Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got Postman Pheromones?

So yesterday I was messing around on my cheap POS phone and seeing what else I couldn't do online with it. (like... "This page is too large to load..." -you don't have enough internal memory),
And I came across a news article about a dog in Tennessee ripping off a Squad cars front bumper.

And get this, not only that but deflated a few tires in the process!

It becomes even more quirky when you notice the 2 dogs on the sidelines seemingly cheering the Pitbull 'Winston' on as he goes on his tirade.

Thankfully, the Police Officers had enough restraint to not kill the dog like most places around were I live.

And a judge took pity on him since he was a model prisoner for about 2 weeks.

But the question on many persons minds is; What induced this Sweet Pitbull to go a little mad, And what Postman -or- Woman is getting a good laugh privately somewhere!?

Check out the 2 minute video!!!

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