Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

So this post comes late this day because I have been working all day and this is the first I have been able to look at my Computer.

Today, the 11th of November, 2010; is Veterans Day here in the United States of America.

It is were we Honor and celebrate all those who have served and defended our country in Peacetime and in War.

Some Vets this year expressed how they were the reluctant soldier, while others volunteered for service, but they were all happy to have defended our Country, and many were surprised at the turn outs and the love shared by their fellow Americans this day.

I have been a supporter of our service Men and Women since I was a kid; I have not always agreed with the police actions, battles, skirmishes and wars we have and are involved in; but that I believe should never undermine the service and selfless actions of those who defend our Country.

My Grandfather on my Moms Side served in the Air Force as a SF during the Korean War, My 2 Great Uncles on my Mother's side also served, between the Korean War and the Viet-Nam Conflict; One was a Paratrooper in the Army and other was a Marine.

My Grandfather on my Father's side was too young for WWII and my Father's draft card never was called during the Viet-Nam Conflict.

My Step-Father Served in the Marines during the late 70's and early 80's on the Flight deck of an Aircraft carrier.

I tried to get into the Air National Guard when I was 17 going on 18, but there was no major war and I got a very nice refusal letter, (which I still have), from some Lt. Col stating how they appreciated my enthusiasm, but I was too young.

I tried for the Air Force when I was 18, but right before I was allowed to sign my life away to Uncle Sam, the Air Force Doctors denied me because of my past health issues with Asthma, which had not caused me any serious issues since Feb. 9th of 1991.

Sept. 10th, 2001, I went to bed having mostly convinced myself to sign up for the Air Force again, but after I awoke on the 11th, I wasn't to keen on fighting a land war in Asia. Besides I had a good job at the time and I was supporting Service Men and Women in other ways and I figured I would continue to do so.

My brother serves in the U.S. Army now, He is in post training for his job, and he is a couple months out of Boot Camp; he went right in after High School Graduation.

I and my family are very proud of him and the other Family members who have served.

I am also very proud of all those who have served this great Country, from the Colonial Wars with Britain through the Conflicts of today.

So if you do anything today, or even at any point in the future, Thank a Soldier, Thank a Veteran, Thank them for their selfless act of putting their life on the line for our Freedoms.

Buy them a drink, help out at a your local VFW, visit interned Vet's at your local VA, They have done the dirty work so we can enjoy the things that we do everyday.

I was out on Oct. 6th with a family member and a friend, and I saw a Marine, he is a regular at the place we went to and has served for 5 years so far.

So I went up to him and thanked him for serving our country and I and my friend each bought him a drink. He in turn thanked us for being so gracious and supportive.

Now just buying a drink isn't enough, but to receive a Thank You when there are still so many who spit on the Soldiers and curse them for their service, means a lot to many of them.

So thank you everyone who have and do serve to protect the way of life we have here in the United States of America!

Happy Veterans Day!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

To find out more about this Veterans Day and other ways to help go to the links below:

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