Saturday, June 20, 2009

A note to remember, that Many Forget

After the September 11th, 2001 WTC Attacks, Arabs were dancing, Palestinians in East Jerusalem were celebrating, here, Lebanese children were firing off weapons in Celebrate, Here, and in the New Jersey streets in sight of the WTC towers, 5 Israeli Mossad were also seen dancing by many of the locals right as the first tower went up in flames and smoke, they were later arrested and found to be involved in the attacks, however were later deported back to Israel. As well as other theories abound, the Iranians were lighting candles and saying prayers for the Americans and foreigners who lost their lives in the horrendous attacks.

Even "sixty thousand spectators observed a minute of silence during a soccer match in Iran’s Azadi stadium, and hundreds of young Iranians held a candlelit vigil in Tehran for the victims of September 11 attacks. Even the routine chants of ‘death to America’ that have become a staple part of Friday prayers in Iran ceased. To exhibit such a degree of unanimity over a foreign policy issue was simply unprecedented in the recent history of the Islamic Republic."

So as the Iranian citizenry en mass in Tehran and across the country of Iran right now , in Pro-Democratic pro-tests. For whatever reasons they have afforded themselves to these actions against their current Theocracy. House wives, business men, Cab drivers, Restaurant owners, College students, pretty much all those that make their Countries gears run; are seemingly running headlong into a revolution.

Remember that it was never the general citizens of Iran that we had a problem with or vice versa. It was and is as the case many times throughout history, is that the Government causes the problems and not the Countries Citizens themselves.

So let us rally behind these Iranian Citizens who are risking their very lives to change their stars and make the future their own.

I personally was willing to let the Supreme leader of Iran and his Puppet goverment off the hook, if they had taken action to listen to their people, the ones that put them and keep them in power.
And yet he continued to berate America, and insult his own people.

So I also show my support For those brave Iranians trying to prove that they are not the lowest common denominator and their backs will no longer be walked upon by the elite who think they are God.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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  1. Plenty of people danced in the street of Dearborn to celebrate 9/11. Then, amazingly they stopped and changed their minds and became quiet just a couple days after.