Saturday, February 07, 2009

Distant Cry

It seems to me that no matter how much good we pour into our World, we just have no way to win. I am by no means giving up, for giving all to the good fight, (as it were), is well worth the pain in return.
All things aside it seems that it is though a losing battle and a battle at which we have no one at the reigns anymore.
I am personally tired of seeing all these good people lose and or die in a quest to put right the wrongs in this plane of existence.
I am sick and tired of all these obnoxious, arrogant, and self-serving individuals who think it is their God-given right, (or where ever they put their rights), to take everything for themselves and leave nothing for the rest, (as if the rest of us do not matter and are just labor and stepping stones for the upper class to walk upon).
I am no more implying we need anything like socialism or the like, nor am I in any way trying to insight any actions like revolution.
However, it stands to be said since not many today are saying anything of the sort.
The Citizens of the World, you and I are not innocent of the issues we let grow, manifest and breed all around us.
From our Politicians, our Leaders, to our Homes... while we let malfeasance and complacency fester in our schools and every day life.
All because it is easier to ignore a problem than try to fix it, at least until that problem becomes un-ignorable.
I don't know if it is because each new generation wants to be less like the last, or that people really think that a government can really live their life for them, or there are really secret societies out to doom the World and fashion it after their own image.
Whatever it is, the root of the problem lies within in each and everyone of us and that is the inability to act and stand up for our rights.
We have to stop listening to those who are more than willing to tell us how to do things and how to live, and start doing and living for ourselves.
Here in the United States our Fore-Fathers did it and successive generation thereafter also did just that.
I understand too well that greed, selfishness, covetousness, anger, lies and hate will always be prevalent on this World but it is up to each and everyone of us to try and make it better than that.
Life from my understanding is all about living, living to the best of your ability each and everyday, experiencing all that life has to offer and more.
There really is something to the positive nature of things, when people work together and live together in a harmonious relationship, as well that is Humanity.
We will not always get along from day to day, we will not always like the same things that others like, we will not always pay attention to those people and those things that we should.
Yet, an attempt to appreciate each of our differences will do better to make this World a much better place than not caring at all.
For it is not just I who is important, and even though I can go about thing alone it is but with the assistance, caring and the very things that make each and everyone of us different that makes our way in this World that much easier, that much more exciting and intriguing, and that much more peculiar.
One problem I notice is rampant today is that parents are all to willing to make it 'EASY' for their children so they don't have to suffer the impairments of life.
The single problem with that is that without falling down we will never learn how to pick ourselves up.
It is not to say that we must create an Oliver type experience for our children, or purposely create hardships for them, nay.
It is without saying that if those in their early learning years of life never learn to make mistakes early on so that they can differentiate between what is wrong and what is deemed right. Then that is a future I fear to tread upon.
We can already see the start of this behavior with our younger leaders, former leaders, especially within the past two generations of leadership and political body in the United States.
It is scary to see an individual elected to power completely take advantage of our livelihoods, Rights and freedoms.
It is down right intolerable and I am shocked by the lack of motivation by my fellow Americans to do anything about it.
We keep,(like in a game of Pong), bouncing back and forth between two sides, two elements within our society. Both offering greener pastures, but in the end all both ever give us is poverty and the run around.
We don't seem to realize there is a third option and even a fourth and maybe even a fifth option.
Many of our leaders and those that are supposed to protect us by our Rights and Freedoms, seem to have become so removed from regular society they don't understand what is really going on any more. They think it is appropriate to make money out of thin air and spend it against debt. Which of course will not solve the problem, but will only create more debt.
They think we need indoor Tropical rain forest parks in the Midwest, they think we need to reface and upgrade the commerce buildings, they think spending more than $100.00 on a hammer is perfectly well and ok.
They hear what is going on but either don't fully comprehend or just don't care, I have worked in many elements of society and have firends and have met many people who also do the same and whether it is the plumber, the construction worker, the electrician, the engineer, the DJ, an accountant or even your local minister we are all the backs that the out of tune elite are walking upon and we are feeling that weight.
People here in the U.S. and even around the World believe that President Obama is the Answer, I do not believe he is the answer, he may do as he said he would and try and change things yet I believe having had him as my Senator that he is not the answer.
If and I stress 'IF', Obama really does care about this country and each individual Citizen, that would be quite welcome, but it is as the freedom fighters who sit on the backburner keep trying to bring to light, like Ron Paul, like Badnarik and so many others.
When we finally get someone voted into office that truly cares about the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of each and every Individual Citizens in this Country. That will show finally that we are ready to move away from the rut we have dug ourselves into.
I vote that we all move to change our lives, shake up the status quo, and fight for our Constitutional Rights.
...but, that is just me.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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