Saturday, April 24, 2010

Assassination: Just another day in Office...

Article II, Sections 1-4 of the United States Constitution Says absolutely nothing of the President having powers to give the order to assassinate a U.S. Citizen, Foreign National, or anybody for that matter.

It just isn't in the document anywhere, except that Congress, (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11), is the only body allowed to declare war and that the President is just the director of a cooperative operation with Congress for a war effort if a declaration of war is made.

This is not to say that Assassinations of U.S Citizens and Foreign Nationals hasn't been happening behind closed doors for years by order of the past Presidency's and or by way of the Intelligence community, (If you believe information about such things).

Or that the Citizen in Question, (Anwar al-Awlaki), May or may not be an actual Terrorist bent on causing harm to his fellow Americans.

If Anwar al-Awlaki is a Terrorist or Not; because he is a U.S. Citizen, He should have a right to a trial of his peers for the heady accusations against him.

What this shows is that this administration is telling the World and it's own Citizens that it is not afraid to circumvent the Constitutional and Judicial Laws of the U.S. as well as it's continued circumvention of International Laws concerning Human Rights and Warring Operations.

What many U.S. Citizens seem to forget is that many Bills were passed into law that were, are and remain Unconstitutional especially after Sept. 11th, 2001.

Two specifically that are infamous for it's Unconstitutional Stance and action is the 'Patriot Act' & the 'Patriot Act II'. which purposely circumvents the Constitution and its Amendments upon the will of those enforcing it, whether they are right or wrong in their actions and information.

Which also gives the President undo powers not granted in the binding Document of our land called the U.S. Constitution, all under the guise to protect "National Security", even at the risk of subjugating its own Citizens.

But even those acts do not specifically grant the President the authority to Order the Assassination of anyone especially a U.S. Citizen. Although they do give the Enforcer rights to hold you without trial for an indeterminate amount of time and abduct you for appearing like a non-citizen even though you are going about your daily activity's legally.

Bills like this that have made it into law, have encroach on Freedoms we are supposed to have, All these unconstitutional laws say that we as each Citizen of the U.S. are not smart enough, intelligent enough, and that we do no have the ability to make important and life based decisions for our own happiness, liberty and protection. And that our Government is somehow supposed to be our Judge, Jury and Prosecutor, Mothering us and refusing to let us think for ourselves.

See any resemblance... England?

What does this say about our elected officials? well since they are Citizens themselves with power given to them by Citizens to make decisions based on the input of the Citizens that elected them.

Does that mean that either they consider themselves to be Lords and Lady's and not Citizens and feel that they have the right to subjugate our Laws and Rights, or that they are Citizens who have forgotten how to listen to the Citizens who elected them and ignore the fundamental reasonings of our foundation as a country and believe that they are above those Laws and Rights and that they alone get special privileges?

If it is entitlements they want, they should go to England, go to France or some other country; renounce their Citizenship that they obviously don't care about since they bash it every attempt that they can. And that way they can get their jollies off there, because we as U.S. Citizens do not appreciate uncitizenship like behavior in any shape or form.

So under Constitutional law, what would the Presidents Order of Assassination on a U.S. Citizen without the right to trial by his peers be grounds for?

Is it a High Crime? Is It a Misdemeanor? or is it Treason? According to Article II, Section 4 any of those are considered grounds for impeachment.

So fellow Citizens and elected officials, is the Order of Assassination grounds for impeachment? or did I miss something in my Constitutional law classes.

On final note; Anwar al-Awlaki should have as is his Right as a U.S. Citizen a trial by his peers, to determine by factual and truthful evidence whether or not he is a Terrorist, and not be accused and condemned by the President of the United States of America, (of which is not in his vested powers), with vague facts by some unknown source, none of which is verifiable for certain at the moment.

What does this mean for us as Citizens? If this assassination is allowed to happen, it means that we as Citizens are also at risk for assassination if we are determined to be 'enemies of the state', and any dissenters to that fact will also be consider to be 'enemies of the state' and risk assassination themselves, and without Judicial trial by peers, so in invoking fascist like control.

And in this age of the 'Great American Apathy', we are sooner quiet as a mouse than loudly in defense for our Rights and Freedoms.

Next time election comes around for Officials on any level, actually look at their voting record instead of listening to what they or someone else wants you to hear.

Then you can see who has been circumventing the Country and it's Citizens and who has been working towards defending.

Here two sites to help you decide next election that comes around.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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