Thursday, November 18, 2010

FFFUUUUUUU!!! Go out an buy one today!!!

Well 4Chan had done it again, except this time on a massive and unprecedented scale, even for them.

It really is amazing how many idiotic persons inhabit this world to pull off and support an internet campaign such as turning their own creation of the Rage/Race Guy, into a racist element just so they could keep it for themselves. Attacking Hot Topic for selling popular culture, that is like attacking the military for using weapons, or Zoos for holding animals, or peanut and butter sandwiches for having peanut butter on them; it is indeed ludicrous!

[It is no wonder the World Elitists want to destroy everyone but themselves, but that is a misnomer; what they really are after is....]

So I left a post about it on Facebook where I normally keep to myself and stay away from such behavior; but this time around I actually decided I needed to defend the Corporation over some scrupulous individuals, who retained no copyright, and have yet to produce one. Because the element here is not about stealing, it is about arrogance and that arrogance's desire to retain control over something that is popular to them and not let anyone else have it, in a most selfish way possible. Hot Topics only real crime is charging too much for many items they sell, other than that they had every right to take a popular iconic figure and turn it into a profit. There was no copyright so it is free game according to current laws.

So without further ado, here is my original Facebook Post; transcribe here for your eye scraping:

[Hot Topic was just doing its part as it always does, selling popular culture. The fact that they happened upon 4chan popular culture was only natural for the Company. Though they may not have known that some of the biggest bigots, racists, and leud personalities inhabit the 4chan culture, more than many people know, (this is not to say all of them are, just a good cross section).
If anyone has ever stepped foot into 4chan and seen or participated in almost any conversation, many of those turn out to be 'flame' sessions, where every possible derogatory name and comment can possible be fit within a sentence or paragraph is. So it is no surprise to me and many others that members of the 4chan community would take such an extreme measure to associate one of there creations with racism, just so that they could keep it for themselves, even if it pollutes the original image forever in the minds of the rest of the masses.
the 'fffuuuuuuu' character was just an expression of the most blatant raw emotion for use in any situation calling for blatant raw emotion. That at least is my opinion of it, from the many cartoons and statements i had seen on 4chan in the years past. This just proves what we already new about a sub-section of 4chan culture, that there is an arrogant sub-class that only feeds on elevating their personal rants and raves to the level of "gods', and that any use of their particular language/art/sub-culture by the uninitiated and unaccepted is to them a most vile attack on their person; as we have seen by their unwarranted albeit ludicrous attack on Hot Topic.

I want to thank Hot Topic, for continuing on in the Free Market Principle; to make money off of things that are considered popular, and for being a bastion for things that we would have a hard time finding in any other way in many places.

It is just sad that a few had to make it ugly for the rest of us.
If it were just a matter of copyright infringement, than that is what should have been brought to the table, not that "devious" attack on an industry that mainly profits from popular and iconic items.

A little scraping insight into the world of 4chan:
This isn't by far the worst, but some may still be offended so be warned.
And for the extremely Uninitiated; a Wiki:

But the article that seems to sum it up is of course right here @
So now that this can no longer be unread and undone in your mind, I bid you farewell, until we meet again!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.


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