Friday, August 02, 2013

Humanity Should BE Dead by Now

According to Global Warming Climatologists, we should all be dead now, well at the very least the majority of the base population of the World about 4.5 Billion.

American Thinker, takes a look at why this is and who is dead set on our destruction.


"According to a theory proposed by climate scientists known as the "hydrate hypothesis," global warming will melt the permafrost in the polar regions, suddenly releasing massive amounts of methane hydrate into the atmosphere.  Since methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, climate Armageddon will ensue."
and that;

"In a complete turnabout that should make warmists' heads explode, naturally-occurring methane hydrate deposits have been found not to be a threat to mankind, but rather a promising new source of cheap, plentiful energy.  Japan has successfully piped the natural gas from under the Sea of Japan.  Other countries and energy companies are sure to join in and perfect the extraction technology, just as has been done with fracking.

Why is it that global warming "experts" claim to be concerned about humanity, but seem to find glee in contemplating its destruction?"
Is the World Warming up Globally? Yes and No, in some places it is and others it is in reverse, but overall it is cooling.

Is the Whole planetary collective Warming or Cooling, in an overall average all the planets including Earth are warming, due impart by the specific cycle the sun is in, (yes its output had declined but top end CME Solar Flares have increased which also affects the Van Allen Belt and Earths Atmosphere), and other factors such as the theory that the large Interstellar Energy Cloud passing through our solar system seems to be having such an effect as well.

Worse thing we really have to worry about on the Universal level [that we know of] are Speedbumps (ELE Extinction Level Event Asteroids), and Gamma Ray bursts from Neutron Stars.

Climate change although a 'natural occurring cycle' on Earth and other planets, is really the least of our worry's right now.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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