Saturday, January 28, 2012

What is Blue Republican & Robin Koerner's Thoughts

I had the most educating experience today, after watching a presentation by Robin Koerner at the first Blue Republican forum.

Too be honest I wasn't really even sure what [Blue Republican] really was, except that everything I had read, seen and heard via this ideological stand point seemed in agreement with my views, (which are a mixture of Moderate Conservatism, Constitutionalist, and Classical Liberal).

The problem with stating 'Liberal' or Conservative, 'Left' or 'Right', is that we here in America have very polarized views on what those are; and it isn't really our faults that many of us misunderstand what these words actually mean. We have been fed all sorts of misinformation in varying degrees by all sorts of people, about such and many of us fail to even open up a book, dictionary, or even an encyclopedia, let alone take a class on Constitutional foundations and the elements that fueled such a feat.

For me, listening to Robin Koerner was like listening to a breath of fresh air, and add the fact that he is a former British Citizen, amplifies the sound reasoning he has because of his unique perspective, that many Americans just do not have.

Much of what Robin talked about was already well known to me, although the way he presented it helped me see this all from an alternate perspective. His presentation makes our situation as a nation very clear, and although it is concise due to time constraints, this presentation is very educational and informative.

Robin Koerner, speaks from a mindset that will be easy to take for both moderate conservatives and liberals, and will get nodding approval from Libertarians and Constitutionalists.

I do not sit through very many political discussions even when they agree with me, part of it stems from my boredom of listening to someone talk for more than 5 minutes on any political subject, since most of these you only get the polarized view and unless it is a Libertarian, a Constitutionalist or Ron Paul, they all have the same underlying argument and message.

And yet Koerner is different, He is not Liberal, but nor is he Conservative, He likes to classify himself as a "Classical Liberal" with Libertarian lean. A Classical Liberal is much the same thing as our Founding Fathers were... They were conservatives, conserving liberal traditions.

If you have 1 Hour and 27 minutes free at any point I do suggest watching this presentation by Robin Koerner, even if you disagree with everything I have said here, at least watch it so you have an educated understanding of what he and I are talking about, and this will help you understand why more and more people are becoming fans of Ron Paul and his message.

The basic state that America is in is due to the ignorance of our population and the misleading nature many of our politicians stand for.

[The first Blue Republican lecture]

Granted I am not a complete fan of Robin Koerner's [Watching America]; having disagreed fundamentally on some views, but I cannot discount his message in general either.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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  1. Good piece.

    I starting following Robin over the summer after his initial article defining the Blue Republican, and I too enjoy the foreign perspective of our nation as a whole.

    The fact that he as someone who has moved here from abroad is so politically in tune and active should shame most Americans for the lackadaisical attitude about politics.