Sunday, August 05, 2012


I have found for a while that every so often genius strikes not once but twice in a lifetime.

I also tend towards groups and artists that say it like it is and don't hold back on account of the feelings of others, the dirty Music industry, and or the Politicians who would seek to de-evolve us into some mindless mass.

Santi White of Santigold is just one of those people and she has such an eclectic range of sound that I am both honored and fascinated by it!

The best description of Santigold comes from this Article by Alexis Pauline Gumbs of BrokenBeautiful Press :

She states ever so succinctly:
"Santi White reborn in the eclectic sound of Santogold calls her own music “a mash up of all that stuff”. Produced by a crew including snowboarders, electronic and dub-based producers like Squeeze and Diplo and sounding like what happens when London, Jamaica, Brooklyn, Philly and an old school Hindi film soundtrack explode out of a Nintendo set, Santogold’s self-titled first album is ska resurrected, punk retooled, drum and base repossessed and pop reborn. This is the soda shack where punk and electronica meet the rhythm of a diasporic dub addiction. You almost have to write a surrealist poem to describe this music. "

I write this of Santigold: &

...because I really enjoy her music and Brunt in your face nature, but one of my favorite songs by her is [Shove it], which usually gets an array of confused remarks but as [Frictional] on June 24, 2011  commented on

They state:
"When she chants "We think you're a joke. Shove your hope where it don't shine," she's making two statements at once. The first is what some prejudiced person/dirty politician/hipster-wannabe music critic might say to you, "Look at who you are, all hopeful, but you're nobody. We think you're a joke. Shove your hope where it don't shine." However, these words themselves can be reclaimed. We don't have to be held down, "We know how you work and you use guns cause you don't have any other strength. We gain soul from where we come from and who we are. We think you're a joke. Shove your hope where it don't shine."

I agree with this interpretation because that is what I feel from her lyrics as well.

So if you are looking for something that will speak to your roots but also will challenge you, just listen to some Santigold!

R. William Holzkopf

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