Friday, April 30, 2010

Japanese Items #1

So I was off exploring in Long Grove, IL and I happened upon some beautiful antique hand painted WWII or possibly pre-WWII Tea Cups and Saucer plates, that were made in Japan.

The peach Stamp on the bottom shows a crown within a wisteria wreath and the words CHIKARAMACHI in a semi-circle above and MADE IN JAPAN in a straight line below.

'Why Not Antiques', has a little history on the pieces and apparently starting in 1928, 3 stamp versions where made in varying colors; the second stamp set was apparently in the colors of Red & Peach. This seems to have been a test line of Porcelain by the Noritake Company, as I read since it was of cruder make and hand painted design; possibly to test if it would go into a main parent line for sale.

I cannot and probably will never be able to correctly date the 3 Tea Cups with Saucers that I acquired, since all production for the Noritake Company ceased in 1942 most likely due to the U.S.'s incendiary bombing of Noritake's main offices.

Which in light of that is a very sad thing for those of us interested in preserving history.

Either way, I now own a wonderful piece of Japanese history and I hope that I can preserve much more in the coming future.

Here are photos of the items:

R. William Holzkopf Jr


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