Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook not responsible for Teen Depression

So this is old news, but it must be a slow news day in Chicago.

Facebook is, (or has been), being blamed for Teen Depression, this is like blaming the rain for your Tax bills or your Love life.

I am not a fan of Facebook's Policies, however it is a free service that allows people to connect and talk to each other and share things.

No one is forced to use it, and well teen depression was around long before Facebook existed, (of course there are currently a lot of Doctors who are willing to be paid off by big Corporations to to lie to you, by Making up new diseases, so they all can make money off you.)

If your teen is depressed, get them off the sugary junk foods, get them off the game systems, turn the t.v. and computer off and interact with them, (The clue here is unplug them from the things that separate you and your teen and plug yourself back into their life).

If their are bullies on Facebook block them and report them, Facebook has decent security settings now to prevent people from annoying you or causing you mental anguish.

If issues continue with your or your Teens interactions on Facebook; turn it off and or delete the account and DO NOT go back.

The end of the Twentieth Century and the beginning of the 21st Century has shown us that less and less people are willing to take responsibility for their actions and just blame someone or even something else for their issues and problems.

It is the same with with the current censorship of T.V. and Radio programming because People refuse to accept responsibility for what they and or their children watch, by just letting some corporate entity decide for them and then complain when they do. If it is inappropriate to your beliefs, or it is causing you harm in some way turn it off or get rid of it.

Facebook is not responsible for the inadequacies in your home environment... And Teachers aren't babysitters either, (Just thought I'd add that).

R. William Holzkopf Jr.


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