Monday, October 08, 2012

Christopher Columbus

The one thing that seems to irritate me the most is ignorance, matters not if it is self-imposed, learned or forced.

It is the defining reason for many of the issues our world faces.

Humans have the capacity to understand more than the information given them.

Children have been shown, (although with moments of brutality), a level of automatic compassion towards people, animals and events that many Adults do not. Even in light of previous acts of assualt, death, and or destruction.

If everyone on this planet could feel the same pain for strangers as we do for dear loved ones when they die or are hurt. We would be less likely to hurt others, no matter their transgressions.

I have learned in my life so far that no matter how much reason you have to hate someone, those feelings, those emotions effect you yourself also. There is an actually phisical reaction at the cellular level with such thoughts.

I have had a real hard time over the years trying to emulate my own philosophy, because it is natural to feel scorned by lovers, friends, strangers and even family. We have every right to feel hurt over things real or imagined because these are the things that we personally feel.

This doesn't mean one should make up an issue to get sympathy, but there are those that believe a lie or misrepresentation of truth because of circumstances involved.

What we should all be striving for is to forgive those we hate or have issue with. This does not mean we need to let them into our circles, homes, or beds. This means we just forgive them their actions, no matter how horrible and send them love, whether via prayer, positive thoughts, or physical actions of some kind.

The act of love is a measurable force as is hate as Prof. Masaru Emoto has proven through lab experiments over the years.

In light of such things, it should make us all take a second and even third or fourth look at and into ourselves to see what it is we are really putting forth to the world.

Now, even in such a world that we live in where many are learning to work at creating an environment of love for ourselves and successive generations.

Many respected persons and groups still fail to see the message clearly (for whatever reasons), and keep perpetrating hate in dogmatic fashion, some even trying to play victim cards to help bulster there ideology or cause.

The absurdity of the daily barrage of such things I'll make point on regarding Christopher Columbus.

All I've seen in the past year are assaults on Christopher (Columbo) Columbus.

Now I do not like or condone his actions against Native peoples of the Americas.

But Columbus is not the only perpetrator of mass murder, torture, deception and lies in the Americas.

We are all being made to focus on one single person and or event and are failing to see the whole picture.

This may be due to purposeful manipulation and or it may just be due to naive sentiment, but regardless if people want to continue perpetrating and extending hate into our present and future; instead of extending love and forgiveness.

Then so be it, but I will not be apart of this charade.

R. William Holkopf Jr

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