Thursday, August 22, 2013

12 Angry Men & a Modern Perspective

I watched 12 Angry Men (1957) With Henry Fonda.

Once you get past the first 15 minutes (of which I found slow and shows how I have been molded by Modern Film), it starts to get interesting. A real edge of your seat, extremely emotional roller coaster ride.

But the film makes a really good point about Justice, Reasonable Doubt, and how peoples Prejudices get in the way of the presented facts.

How people can be suckered by evidence that's conflicting (but not see it), because sometimes these things get missed or its done on purpose.

Watching this film 56 years later, I recognize how far our Country has fallen from its roots. Where prejudice is thrown around (for whatever reason), and skews simple court cases into National circus charades.

Places like Illinois that now allow 'Hearsay' to convict people, instead of hard evidence.

Reasonable Doubt meant that if it existed even in the slightest in your mind, there is no way you could inflict a guilty charge, but today some Jury's seem just for show as the News Media Sways Public Opinion with 'Facts' (which can be skewed in any direction), instead of the Truth of the Matter. and Posse like judgements rise up from all over the Country.

'But the Guilty will get away with it if we don't!' some decry. But the innocent will suffer if we do.

No Man holds a monopoly on the Truth, and this is something we should all remember in such these perilous times we live.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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