Friday, December 06, 2013

Pope Francis A Deceiver?

Hey MORON's!

It's NOT Capitalism!!! It's the Socialist Take over of Capitalism!!!
And this happened before even I was born, it just became more visible in the past decade.

I'm not saying, the whole World couldn't use a dose of [Wake The F- Up!], and pursue time tested items like Charitable organizations instead of Government Welfare. One Worked amazingly well, the other is in utter failure.

I'm not saying that a One World Government (In a PERFECT UNIVERSE), might have a positive effect, wherein Citizens remained Sovereign, and Religion did not dictate our Politics and Methodology, but Common Sense and Logic did. However, the people and Groups currently vying for control, have nothing, absolutely nothing in the rest of the Worlds best interest; and they have become bold in that they announce it every chance they get like Bullies on street corners threatening you for your lunch money.

I'm not saying Pope Benedict is wrong when he says we need to level the playing field... but the problem is not with Capitalism, it is the Socialist and Socialist policies around the World that have over the years and more so in recent time infiltrated and twisted a system that made the West Prosperous and created the Largest ever wealthy Middle Class in history, where even the poor, had a roof, clothes and food, (At least in the United States for a time).

If anyone is selling you on how bad capitalism is, the off chance they are some kind of Socialist or closet Socialist is high. Socialism is one word to describe a whole entity of groups of similar foundation and process, of which is called Collectivism. Under Collectivism you have Socialism, Fascism, Communism and others.

Collectivists antipathy is Capitalism, and hate any method that makes progress and gives individuals freedom. Collectivism preaches Equality but in the end is always run by a few power hungry and greedy individuals who subjugate the rest, by creating dividing the people against each other, while raking in property and wealth from those that follow them and those that don't. The followers initially give up their rights and wealth by choice thinking its for the greater good. The Non-followers are forced to, and in historical cases and even in some places in the world just plain out killed for what they have.

Capitalism in basic, is 'to the best persons the Spoils' and many people have the ability to gain such things. Those that don't, either haven't tried or just don't have a knack for it (sorry, not everyone can be a Doctor, even with all the education possible). The intelligent thing to do is find an area you are good in (Aptitude and Skills tests), and put your focus and effort into that.

Some people that are attracted to Collectivism are those who want something for nothing. Yes it is possible to have truly free and excellent Health care for example, however that requires completely changing our paradigm on how we operate in terms of buying and selling, manufacturing and trading, and so on.

This will never happen though, at least for the moment since too many powerful people, who are given power by everyone else in one way or another. Believe that pieces of rock and metal have financial wealth, and pieces of paper based on the concept that because someone [says so], a piece of paper now has an arbitrary amount of value without the backing of a physical object like let's say Gold or Silver or even Platinum.

Many of the powerful people in the World have acquired most of the Gold Silver and Platinum, so they create 'Fiat' monetary systems so now they can have wealth that is created out of thin air. Need more money.. just print it, adjust numbers and play with speculation to keep prices reasonable to the amount people earn, so that inflation doesn't go wildly out of control. The inflation is debt, it is passed on to the non-wealthy so that the powerful can become more wealthy and powerful.

This in turn is used against us that don't understand simple concepts like wealth, property and how they apply to a Sovereign Individual and a system of economics.

So we are told lease this, and credit this while not being taught how to properly manage our finances (Part purposeful intent and part self-infliction), We Mortgage to affect our credit instead of saving and buying outright. our Inflation goes up because some idiot printed more money, but in fact that idiot is smarter than us because He holds the keys to our wealth, and most of what we own is debt because we gave Him much of the wealth we have, because we didn't own items outright.

So the Talking Heads blame the Rich, the Rich Blame the Rich, the poor are enticed, they are incited to riot, to hate the rich, to hate the middle class, as the Middle class hates the rich and the poor.

The Middle Class:
The Rich; because if a middle class person goes out of there tax bracket into the higher one by $1.00 they now pay much more heavily in taxes than the probably should.
The Poor; because many are on Welfare and the middle class is taxed heavily for that as well.

The Poor:
The Rich; because they have more money than they know what to do with, because they can afford to be extra charitable, because they are in a position that the rest are not. Even if they worked for it.
The Middle Class; similar arguments.

The Rich:
The Rich; Seems like a shell game, but their are varying levels of being "Rich". The very powerful rich are not 'seemingly' affected by laws and bills and such that would affect the "New" Rich or Less wealthy Rich, so inciting the public against their Rich counterparts gains them Wealth and power.
The Poor; because they are a burden on society, they are uneducated, they are a disease.
The Middle Class; because these people have the ability to become Rich and that would take away the Wealth for those who already have it.

Collectivism starts by making Big wide promises that sound good in theory but to implement are impossible under the current paradigm. Then it makes the former system look bad by instituting changes that are sold to help people, but end up doing the opposite. The people become angry because now they cannot put food on the table and their losing their house, or their vehicle, or they can no longer buy clothes for themselves or their kids.

Collectivism, then shows how bad the former system is and how good it's system will be. People just want to eat, have their homes back and be clothed so logic with common sense and intelligence go out the window for anything that will change their circumstance (whether through fault of their own or not).

Then Collectivism engineers financial crisis's and eventually monetary collapse all while using leaders who people thought where linked to the former system but in actuality where either bought by the Collectivists or for whatever deranged reason actually believed in their tenets.

After everything is in ruins, and possibly after a civil uprising (that could cause many deaths), While everyone is in a rage and blaming each other the Collectivist comes in and offers a solution, usually one that points a finger at any group but their own. and offers a new Monetary system (Still based on the old but dressed up in fancy new lingo), and promises a plate of food in every home, a bed for every head if you will just give us your unconditional surrender, they will make all this happen.

I look at the Soviet Union, I look at Nationalist Germany, I look at Cambodia and much of Africa. I look at China. How anyone with a brain can not see the utter failure of Collectivisms support of the people, how the common people suffer and become mostly uneducated. How the few dictate everything, no matter how ludicrous and irresponsible and dangerous. How their is no respect for decency or life.

And then claim that the only thing that made the vast majority of common people Wealthy and free in the Modern World for the FIRST TIME EVER in recorded history is the issue.

No! The issue is the usurpation and commandeering of the ship we call Capitalism and it's utter destruction from the inside out by the very people saying it is bad.

We could very well wake up one day to find ourselves in a concentration camp, or worse!

Hippies had one thing right, Everyone should be free and happy. However to maintain such a thing people need to defend such a thing against all forms of tyranny.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." -POGO

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