Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Years Later! The Criminals are still free to roam.

10 years... Oddly enough reminds me of the Rock group [10 Years].

Nevertheless, it has been ten years since September 11th, 2001, the morning I literally fell off the top bunk of a bunk-bed, because of someone exclaiming the events in a loud and upset voice.

"...OH My GOD!!!...An Airliner just hit the Twin-Towers!..."

It's not something anyone would really want to wake up to, especially if it effects their life, times and Countrymen.

The problem with events of tragic outcome, is that most of these types are generally self-inflicted wounds created to gain a reaction from the people and an acceptance of policies that would on any normal day have been scoffed at and knocked down due to their rights stripping outcomes.

I've seen the evidence for both sides of the argument, and sadly the one I want to believe has more plot-holes and bad acting than a bad Hollywood comedy film; and of course that one is the mainstay held up by the mainstream Press and the Heads of our Government.

What I really wanted to write here, is about the sadness that is still felt 10 years later, about the family's and friends and country's that have been hurt by this grievous act.

I want to talk about all the good that has come from this, and all the bad that still remains.

I want to express my anger, rage, tears, and my disgust, and I want to direct them at an Enemy, because it would be easy to just react.

Even  10 years later...


What I will write about here, is that I want to remember all those lives that were lost that day; That whether or not it was all Alqaida's doing or a conspiracy that is much higher than them. (WWII-Pearl Harbor)

That I want to say a prayer or two, for those lives lost and those who put their lives on the line trying to save lives that day and since then.

That I want to pay my respects to my Countrymen and Women who serve in our Military, because whether or not we are reacting because of a Lie or a Truth... We are still a United culture of individuals of whom desire first and foremost to protect our Family's, Homes, and Land from invaders.

That no matter how history brands these times, that we will at least be given the courtesy that we stood up to  defend ourselves, even if the enemy was just a patsy and the criminals were from our own soil.

That no matter the intended outcome of the sacred day of September 11th, 2001, It is a day that will live in infamy, and will forever hold a place in the hearts of every Man, Women , and Child who lived through that time.

That at least for one day, 24 hours; we should pay our respects and hold our tongues... not because we should be afraid to offend, but because we should respect the dead on the anniversary of their deaths.

After the smoke clears and the day is over, then we should go back to our pulpits, and battle turrets and weed out the true masterminds, and make them pay for the disgrace that they brought to our Country and Lives.

Until that moment arrives, we should bow our heads in Silence and or in Prayer, so that we will not be fooled again by any enemy, that we will not be prey to the deviants of our time, that light will be shed upon the darkness that craves to engulf us, and for those that lost their lives to honor them for their sacrifice, even unwanted as it is.

Bless the lost and continuing lives of September 11th, 2001, May September 11th 2011 be a day of Peace, Remembrance, and Love.

May the United States of America and all others be postulate for a better more peaceful future, than the path that we are currently on.

For this day of September 11th, 2011

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2011 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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