Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Honor and Duty over Life...

So being one who has worked in the field of Emergency Management, I understand the necessity to save lives, as well as keep myself alive, so that I may continue to save lives.

It is almost a oxymoron, to rush into danger, to save lives when you yourself may in fact lose your life in the process.

Yet it seems to be an almost Universal ideology amongst all emergency workers, to do what they can to stay safe themselves, while dashing headlong into danger to save others.

A very heartwarming and yet very sad story occurred in Japan; where a Japanese Fire Fighter Fujio Koshita, rushed to his seaside station to warn the population of the impending Tsunami. The Electric was out, so He grabbed their hand held bell used for just such situations, and climbed to the roof of his Fire Station, and rang the bell until the Tsunami hit and took his life.

And this isn't the only act of heroism, just one amongst many...

There are still thousands of people homeless and without good food, times for them are obviously harsh and challenging, especially now that high radiation levels are being registered in their fish and sea water.

These stories of valiant behavior are good to have so that those that are in dire need of help have some Hope to uplift their downtrodden spirits.

If you have money to spare, you can check out [ these ] international services and donate a little to help out our friends in Japan.

If you are broke or on a limited income, just please take some time and watch a 35 second [ video ], brought to us by the creators of the Anime 'Dragon Ball' and 'Mr. Slump'. They have it set up so that each view submits a donation to help out those Japanese that are in need.

Also, if you know someone in Japan, or you know someone who knows someone in Japan, [ here ] are search utilities specific for those lost in the Earthquake and Tsunami

Another way to help the Japanese, is to continue or start to buy products that have origin in Japan, to help stimulate there economy, From video games, to cell phones, Computers, Cars, and even food, (obviously food from unaffected areas).

*If you are Chicago, IL local you can stop off at Mitsuwa Market, (a Japanese Grocery), on Algonquin Rd. in Arlington Heights, but they do also have stores in New Jersey, and California. Food, Candy, Kitchenware, Houseware goods, a Magazine and Manga store, a Video Rental, and a Food court with over 10 businesses selling Korean and Japanese foods and drinks.*

If you work Stocks and bonds, buy into some Japanese Company Stocks or Bonds, that will also help.

But give some help, for if we had a disaster of any magnitude here, we'd want a helping hand too.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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