Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Disappearance of Suzumya Haruhi

So I finished watching what will more than likely be the end of the Haruhi Suzumya Anime Series and Manga.

1. the Melancholy of...
2. the Sigh of...
3. the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumya

The first two Manga books were made into 2 seasons; the 2nd season actually backtracking a couple of episodes into the 1st.
The 3rd Manga book was turned into a 2 1/2 hour movie.

The 'Disappearance, makes up for all the chicanery of the first two seasons, and the mental anguish and mind-numbing repetition of the 'Sigh of...' from the 2nd.

It was definitely the most interesting and unique storyline I have yet to encounter, and will probably never be defeated in its omnipresent faculties, as such would be if Haruhi were actually real.

And after all the average humdrum, with filtered in explosive psychotic episodes of reality bending and mind breaking occurrences.
Where you actually believe the story has no real objective, and you begin to wonder if venturing into this substantial Universe was actually the sane thing to do.

You come to realize in the end, that you had actually been learning the whole time, and all the scattered and haphazard pieces actually start to come together and make some sort of caustic yet well defined sense.

I have been tied up in this series for a long time since there was a near 4 year break between Season 1 and Season 2 and the the subsequent movie release a year after that.

Yes I could have just read the Manga, but that'd have been to easy; I have a rule of thumb, if I start an Anime, I finish it without question and then if I so desire turn to the Manga, and that holds mostly true when it comes to starting with the Manga first, though some exceptions hold.

This is probably the best emotional roller-coaster ride, runner up to Eureka Seven: Psalm of Planets, which still holds the No.1 one place for my most extreme and Epic animation series ever watched!

*With CLANNAD runner up and Haruhi falling in somewhere between 2nd and 3rd, but the film definitely pulls in for a tie*

If any of you are into Manga or Anime at all, Haruhi Suzumya is definitely one to check out, and get lost in... even if just for a bit, but even if you hate it in the beginning, (the situations encountered rather than the actually Anime itself), by the end you actually miss it... and don't want it to finish.

But then I have always had a strong appreciation for fantasy and fiction.

...As well as Transfer Students, Time Travelers, Espers, Sliders, Aliens, and all other sorts of the weird and unusual.

In the end I am deeply... possibly, profoundly impressed by the dedication of the animators and script writers for the effort put into this last book. for an Anime to goto film after at least one successful season, and then spend more than an hour/hour and a half on it is incredible. but to go 2 and a half hours plus keeping the storyline straight, no significant plot holes that I could find, and keep it entirely interesting the whole way through, is just spectacular!!!

My attention didn't actually waver for once, even though I have seen many Anime's that I really really enjoyed, this film just kept me glued 'till the very last credit... oh and yes they have a few more scenes right after the credits.

However I suggest watching the credits for the haunting song sung without music... it fits the entire mood of the film, from the lyrics to the tune.

So if you have no idea what I am talking about; I will leave some links to give you a slight grasp:

1. Season 1-the Melancholy of... 2006:
2. Season 2-the Sigh of... 2009: (Otherwise known as a Se1 rework because it ads in the 2nd book):
3. Film -the Disappearance of... 2010:

apparently there is a ONA or comical spin-off of the 1st season that was released in 2009 with 25 Episodes of 5 minutes each, were situations from within the 1t season are taken to extreme aberrated forms, and psychotic levels, with mini-versions of the characters.

Of course you can't for get the Manga, (3 books):

And of course the Websites:

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