Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The World has gone Crazy, but few recognize it

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was old enough to partially grasp the World as a whole, let alone just see past all the magical charades of my own Governmental body. I realized what that age old phrase truly meant; ‘Innocence once lost is never truly regained’.

Now many, even some that I personally know just persistently refuse to accept the reality of things going on around them. Purporting that it doesn’t affect them because it is too far away, or their voice doesn’t count anyway, or that they are too small to be affected, or that if they ignore it or pray hard enough, that the threats plaguing us will somehow mysteriously become neutralized.

Even our Fore Fathers and the like, even though some prayed and some didn’t, they even realized that the only way anything was going to happen was if they took action. That sitting around ignoring the reality wasn’t going to make it go away.

Yes a person can go through Life with the wool pulled over their eyes, many do so because they do not know or have the ability to receive accurate information to make good decisions on, others… many others just ignore with full purposeful intent.

That’s not counting all those who are a part of the various machinations that are working toward the dissolution of the human spirit and self.

I personally wish I could see the World and the daily grind through ‘Rose Colored Glasses’, but alas even in my happiest moment I digress.

It’s a wonder not many question why Certain Hollywood types, Certain Politicians, Corporate and World Leaders work so hard and put the majority of their time into telling you half-truths and lies, when it is so very obvious that they do.

It’s a wonder many do not questions the mostly Secret conferences that members of our Government and society are involved in that supposedly have mandates to decrease the World Population by various means, when the U.S. Government and our Country was designed to be an open book.

Why such obvious things like specifically the last few Presidents current and past, have promised many things and done the complete opposite and not actually stuck to their word?

It is a travesty in one light that especially the U.S. but also in various parts of the rest of the World that our Leaders are proving that a Man is not worth his word any more.

To be worth the sum of your parts and to be taken by your word alone used to be a fundamental value, of many that have seemingly been lost more and more in the 31 years I have been alive.

It is a travesty of epic proportions, that lying has become the national mandate of state, that it is o.k. for certain specific faiths and religions to practice openly in public places and in schools, etc. but not for others.

It is horrid to think that traitors to the United States People and their Constitution are allowed to dismantle our very birthright as a nation and work toward preventing anyone from freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms. That we no longer have 4th amendment rights and that sections of our Justice system are a joke.

What are anyone person supposed to do in light of such things, especially since it was mostly out of our hands by the time of the end of the Civil War between the Confederacy and the North, then was pulled further away from us by WWI and the well planned ‘Great Depression of the late 1930’s through the late 1940’s pretty much sealed the coffin. Then the Land wars in Asia between the 50’s and 70’s, big oil interests, personal greed, the Drug War; which will never stop drugs because it is designed to make money for those who started it.

Besides all the Zionistic Banking and Political influences all over the world and including the U.S. that have done more harm than good.

People, just because the one ahead of you is smiling, speaking soothing words and willing to hold your hand as you pass through the door way. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look before you leap, especially if there is a metaphorical gas chamber or a metaphorical pongee stick pit through that doorway.

It is even Hard to trust the one person you need to trust.

Granted this is a bit of a rant, but anyone with an educated mind, heck anyone with barely any education can see that things aren’t right.

The U.S. System once allowed, a very, very long time ago, the ability for regular Joe Schmoe and the like to run for president, the press would have covered them, maybe not always kindly but there would have been coverage. And you didn’t get blocked out of debates and the questions weren’t pre-planned in advance.

The last person who was as close as you could get to a regular average Citizen was Harry Truman, and he became President of the U.S. (Whether or not you agree with his presidency or have taken everything he had to battle into account, his origins are historically not in question).
In a system designed for any regular Citizen to have a chance at becoming President, specifically so that the chance of the general values of the masses would be upheld. It is ironic… almost, that third party groups are consistently shut out and blockaded from getting on ballots and doing debates. That the people becoming President over the past 40+ years have all had very powerful backers and very deep ties to Corporate and certain foreign interests.

That the majority of those Presidents, come from some sort of privileged background and have increasingly become more arrogant and less concerned about the average Citizen, no matter what comes out of their mouths.

As it is said, Ladies and Gentleman; ‘Actions speak louder than Words.’

What can anyone of us do when even our words are under attack and even the freest form of communication, the recently controversially ‘Infallible Internet’, is at least in the U.S. becoming a thing of the past.

It is hard enough to swallow anything our Leaders throw at us, but then the Press, our stop-gap to corruption, is not even keeping the masses informed anymore.

And although I am a huge proponent of preserving and maintaining, some things seem to be more of a concern to some than other more pressing issues.

And all though I am all for Avant-garde why has it become o.k. for little girls to speak in vile mannerisms and the newest forms of art have me more than a little confused on what I should think.

Now there are many and in growing numbers who find that there is an answer, but the few always make it bad for the rest of us.

And eventually we won’t even be able to go to the bathroom alone, I have said it before and I will say it again; ‘Attentiveness Breeds Security, but apathy breeds insecurity.’

One day we are going to wake up and nothing will be our own, these words will be gone and so with it half the world.

Everyone has a vision; a dream… the question is whose dream are you going to follow?!
And what are you going to do once you make your decision.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2010 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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