Saturday, October 13, 2012

Make Music with LiLi Roquelin!


My friend LiLi Roquelin is releasing her new music project with the help of her fans, as seen here:

This is a campaign she launched to help her with production costs of her 3rd Solo Release and with its success, she is looking for support for her newest album

{Look at information and a video regarding this campaign start;}

I as someone who had spent 8 years give or take a few months in Club and Event Music Production, as well as my time DJ'ing and now the past 3 years personally producing music on my own.

I recognize the expenses incurred not only vary greatly, but they also break the bank many times before releases are due.

This is especially true for Independent Artists, such as LiLi and such as myself.

LiLi Roquelin, unlike me has a well-to-do International following, tours, has Live Video sessions with fans, and supports her website all on her own earnings from her musical work.

But like me and other Independent musicians, we all don't have the nice cozy contract with Major Labels to give us the monetary help we need. But we do have our artistic freedom!

So consider lending a helping hand to LiLi Roquelin for her upcoming New Album.

By donating on any of the specified tier dollar amounts, you will receive one of many gifts offered by LiLi;

-like, pre-release Album download access,
-Signed Photos,
-Original Lyric Sheet Drafts,
-even her first guitar!
-And More!!!

I donated to her worthy cause, mainly because I enjoy her music, am enchanted by her voice, and indelibly due to her laudable character. I also respect her passion for music and all that entails.
Yet, you may have other reasons and maybe just want to own a piece of history, or it'll be a present to a friend, or even just a part of your charitable character.

In either case, you may want to give her a listen regardless. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

You of course can watch her music on her website @ but I tend to sneak over to her YouTube and file through her discography there @

If you still haven't made up your mind, just have a chat with her on any of her Social Media accounts. She is very personable and well worth your time spent.

It's too bad more artists don't take a page out of LiLi's book on character, friendliness, and fan interaction.

I don't often plug about others on my Blog, but when I do it's fantastic!

Places to find, listen to and contact LiLi Roquelin:







 You can download her previous music at

LiLi Roquelin is a French/American Musician, "She has been doing music actively since Middle School: from recording lead and backup vocals in solo or in duet for side projects or albums, to programming, and performing live with numerous bands... Growing up on la Côte d’azur with a multi-instrumentalist father, she learned music as it was all around her." She is a Vocalist, plays Piano and Guitar. 
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