Sunday, September 25, 2011

End September 2011: Protests on Wall Street

For those not in the know,

Occupy Wall St [] who is in affiliation with We Are The 99%[], have been protesting in a proposed Non-violent fashion, to try and replicate the effects of sudden mass-occupation of Goverment places, like in Egypt, Lybia, Iceland and other such places that have caused change without violence.

My friend LiLi Roquelin [!/liliroquelin] made note of this, this morning, (Sept. 26th, 2011), as she re-entered the U.S. from her France Visit.

According to the New York Daily News via [] Violence has been sprouting up, and this is not something that would be unusual, from Angry Americans, to Paid-off Law-Enforcement inciting Riot, and Angry Politicians who care not to see the Masses entrenched upon their front lawn, as it were.

Since this is not a 'Big News Item' in the Mainstream Press, I thought I'd bring it to everyones attention, whether or not the cause is just.

There is also Suspicion of the Raelian UFO Cult having a bit of fun too since there have been rumors of Topless Protesters and apparently the Raelians take just about any chance to go topless [ & gotopless dot org {of course i don't link the 2nd one because there is visually controversial material}.

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