Friday, April 04, 2014

Kauft nicht bei... Brendan Eich

"kauft nicht bei..." {Don't buy from...} the rallying cry of the HJ and Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany in the 1930's, to expel Jews or Jew Sympathizers.

This is a clear abuse by philosophically Left people; That a person only has Freedom of Speech, the Freedom to choose when it suits the Left or Socialist Cause, not because they have any Rights or anything.

"The newly elected CEO and co-founder of Mozilla - the maker of the Firefox web browser - was forced into resignation today after activists pressured the company over his donation to a political campaign that opposed same-sex marriage. "

A persons right to contribute to who ever they deem fit to take office (in the U.S.A.), whether or not we agree with that Campaign or Individual, is a 'Right'. If you don't like it take your business elsewhere. I could see getting the Co-Founder of Mozilla to resign if he made Mozilla and or Firefox unaccessible to certain groups of Humans in the U.S., or even if he caused physical harm to another person.

But to ruin a persons life just because you disagree ideologically or philosophically or even religiously is a VERY dangerous road to go down, and it tramples on my RIGHTS, too!

I don't think you'd want to be forced out of your job or pushed into the street or have your peers slander and libel you, just because you support Gay Rights or are Homosexual yourself. Then how is it Right to do the same to someone else for their beliefs? It isn't and it is called Tyranny; to force someone else to be like you (or how you want them to be), or face the consequences for not.

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