Monday, February 03, 2014

Whose version?

Whose version of "how the World should be" is right? When you look at the past 24.2 years at least, any logic reasoned person Learned in Common sense would agree the direction we have been on here in the United States alone is not indicative of sanity. 

The population is being strangled financially, our tax monies abused and mis-allocated consistently and constantly. A gov. set up to defend individual freedoms and state rights is now practically 180° from its intended purpose. Our free choices are now considered, weighted and decided by a small group of people in Washington D.C. through banking and corporate interests, and then forced upon us in the most unconstitutional manners. 

And all the 'distracted' folks ignore or worse don't even understand their situation due to either self imposed ignorance or Public gov. education. 

People still then have the gall to tell me I'm wrong, misdirected and stupid.
All the while though, the U.S. dollars has lost approx. 35% of its value in just these past 10 years.
Most of our leaders lie, blatantly, nearly everyday. Things that affect not only the place we live (Our Country), but also our lives. 
Our food chain, air and water is poisoned in most places, sicknesses related to these poisons is on the rise, and it's like looking at sheep or cattle being herded when the population is told these things. They violently protest in denial against the self evident truths, a psychological response when ones Reality is shaken.  

Our society is being taught to be its own pariah, creating a completely unsustainable future. 
We are being told and forced in some cases that we are not allowed to defend our own personal individual self against attack, that the gov. And law enforcement will do it for us, yet they cannot even fix their own issues, or help properly in time of need. Especially recently more and more law abiding Citizens are being harassed, beat, raped and killed by the same people telling us they will defend us. 

We are given solutions to problems created by the same people and groups. Often the same things with new wording. The definition of insanity; Doing the same thing over and over again with the same result but expecting different.  Either we as Citizens are being setup by an elaborate plan made to do just this or everyone has completely lost any sense of intelligence and we deserve everything we get.

Ignoring the nature of a thing, is bound to be dangerous.  I don't know what way is right, however the current way is most definitely not!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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