Friday, March 20, 2009

Empress Casino Fire: Joliet, IL - 03.20.2009

So today I was out in Joliet, IL with a Friend and there is this black plume of smoke rising up into the early afternoon sky, apparently the fire started around 10am CST local according to reports. But I hadn't gotten to the area until just after 1pm.

By 2pm we had met up with my Sister and she let me know it was the Empress Casino burning to the ground. Initial reports said everyone had gotten to safety at the Hotel on the grounds and the fire was apparently started by a welding accident.

So we drove up as close as we could and got as close as Houbolt and Rt. 6 in Channahon, IL bordering Joliet and the Casino; we were stopped by the Police who had set up a blockade probably about 5-6 miles from the incident.

So we proceeded to take pictures and some video and I will share it here with you what I was able to get.

NBC has some good footage on there website which I was obviously not able to get, however it is not that I don't feel bad for the Workers who are now going to be out of a Job because of this and at the worst of times.

But without further adieu;

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