Monday, July 27, 2009

Capitalist Manifesto: Cramer

During Commercials for the Cubs - Astros Game tonight, (which is currently in the top of the 13th Inning @ 1-1), I happened across 'MAD Money' Cramer Giving his amazing rout of the National and World Markets.

And I happened to catch his 8-Point 'Capitalist Manifesto'... So being a Fond Supporter of Capitalist Ideals; since they are an exstension of Freedom of Speech, Press, and Inalienable Rights.

I stayed for a gander, and listened... Here is what Jim Cramer had to say:

What's the formula for bringing jobs back to America? Cramer outlined his "Capitalist Manifesto," an eight-point plan that he said you won't hear anywhere else.
1. Embrace natural gas: Create a network of natural gas pipelines and subsidize natural gas vehicles.

(Why does he say this? Because America is currently the Largest Holder of Natural Gas in the World, It is cleaner burning and a good transition fuel to cleaner burning fuels and energy systems while creating jobs.)

2. Build infrastructure: Rebuild everything, from roads and bridges to waterways and runways. Put some serious money back into our country.

(Because Our Bridges across the nation are aging; some badly. Our Roadways really do need an over haul... especially in Illinois, *Though to IL State's Credit, they are actually using federal tax money to rebuild many roads as I write this*, many of our waterways need new Damns, new and better Levy's, and our Canals are badly out of shape.)

3. Fix healthcare: The government needs to create three nationally competing healthcare providers and subsidize all of them to increase competition and bring down prices.

(Why? Because as Cramer put it, Employers take ten times as long to hire one person because of how much one single employee costs a company today, but they will ax thousands without a second glance.)

4. Bring home the troops: Reduce the number of troops in countries like Germany, Japan and South Korea and put the Corp of Engineers to work at home.

(Why? Keeping troops abroad; (specifically those in Friendly Nations to the U.S.), Costs the Tax payer a whole lot of money per year; and it would be smarter to have those troops on our shores and have a standing Army here instead. Plus Departments like the Army Corps of Engineers Who love to build and fix things; would do good to have them here helping our Nation in our Infrastructure rebuild. In other words, Let's not waste our Assets abroad in places that are not problem areas and use those assets to their fullest function here in our own country so that we may all succeed and even save our country some money in the process.)

5. Pay a bounty: Pay companies a bounty for every American they hire.

(Because, If companies get an insentive to hire then all those people currently jobless, (including me), here in the U.S. of A. would have a better chance at getting a job, and the more people working also means the more people spending money and that in direct causation stimulates a sluggish economy. Add that with competeing and Subsidized Insurance agencies and you have a formula for action!)

6. Serious solar: Get serious about solar energy and subsidize a solar panel for every home.

(If this were to happen, this would help cut the national energy usage from Nuclear and Coal power plants that pollute the environment in one way or another. Also Wind energy is another good idea for subsidy since they have come down in price and are technically now affordable to the common Man and much smaller as well also one Wind turbine from this company, (Mariah Power), is even able to generate enough electricity for a modest to small home, (the smaller version generates 25-30% of a Homes power), and is no more than 30 ft tall and designed with Nature in mind, so that the chance of birds dying from such turbines is minimal to none.)

7. Build high-speed trains: Just about every other country has one, and they create jobs. Build a high-speed line from Maine to Florida and another across the country.

(We are the only Country of all the 1st World nations and even some 2nd and 3rd World Nations of which do not have a High-speed transit system between cities and or across the nation itself; plus it would be a cleaner form of transportation, create jobs and Help reduce more oil burning vehicles on the road today.)

8. Stop pushing card-check unions: No company want to hire with the threat of unions looming. The economy just can't take the hit right now.

(Whether Card Check Unions are good or not, in this economy it is a bad idea, because Companies are pretty much flat out refusing to hire anyone under such a scheme. So in an effort; at least for right now, everyone should be worried about getting people jobs so that they can feed and give themselves shelter and not holding up our economy by trying to force Card Check Standards and practices that at this moment are only a hinderance instead of help.)

So thank you to MAD Money Cramer, for Pointing these very good 8-Points out; and hopefully others in our Great Nation will take notice and Take Action!

See an Informative Video on the Mariah Power WindSpire here.
(*By the way Cubs Win in the 13th Inning with a Soriano Grandslam; 5-1*)

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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