Tuesday, February 07, 2012

To Be Sovereign now is Criminal according to FBI

Apparently the FBI failed their Constitution test. 

Mixing and watering down their definitions to create panic and fear, especially among those who lack education on what Sovereign means and how completely unrelated it is to act of criminal intent.

A Sovereign Citizen is any Citizen that lives in a Sovereign Nation, (ie, the United States of America), so by implying this rational, and associating Sovereignity and criminal acts; they now propose that any who disent, speak out, follow the Constitution, and additionally all those that are Citizens of the United States, are in fact all "Extremists" 

It really makes you wonder where these Agents grew up, and if they were in fact 'Brain-washed', because for those who are supposed to uphold the Sovereignty of this nation, they sure make every effort against it.

This in no way changes the above facts of this mini-article; but even though the information I have gathered does not mention "Sovereign Citizen Movement" directly, apparently it is implied. 

Yet in the FBI's obfuscation of the terms 'Sovereign' and 'Citizen', they make it clear that they believe that anyone who considers themselves a Sovereign Citizen is apart of this "SCM". 

Which by all accounts has no real figure head, and is a collection of different peoples and Groups that have no direct affiliations with each other except in the fact that they all stand up for the Constitutional direction of these United States and the Rights of the Peoples within, and because the FBI named them so.

[No different than me stating that all the groups of people and stores at this (fictious) Mall are all Justin Bieber fans and supporters because he is holding a (Fictious) concert in the Mall commons.]

This does not of course excuse any violent or destructive behavior, however arguments are not won by sitting idly on your thumbs either.


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