Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Syria: The Little-Big Sovereign Nation

What did Syria ever do that threatened the Big 'Ol US of A?
What did Lybia Do for that matter or Afghanistan or Iraq?

What? Terrorism you say!???!

Well there is some truth to this in certain cases, but this is not the whole picture nor the whole truth, just a fact in a sea of facts being tossed around at us unwitting American Public like a sports announcer giving us the nitty-gritty on the new infielder and how his stats are this year.

Let's start with Iraq; seems a good place since we spent nearly two decades ravaging and dismantling the country only to leave it worse in most cases than when we arrived.

{Was Saddam Hussein an immoral douche of a dirt bag, yes, was he a threat to us or anyone else except Iran, no. In fact he was an ally of the U.S. up until the Gulf War, we even signed a huge , and I mean HUGE shipment of arms thanks to Pres. Bush Sr. a year or two prior to that war.}

Saddam's country was a buffer zone for Iran, (well for us and our allies anyways). At the very least it kept Iran busy while the U.S Government plotted it nefarious schemes whatever they may be.

The Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Administrations claimed everything from saving the Iraqi peoples to WMD's. Honestly the Oil was on the bottom of their want list, but was yes still a factor.

The U.S Government was after the Gold Saddam had accrued over the previous Decade or so.

[and according to some sources a (mythological fabled 'Star Gate') that he kept in the Iraq National Museum, which by the way WAS the most heavily fortified and defended place in Iraq until the U.S. squeezed its way in.]
 Plus a place to implement and hold American and Allied bases.

Next Afghanistan, well we really never have been out of Afghanistan, even in the 1800's we were skirmishing with Russia, Pirates and other countries for it's control, and has been a battle field since at least Roman times. Why? Well there is supposedly gold in the hills of Afghanistan, apparently Oil too, but the real money maker for at least 2000 years if the Opium crops. Oh!??? You didn't know that the U.S. through the CIA largely funded and trained Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda to guerrilla fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980's?? Who subsequently turned or was made to turn on us after the funding supposedly stopped.

{Oh! we have bases there now too!}

Brings us to Osama Bin Laden. Crazy, probably. Hated U.S. possibly, part of the Saudi Royal Family, yes. Been to the U.S. talking to powerful Washington men early on before 2001. Yes. Died in December of 2001 due to an illness, confirmed by Pakistani and Arab newspapers at the time, yes.

So who are these Seal Team 6 Douche Bags and how much were they paid off to lie to us all. And why (while we are on the topic), do you dump the body of the 'Most Wanted' man in the World and not show the world proof, at all... Suspicious am I? Yes, because it reeks of a cover-up. No organization or person saying they have something would hide it from view unless it was not as they said, simple Logic dictates this.

Qaddafi was for lack of better terms a douche bag too!
A lot less worse than Saddam, but even less of a threat to the U.S. at least. Ever since Pres. Reagan rained missiles on him and his country as a warning that if he ever Mess with us again he would get that ten times worse or more. Lybia stopped being a threat. France and Britain still had a score to settle so they whined to the U.S. and convinced some of our squirrly leaders to go in there with out an act of war. and take him out.

What people generally don't know is Qaddafi was really close to uniting some of the Northern African Nations and even some other Arab Nations into a Gold Standard Group, which would have Economically unsettled the west. So the U.S Goes in like a Bully with a big stick and Kills Qaddafi and his family and then does what!? Takes all his accumulated Gold, a few billions worth or more.

And now we have "Temp" bases in or around Lybia.

Now Syria, the one Arab Country that was ever the least threat ever, had the best Human Rights record of all the Arab countries combined and the Citizens were quite content with their Government ( a Semi-Presidential Republic according to Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syria#Politics_and_government), they also do not have Islam as a state religion (DO NOT), and was a reasonably peaceable place up until recently.

Now many of the U.S Governmental Agencies are supporting Al-Qaeda with U.S Tax Payers Dollars to kill Syrians and disrupt their Sovereign Nation. If the U.S. Succeeds we (I should actually say the 'World Bank'), will take the Gold and the U.S. and it's allies will occupy to some extent Syria with, yes Military bases. and with Israel suddenly we see that Iran is surrounded by American and Allied Military as well as in the Persian Gulf.

Now we see a possible End Game; War with Iran.

Now it becomes clear why Iran is scampering to build up it's forces after decades of stagnation, (well no serious quick build up of power against Western forces except for Saddam's Iraq.

I'm not saying Iran's Religious Government isn't a threat, however, the U.S. and it's allies keep kicking over ant mounds and soon we are going to step into a Fire Ant colony.

Maybe and then if we (assumption) win that batlle we will have Iran's Oil and Gold.
Gee that's a lot of Gold! and Oil! Wonder what they're saving it for!?? (

The Problem herein lies is this; If the U.S. and it's allies go to war with Iran, then China and North Korea will step in. Russia may also Step in against us also. All 3 countries have mostly peacable relations with and contract whether scientific or militarily related (weapons and like materials), with Iran.

We'll kick their collective butts? That's speculation at it's worse, here's why:

China alone owns 3/4 if not more of U.S. debt, they haven't dropped it like a hot rock because it would make there economy take a huge dive, they don't want that.

However they could very well use it as leverage against us and make us (Our Governement) bow to demands or whims, even possibly mak us break our treaty with Taiwan so they can get their grubby hands on it. A war with Iran is not a wise one, Remeber also many Iranian Citizens don't want the governement they are under anyways, but are having a tough time at changing it.

Should be easy you say!?

Well if it is so easy, why don't you take on the U.S. Federal Government and see were it get's ya.

Point is, We as a Nation may have been the 'Great Protector' but now things have spiraled out of control in our Country and We the Citizens have lost control of the wheel, and Mad-Men(Women) are now steering the Nation like a Drunk person into oncoming traffic.

Syria is now Threatened and like any threatened Person is going to do its best to lash out at all offenders. This could turn into a Battle Royale and only one will be the victor.

{How would you react if some big country who preached Freedom and Compassion came in and funded Terrorists to kill you and your neighbors and your Soldiers and blew up people and buildings and tried to take down your government, (Assuming you like that said government), You would take that as an act of war and a real threat. I would.}

Syria's warning; http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/17/nr-a-redrawing-of-the-map-syrias-assad-makes-chilling-prediction-for-europe-the-world/

I would say 'Tread carefully America', but I know no one of importance and of any real power will be listening in the way they need to be anyhow. Just us daily Pluggers who are trying to survive while everything crashes down around us. Praying to God Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson re-emerge in Super Hero form and fix what we so haplessly messed up and can't figure out how to remedy.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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