Thursday, December 05, 2013

The ACA (Obamacare) Woe be upon those who have to support everyone else

End Result:

The Why:

The How:

Not enough 'Young' people are signing up for the ACA (Obamacare), this is an issue for Obama the ACA government supporters and the IRS. WHY you ask?
Because Young people statistically are healthier (Reason for forcing people by mandate to have the ACA), Many in theory would pay the higher rates which one would need to get the appropriate amount of health coverage if ever needed.

With out all these Young working class people paying exorbitant rates, to cover all the 'Unhealthy' (Many older persons, over the age of 45+), the system could very well collapse by weight alone.

Also, People considered in the older category will be counseled on changes so that their coverage can be minimized, especially the most 'at risk' patients.

And the Nugget in the box no one seems to be talking about; people 75 years of age and older will get "End of Life Counseling", meaning if you are 75+ you do not get Health insurance, you are either healthy or you die. This is tantamount to Euthanasia!

A large majority of Americans especially the 45+ and 'At Risk' persons, have gotten Insurance cancellations because their insurance plans don't meet the Governments idea of Health coverage.. so many who need excellent care will have to down grade and those who need no care will have to divvy up.

Obama ended up extending the time frame for ACA sign up, may have been because his approval rating dropped to 9%, but I'm sure angry Americans of all colors who realized that the "promises" Obama and his talking heads fed them to win votes, where empty, might have been another.

It's hard to see exactly what manner  of reaction Obama and his groupies were going for, since their is so much duplicity abound.

"Free" Healthcare is always a nice Utopian idea, until one realizes (if it ever occurs to them at all), that someone still has to pay for it in the end.

The only way to supply it here Stateside would be to force every Citizen to do just that so that every Citizen can get it.

And guess what, Forcing someone to pay for something is NOT free by any means. Free-Gratis, means getting something for 'Absolutely' Nothing.

So how is "Universal Health Care" or the ACA (Obamacare), Free?
It is not!
It is a Tax! A Tax on Healthcare, passed on to Each Citizen, Well each Citizen that Works and is not wholly on Welfare, that is. Though some of our taxes are already paying for that as well!

What happens when more people are on the Welfare system than working to fund it?

It is really simple math.

If you have 15 people; 5 of which are working and getting taxes taken out for Welfare and other Government Programs. Plus paying (getting taxed) by force to fund a "Free" healthcare system.

And, you have 10 people on Welfare and not working, which allows them to get that said Healthcare for free.

At what point would any of the 5 working people forgo their jobs to gain free healthcare?

{This does not include those who work minimally and are on some welfare programs but not all. Many of these people will eventually figure out it is easier and cheaper to not work and try their hand at full Welfare, so as to not have to pay the costs for nonworking welfare recipients.}

This is an extreme postulation, but plausible.
Too many people are spouting rhetoric they do not understand, because Joe Schmoe and Lucy Ducey and their Fav Political Leader said so!

Yet as they spout what they don't understand as veritable and indisputable, not one has actually read the whole 5000 + page Healthcare Bill, or seen and talked to Pharmacists who just throw up their hands because the Government State or Federal are not paying their bills for the pills that people are being subscribed.

Smaller Pharmacy's are either going out of business or going into or completely going into [Compounding] (
Have fun everyone, what's in your wallet!?

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