Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day, America! July 4th, 2011

While we are all having fun Drinking, Bar-B-Que'ing, Hanging out with Family, Friends, or just by Ourselves. We should remember that this day celebrates more than just simple pleasures, and Corporate advertising and marketing schemes.

Today we as U.S. Americans celebrate our Independence from King George III, Great Britain, Monarchical Rule, European Banksters, Corrupt Elite, and Censorship of Voice, Religion, and Person.

Although it seems we have seemingly gotten ourselves back into an old rut, We must still remember what our Country's Fore-Fathers did for us with their own Sweat, Blood, and Tears, and remember why they did it.

They fought for our Independence so that 'We' the People could have Life free from the chains of Slavery and Control, Liberty free from Restriction and Censorship, and the option to pursue our own Happiness if we deem it so.

We light off Fireworks in nearly every city of the United States of America on this day, because it represents the Bombs bursting in air as we battled and fought the English across all the Colonies and at Sea, and with our   Winning of the War of Independence (Colonial Rebellion), these Fireworks became a symbol of not only our Strength, and Success, but a reminder of all those that died in the process of getting us here.

We also in modern times give thanks to our Veterans and Active Duty Service Men and Women, because they take an oath to uphold our Constitution and the defense of this Nation against all enemies within and without, to protect our sacred Liberties from those who wish to entrench upon them.

So as we celebrate, It would do for us to remember all these things while we have a merry and jolly ol' time, because if it wasn't for what our Fore-Fathers did, 'We' would not have the freedoms that we do so enjoy.

Happy Fourth of July, America!!!

R. William Holzkopf Jr

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