Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bully! The Fight for your life

" The fight over Bully continues, with the National Association of Theatre Owners now making its own threats. News came out last week that the MPAA upheld its R-rating for The Weinstein Company’s Tribeca 2011 doc about school bullying and since then the Weinstein Co has considered releasing the doc unrated and even to boycott the MPAA altogether, a move could have implications for its future releases. If TWC indeed goes ahead with releasing the film unrated, NATO said today in a letter to Weinstein boss Harvey Weinstein that it will urge members to consider the Lee Hirsch-directed film an NC-17 movie." -Philip DeFranco []

Bullying is a serious matter and this film was made so that Middle & High Schoolers could see how it effects the Bullied and how it hurts everyone else.

I believe that this is an important documentary that attacks the issue head on in hopes to educated kids and people alike on the serious issue of Bullying.

Please take your time and Sign this petition to keep the Documetary Film 'Bully' PG-13; Sign Petition!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Such Harbor

I don't often post my own poetry here, but all these years of degradation of our government and social systems, with the current apathetic nature of Americans as a whole and many around the world, sometimes someone needs to speak up and re-light the path.

We live in these such times of peace and prosperity.
While the World lies burning at our feet.
Pity our Souls for that which we do not know.
This heaviest of burdens that we do keep.

With our beacon of fire set high upon the sky.
To light hope for all those trodden and weary.
We yet blind our eyes to our sins before us.
Dealing death upon our breaths in such harbor so dreary.

Our waves of grain are stained in such precious blood.
Both set forth by leaders tongue in honor and deceit.
Fighting others civil unrest when our Liberties are steadily sinking.
And our halls of justice weep with wide eye replete.

Treacherous waters in these times we now do sail.
Having lost our hold on our vigilante cause.
We guardians of sacred Liberty have heeded the Pipers call.
Deaf to our Founders living will and chained by modern laws.

There are no Statesmen anymore and the Patriots are all singing Dandy.
Common sense is lost to all and many are just sleeping.
We sit in our homes cozy and warm, lost in purchased fantasy.
While outside at our feet the World is slowly burning.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2012 R. William Holzkopf Jr

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Witch Hunting Kids!?

We need to put a stop to People who run organizations like the LFGM, (Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries), [Fake or Un-Christian Like Organizations]; who promote torture and inhumane treatment of Children based on deceptive, dishonest, distorted, erroneous, and fallacious claims and or claims based on Hate rhetoric. 

More specifically and in this case, Witch Hunting little kids. 
As reported by the IHEU ,(International Humanist and Ethical Union), in this article here on the Christian Post.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

ACTA: Another form of Tyranny

███ ████████ ██████ ██████████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████████ ██. ███ ███ This line has been found in violation of ACTA and has been removed.

Above is something we could be dealing with if we don't make enough noise and put enough pressure on our leaders, see below for further information:

We Have Every Right to Be Furious About ACTA

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
What is ACTA?

For those who cringe at the thought of reading anything more than one sentence long.
(Aimed at Europeans, but the info is still relevant to us Americans)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

India Censoring Media Giants

"The officials say it is not a question of censorship, but of the necessity to operate within the laws of the country. "

Any action that blocks or removes something, is 'Censorship'! I understand Google, Facebook and other's desire to have and keep their user base, but bowing to the whims of any Country in the aspect of censoring content of any kind, goes against the right of Freedom that entails what the Internet is today.

Personally I'd tell India to go F-off a,d watch as their population rises up because they cannot have their Facebook, Youtube or whatever.

Do not under-estimate the power of material power over people.


To Be Sovereign now is Criminal according to FBI

Apparently the FBI failed their Constitution test. 

Mixing and watering down their definitions to create panic and fear, especially among those who lack education on what Sovereign means and how completely unrelated it is to act of criminal intent.

A Sovereign Citizen is any Citizen that lives in a Sovereign Nation, (ie, the United States of America), so by implying this rational, and associating Sovereignity and criminal acts; they now propose that any who disent, speak out, follow the Constitution, and additionally all those that are Citizens of the United States, are in fact all "Extremists" 

It really makes you wonder where these Agents grew up, and if they were in fact 'Brain-washed', because for those who are supposed to uphold the Sovereignty of this nation, they sure make every effort against it.

This in no way changes the above facts of this mini-article; but even though the information I have gathered does not mention "Sovereign Citizen Movement" directly, apparently it is implied. 

Yet in the FBI's obfuscation of the terms 'Sovereign' and 'Citizen', they make it clear that they believe that anyone who considers themselves a Sovereign Citizen is apart of this "SCM". 

Which by all accounts has no real figure head, and is a collection of different peoples and Groups that have no direct affiliations with each other except in the fact that they all stand up for the Constitutional direction of these United States and the Rights of the Peoples within, and because the FBI named them so.

[No different than me stating that all the groups of people and stores at this (fictious) Mall are all Justin Bieber fans and supporters because he is holding a (Fictious) concert in the Mall commons.]

This does not of course excuse any violent or destructive behavior, however arguments are not won by sitting idly on your thumbs either.


Friday, February 03, 2012

Antithesis of Opposite

My whole life I've been told that Magick is evil, that Witches are Devil Worshipers, that "All" Muslims are bad, glory be to Zionism, and Christ is the only way to salvation.

After much time, deliberation, research, personal enlightenment, and World Experience; I find that Magick like anything else, is no more harmful than a gun in the hands of a Police Officer or Aspirin in the hands of a criminal.

That Witches, true Witches and those of Witchcraft, Wish like most everyone else, to live in peace, practice their faith without obstruction or hindrance. That they are some of the most Earth friendly and helpful people I know.

That Satanism and Devil worship only began officially in the 1960's brought about by Anton LeVey, and technically by the foundation of the Catholic Church, since no such thing as the Christian Devil existed prior to Christianity. That Witches and Pagans alike do not follow Christianity or its Tenets, and so cannot be found to practice something that they do not even believe in.

That although the Judeo-Christian God is called Zion; Zionism is a product of the 1800's by an offshoot Banker group of Jews who seek not the enlightenment of the Torah or the Salvation of G-d, but seek only money and control of others.

That of the Worlds Four Major Religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, all believe in one single mighty Creator, all believe that by following their faiths tenets they will find salvation, they all have Heavenly Messengers, Prophets, and Holy incarnations of one kind or another, and all have multiple Minor Deities/Saints or Demi-Humans who are worshiped and prayed to in one facet or another.

Lies and half-truths perpetrate through out the ages and continue to be spread, mainly out of fear or a desire to control others.

The one thing I am sure of is, that I and you all have the freedom and right to love, like, believe, eat, and do whatever we like, as long as it does no harm.

That to maintain our Right to do something, we must protect others Rights to do something that we find disagreeable.

So stand up and hold onto what you believe, keep an open mind and remember we are not always right, and good intentions are never as intended let alone just.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.