Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy All Hallow's Eve

Today is the noted infamous day known as All Hallow's Eve; at least in 2/3 of the World and mostly in the Western Hemisphere.

Halloween where it is fabled to be the most thinly veiled day between the physical and spiritual Worlds.

The History is as varied as current Hallowe'en traditions in current practice, but nonetheless, whether you have religious practice on this day, dress up and party, go out and 'Trick - or - Treat' to the commercialism beat of the night or could care less.

You have got to admit the tradition of Halloween holds a seductive and strange spell over most of the population each and every year, from the Fantasy to the Horror aspect.

No matter how you view today, Just remember that it is always important to be safe, whether your driving, partying, or trick - or - treating.

1) Drive safe and keep an extra eye out for the other drivers, treat it like any other big Holiday.
2) If your Partying it up, make sure you have a Designated Driver, are able to stay where you are at, or give enough time to let your self sober up before venturing out.
3) While Trick - or - Treating always use the 'Buddy System', have a flash light and some extra batteries with you, (unless you have a wind up), never venture alone as child or adult, if you have reflective material put it on you.

As for me I am going to dress up and go out and find me some fun!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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