Thursday, September 25, 2014

FL $1 September 25th 2014

Mike Morris;
A person I considered a Best friend, still do regardless of the circumstances.
Mike was a very helpful person and would go all out in effort toward that end.
He also was a fan of random acts of kindness.
In keeping with that ideology, Mike's family lead by his sister (Andi), decided to honour his memory by participating on his birthday,  the [Free Love $1] event him and his sister started some years back randomly one day (a very admirable act).
So today September 25th, 2014; many people in the United States as well as around the World are participating in his honour.
Speaking to the fact that Mike was very personable and had connections worldwide.
So if you are participating,  or are considering. Congratulations, I am thrilled to know that his memory lives on.
I however am doing things differently this year, regardless of what his Family has stated about the event (that it should be done on his Birthday; I in no uncertain terms mean any disrespect by this).
I cannot speak for Mike, however Having known him and been close personal friends with him. I know he liked to keep people guessing when it came to charity.
Charity is not something to be expected,  maybe not even desired. It is something one freely gives when suffering is seen or you want to uplift someone. It is in effect a physical way to spread positive and good energy to others.
So today,  I celebrate his birthday, him. Who he was and is and what things he left the World for us to consider and act upon.
I am glad many others will be honouring his memory today through FL $1. But I will be celebrating that my friend was born into this World, and that  I chanced meeting him and having him enrich my life so very much!
Thank you Mike for being apart of my life and giving me so very many possible things to look forward to and do.
Without you I would be most definitely less of a person.
This drink if Absente is for you!
Best Regards,
R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Tomorrow, will be filled with random acts of kindness.

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