Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something to Soothe the pain ridden mind!

Whether you're in Japan toiling to get your community back in order, or are in Russia, Africa, Germany, or here in the U.S.of A., or any where in the great-wide World of ours, most will appreciate this:

Ewan Dobson  is by far one of the most talented guitarists of our time, and one of my favorites.

Candy Rat Records has a post of his song [Time 2] off his 'Ewan Dobson II' CD, on their Youtube account.

I am presenting this here to not only show you something that is amazing, but to give you a new perspective on the ability of a Guitar and a person with great talent!

Besides, for those of us who enjoy Trance, or other such genres of similar aptitude, this impressive piece is soothing and enjoyable.

All it really is, is an Acoustic Guitar, plugged into and efx processor with some Reverb and Echo added, The amazing part happens however when Ewan Dobson plays the Guitar.

See his video here:

You can of course if you like this, get the CD & Guitar Tabs at; Please support the artist if you like his works!!!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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