Thursday, March 17, 2011

TSA - Radiation - Congress Investigating!

So those Body Scanners the TSA has touted as safe 'till they were blue in the face, are in fact unsafe and unhealthy as first thought.

Radiation levels have been found to be ten times that of what the TSA originally had been stating they were.

he House Government Affairs Committee is now holding hearings this week on the Scanners themselves.

It has already been proven multiple times that they are ineffective at preventing people from smuggling something aboard a plane.

Body scanners are also a violation of an individuals right to privacy, since the image they look at of you is an inverted image, and therefore shows you naked.

To make matters worse, many TSA facilities have been caught storing the images of people, instead of deleting them after the scan.

So if you dislike these instruments of cancer and their privacy violating functions, please show your support and ask Congress to Ban them.

I'd rather deal with a pat down, than have somebody look at naked images of me and be dosed with ten times the normal radiation amounts.

Go here: to sign the petition.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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