Monday, August 27, 2012

Shell Oil Building it's own Army

What happens when people are down-trodden upon by Governments and Corporations, many revolt.

This is not to say crimes don't get committed on the Revolting side as well as on the "Occupying Side", (Corporate Controlled Nigerian Government).

However, it does deserve a deeper look; because on the surface Shell Oil is just protecting their Employees and Business Venture... Not too many will think that is bad. What Most miss is that this is setting a bad precedent. Especially when Shell Funds groups like the JTF who harm or kill civilians or Non-combatants in an attempt to retain control over their assumed assets in Nigeria.

Big Oil is making a statement to Nigerians and the World that Oil is more important than Peoples Freedoms and Rights, no less.

The Precedent seemingly being set by this is that if Shell can continue to retain the right to keep Nigerian Citizens under their thumb and Rule via the Nigerian Govt. for their own personal wealth and gain.

They and other Corporations with the wealth and intrepid resolve to build their own armies and use them at will, will.

We Americans already know what Corporations do when they have they power to wield; The consumer becomes unimportant and sales become the ultimate goal. Our products become less safe, risks are taken with the end consumers health because chemicals deemed unsafe are then used to cheapen product production and increase monetary saturation for them.

Granted Shell is mainly an Oil based company, but the precedent being set affects m ore than just Shell or Oil.

It affects all Corporations and Governments willing to let greed trump Rights and Freedom.

Do I want Shell Employees to be kidnapped or worse... No! Absolutely Not.

But nor do I want Corporations to believe they have they right to kill so they can continue to operate in anonymity .

Many Corporations, (Many American Corporations also), work deals or arrangements with smaller, destitute, or weak foreign Governments that allow them to cheaply produce a product. Which many times means producing at the cost of the environment and in turn those that live in that environment.

Using unsafe production techniques, many times using unsafe chemicals in the process that end up polluting water tables, ground, other waterways and the local airways.

Using dangerous methods is so prominent because it is usually cheaper than making things safe, and the bottom line is profit margin.

And many of these foreign Governments are willing to sacrifice their lands and people in an effort to have a source of stable revenue.

Be Aware Americans and the World, just because it happens to someone else does not mean it cannot happen to you or I.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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