Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Q101 WKQX: Bought by Randy Michaels!??

All News/Talk? When did the FM dial become the AM dial?

We already have CNN radio on 92.5/7/&9 through 3/4 of the day besides NPRs 91.5 here in Chicago.

The deal is worth between $110 Million and $130 Million and Q101, 97.9 WLUP in Chicago are part of the Deal, (101.9 WRXP New York).

So a Dirty Businessman, (Randy Michaels), gets to have his way with Chicago once again? Well just proves that if you're [Too Big To Fail] in America, you probably are; at least he is not getting Tax Payer monies being called 'Government Bailouts', (...as far as we know).

"Losers in this: Emo kids and the other 27 people that listen to Q101." Is that so Justin Kaufmann? 27?

Yeah, maybe at least 27,000, and forget what's left of the dwindling EMO crowd, I think Gen X'ers are going to B***h and Moan about this since Q101 finally came back to its roots and started playing real Alternative, Grunge and Korn again. In fact the only Station in Chicagoland that plays any Decent modern Rock, Alternative and Korn!

(Leave it to the very Rich to mess up a good thing, and prove yet once again that it is all about profit and not about the consumer who appreciates what your getting rid of...  Z95? 94.7 The Zone? Energy 92.7 &5 where did you go??? Ohh... Clear Channel Comm. ring any Bells, anyone... ANYONE???)

... And it's supposed to happen in the next 45 days? Leave it to a dirty businessman to be allowed to work in a city that got rid of him for being dirty.

This in itself is just a plain dirty deal!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2011 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

*Thank you Lars for dropping this story...*
**Old Energy Listeners can still listen at Fusion Radio**

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