for sure.

Where the state, takes away your rights and freedoms for your safety and protection selling it as 'it will protect you from the criminal elements of society'. Although everyone seems to forget that Laws and regulation that take away personal rights and freedoms to protect them against enemies and Criminals, only protect Enemies and Criminals.
Because Enemies and Criminals DO NOT follow the laws and regulations!

What is a Fascist State?

A place where Freedom of thought, Speech and Action is considered to be a hindrance, a violation and a direct attack on the State and its Leaders themselves.

Where a list is made by a selection of the Government on those who vote against the Winning Party and vote for alternative Parties, (Like the Constitutionalist Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, etc.)

Where a List is made against all those who oppose or have an opinion on Government action and Bills, etc.

So, what is a Fascist State?

Well I am talking about places like the Former Nazi Germany, and Mussolini's Italy; But Others may actually think I am talking about America.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Friday, August 07, 2009

What is a Real American?

Now, what does it mean to be a real American?

Well, nowadays, Liberal College Professors, Democrat Party Leaders, and many of those that make an issue about how American Citizens cannot think for themselves, and that we must be protected from ourselves; seem to think it is about sucking up to the rest of the World, They think we need to be apologetic to everyone including our enemies who could give a shit and are happy that we are groveling right before they want to kill us all. These type of people think the Government should control your thoughts, your mouth, your food, your likes and dislikes, Where you should live, What you should believe in and they want you to be under someone else's surveillance 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Pretty Much they would rather sell out Americans and our Country just to make a Buck (a Dollar).

America didn't become a World Power because Thomas Jefferson wanted to negotiate with Barbary Pirates, or because Benjamin Franklin thought we should back down to the British Empire. We didn't become feared because Andrew Jackson decided to stare at his feet while the European powers defaulted on loans from Previous Wars. Did Abraham Lincoln let the Southern states secede, when they raised alarm over Northern Industrialist and how they wanted to destroy the Southern Agriculture to make more money? We didn't become known as the Crazy Cowboys of the West, because Teddy Roosevelt let Spain walk all over what we considered our Safety in the New World and our Manifest Destiny. We didn't become feared by the Japanese Military Leaders during WW2 because they didn’t think we wouldn't be hiding behind every blade of grass with Guns.

America was founded on and continued by giving the finger to any and all who opposes our way of thought and direction.

Jefferson reluctantly but with determination got together a volunteer Navy to hunt down the Barbary Pirates all the way to Africa and whooped there sorry asses, because they threatened not only our Goods, National sovereignty and Civilians lives; they also threatened the same of the other major European powers. Did we get any thanks? No! We didn't care, because we did it for ourselves.

Benjamin Franklin Was one of many whom the British Crown wanted Hung for High Treason, because of his extraordinary Vocal, Written and Physical Support of the Colonial Rebellion against the arrogant Crown. Did he care what the Crown thought? No! He was doing this for himself and all that were involved to better their own lives.

Andrew Jackson rattled his saber at France and other European powers for debts owed us, He was willing to go to war with allies; why? Because America is more important to an American than any other country in the whole wide world! Our Pride, Our Citizens and Our Freedom to believe and do whatever we want save harming another Human Being is worth protecting! Did he care what Europe and France thought? No! He was making sure we got what was ours and letting everyone know that we are not their stable boy!

Abraham Lincoln for whatever you believe this Man did went to war with the Southern states to keep our Union together. Because of what being an American Means, Not only on a Physical Level but an ideological level and even a Spiritual level. To have lost the Union of American States would have meant that the Peoples Constitutional Contract wasnt worth the Paper it was written on. (It doesnt mean the North was Right or that the South was wrong, it means holding together what is sacred; Being American.) Did he care what Europe thought? If he had the Confederate States of America might actually still exist as a country still.

Theodore Roosevelt, was a Rough Rider, One of the Original, This isnt about Native Americans, (Though what was done to them was grievous indeed.), this is about how he took an Army of Men from the States... Went to Cuba and sent the Spanish Crown a message that we dont want their kind on our Block. Does that make us Bullys? Maybe so, but we were Bullying to protect our Sovereignty, our Citizens and the Interests we held here. Did he care what Spain thought? No! Spain was in our front yard mouthing off, we showed Spain the only ones that Bully Americans is Americans.

Imperial Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto stated why Japan couldnt invade the US West Coast during WW2; saying, You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.Did he care? Yes! He knew Americans not only Practiced Guerilla Warfare, the majority of every Citizen was armed to the teeth. *Now it makes sense why the U.N. interferes in our Laws and why Other Countries try so hard for us to give up our Right to bear arms, doesnt it.*

So what does it mean to be an American? It means you don’t take Crap from anyone, it means you stand up for what you believe in even against adversity, you never negotiate with Terrorists, You make an example of your enemies and you rebuild them into Allies. It means you believe whatever you want, It means you standing by a vision, (even if it is our classic and natural Isolationism), It means you speak your mind and voice your opinions, it means you bear arms for your safety, your families, and your friends, and that You defend those Rights at all costs!

Being an American takes a special breed of Person, An Individual; but Individuals that Stand bound together!

There is no room in this Country for those who feel it necessary to flock about in lackluster fashion, like drones to a loud speaker; telling them what the truth should be instead of what it is.

