Monday, June 11, 2012

LGBT & Heterosexual Unions and Marriage

I have wrote about this many times over the years; but each time, I found I couldn't quite clearly express and show what I felt needed to be shown.
After many talks with some LGBT friends and Heterosexual friends, Religious friends and Atheistic friends, I found a debate on the topic (June 11th, 2012), It then came to me what I should write down and leave for you my Public to mull and chew over.

Here goes everything:

One thing many people and politician's get wrong is  "Marriage is a function of a Church" and  a Church is a Private organization and a religion of which are separated from State acts of power that violate any separation of Church and State, (In the United States at least).

"Civil Unions" & "Common Law Marriage" are functions of the State, and not under the facility of any Churches.

So Church's (as private organization's), no matter the denomination have the right to refuse any marriages irregardless of sex, denomination, sexual preference, or color (except in the United States were discrimination of sex or color is illegal even for Private Organizations).

The State as a representation of the "People's" choice and a "Public Organization", must within the boundaries of 'Common Sense' laws, allow Civil Unions as the People so choose per state and not by any Federal Government decree, mandate, or law which is and would be a violation of State Rights.

If a Church decides they want to marry people in other patterns other than just Man & Women, that is also their right as a Private organization. (In fact some do Like the Anglican Church of Canada, The Lutheran Church of Sweden, the Church of Denmark, the Mennonite Church in the Netherlands, the Affirming Pentecostal Church International and the Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals, the Unitarian Universalists, and the Swedenborgian Church of North America, as well as British and Canadian Quakers.)

If a State decides to ban or approve Civil Unions and or Common Law Marriages of the non-traditional type, it is up to the People of those states to persuade the representatives they elected to back such legislature into law.

I grew up in the Christian church, and Many of my very good friends are LGBT as many are Heterosexual, I don't see a difference in who a person should love if their choice is to love whomever it is they want.

I support States backing LGBT being included in the Civil Unions and Common Law Marriages, and I also support Churches to consider the option. But one can not force a Private organization to act on a function which violates their private function or Constitutional right to separation from State matters; Likewise, nor can the State a Public Organization force the Church or any Private organization to provide functions that are only allowed under the umbrella of the State.

Yes, we should push for more people to be accepting and elect politicians to support such legislation as allows LGBT and Heterosexual persons to be brought together in Union under the State.

Yes, we should also conduct love and compassion campaigns to show private organization's such as Church's that LGBT is not a dirty word or evil , that they are like anyone else who lives, breathes and loves.

To have a State or Federal Government force a private organization to do something that goes against U.S. Constitutional law sets a dangerous precedent, especially in a time when every American Citizen's rights are already being worn away.

I am amazed by the lack of education some offer up in light of this topic, when it is really quite simple.

We need to use our Public voice and voting power to get the change we want from our States for Civil Unions and Common Law Marriages, and respect private organizations opinions while trying to educate them.

But for me, I would not want to be married in a Church that has only negative and archaic attitudes toward me or my fellow Man and Woman.

I will however if my desire is to have a [Church Marriage], find a church that is loving and accepting.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright 2012

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