Friday, October 29, 2010

Soviet Dreariness

This will be a very uncommon thing here at KenjaNoSekkyoudan, but I have encountered a Life Changing scenario that I had not expected, not that we can really foresee such things.
Essentially a promise was broken, a bond was shattered, I had a momentary lapse of reason due to some disagreeable data and an old friendship will probably now be forever forsaken.

So friends and followers forgive this out-of-place post:

Soviet Dreariness

Here in this Soviet dreariness
I begin to laugh out loud
But I'm really crying in lament
For my Baby who thinks I'm a lout

With gray colored sky's
And cold and frigid nights
Although my thoughts are with me
I may go insane under these harsh lights

She said some things, and
I said some things, but
Because a promise was broken
I used words that would cut

My compassion momentarily forgotten
I slammed Thor's Hammer down like a Banshee
But Loki's revenge is a cruel thing
And now I cry silently in my anxiety

As Sunlight rages into Night
And though I shed these tears
Nothing seems to relieve this grief
For she will not care to hear.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2010 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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