We stand together as individuals and fight for our Ideals no matter how high that ideal or idea is or we will die in a mediocre thoughtless driven suicide led by those who want to be at the top but want everyone else to support them at the bottom and hope no one realizes.

There is no room here for those who trample our sacred contract known as the United States Constitution, and try to destroy the fundamental base that created such a Contract among the Great People of the United States.

There is no room for any who want to negotiate with Terrorists or those who threaten our lively hood, families and Borders.

There is no room for leaders who can’t take a stand on any serious or even non-serious matters, no matter how controversial or unpopular; being an American means taking the unpopular path so to give every Individual a continued Right to complain.

There is no room for those who work at destroying the integrity of our Founding and continued History. Both our Ancestors and immediate family members bled blood, sweat and tears for this Beautiful country. They should be all honored and not dismantled or erased from our Books and minds!

There is no room for Foreigners of any kind, illegally taking advantage of our Healthcare, our Education, our Jobs; We American Citizens do not want you here unless you are legally here! And if you are not a Citizen, you Do NOT have the Rights of One! We don’t have rights in your countries, why do you think you have rights here!?

Which brings about the point that; there is no room for Leaders who sell out our country from beneath the Citizens that gave them their position of Power. Which is to follow the Citizens Voice and not their own, to protect the United States of America's interests and not those of foreign people or powers.

There is no room for free trade unless it actually does what it is supposed to do, we all have been looking at our dwindling or non-existent checks over the Years NAFTA was created and Jobs keep leaving these United States and our food, earnings and jobs are affected because of it.

There is no room for anyone in this country who is willing to purposely create more debt by printing un-backed monies to fix a problem that was in part created by printing un-backed printed monies in the first place.

Gold and Silver hold their values solidly, while un-backed paper, (fiat), monies fluctuate at the whim of whomever controls the printing presses.

There is no room for Socialist ideals in this Country at all, period! Pure capitalism, does exactly as it is designed and intended. It creates competition, and competition fuels economies. Socialism only ever and will always drain one.

There is no room for mediocrity, nihilism and or forced incompetence. If someone does something better, they deserve a position for their hard work and intelligence. If someone is not as good you don’t reward failure, you impress for betterment on their part; if they are unable that doesn’t mean they are less of a person it just means they are not fit for that area of expertise. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I capable to do complex surgeries or diagnose certain diseases. It doesn’t mean I am stupid or less of a person, it means that is not in my skill area, and why would I take that away from someone who can? Personally I want to live through a basic surgery let alone a complex one. Making everyone the same is a very bad idea and destroys the integrity of America by producing generations of incompetence.

Being an American means being a walking living and breathing contradiction to the order of the World. The World believes we should not exist, and by rights they are correct… So I believe it is even more important that we keep proving the rest of the World wrong!

Carlos Mencia said it best during his ‘No Strings Attached’ comedy tour:

…The blacks, the Hispanics and the Whites would fight, but look at me; we’re united. We just fight with each other ‘cause we got nothing better to do and we like drama.

But as soon as Aqmed blows something up it was like Blackie, Darkie, Cracker… Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Get Aqmed!!!”- Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached

That is the state of what it is to be an American, I don’t believe that all of us, all at one time will ever get along. But I would hope that that never changes; but what of peace amongst others? You ask; well I would love for that to happen. However we are Human beings, and if we can’t get along with our own families, how does one expect everyone in the whole World to get along with everyone in the whole World!? Besides if people aren’t speaking their minds about something in this Country I would be very worried indeed.

Carlos Mencia, as well as many others reminds us that which modern Historians and Politicians would love us to forget.

Being an American, means Getting mad because the Mail came late, because your check wasn’t cut on Pay day, because the Government interfered in your In-a-lienable Rights, (Rights that cannot have a Lien put against). It means getting your hands dirty and smiling while you do it, because standing back and twiddling thumbs didn’t win a revolution. It means even if we hate every single person that is our Country Men and Women; we will still stand up and fight to protect them and our Country because that Country gives you that Right to Hate everything if you so desire.

To be a Real American, a Real Patriot; You protect your own, even those you hate, because Your Rights are tied in by contract with everyone that is a Citizen and if you lose one small piece of yourself you lose the whole thing!

There is no compromise… as we are led to believe, there is no negotiation! America either wins together or we die separated.

These are not new ideas, these are old and some ancient, but they are what our Fore-Fathers and fellow Countrymen believed in at the Founding of this Country so that all their descendants and future Americans would have the Liberty, a Life and the ability to pursue Happiness, without fear of Government interference and reprisal in your Rights, without the fear of constant death on your doorstep and a big-brother constantly interfering with our Life, without the fear that you have no right to follow the dream and or path you want to follow.

So what does it mean to be a Real American?

I guess in the end it is a matter of my own opinion and the opinion of others. But that in itself is a Truth of being an American, too!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Musical Death Meet Spanking!

Of all the posts and opinion articles I have done so far here; I never really showed anything fun.
So here you are my Fans; Some fun things and you will learn something in the process, for those of you who didn't know!

What Kind of Music is Most Likely to Make Someone Depressed or Even Suicidal? *The Answer I find Personally Pleasing*

Does Spanking Lead to Horniness? *The Answer will surprise you!*

R. William Holzkopf Jr.