Thursday, January 16, 2014

Amazon workers reject Union

This is an interesting topic that will defiantly draw lines with people.
I'm in the middle on this and I'll tell you why.

In current form Unions in America are all based on the same models set forth in the 1800's. They were presented as a way to protect Workers Rights against the Wealthy who were taking advantage of them.

In this i have no issue.

What is rarely talked about is that Those Unions were set up on purpose by those same Wealthy people to maintain control over the said workers. Granted they made some concessions, but in the overall they gained even more control over the workers, in so doing coming out even more on top than before.

A Union worker In some Unions, is threatened with loss of their Union membership and possibly their job if they don't vote along the lines the Union wants. If you are ousted from Membership, since the majority of jobs a person required a union to get hired for in the first place, one is either forced to learn a skill set that does not require union membership or remain unemployed.

There is a lot of coercion and harassment involved, that some former Union members fight to change.

A lot of these Unions are still funded by 'Big' money Rich Entrepreneurs who benefit by keeping the Workers in line and punishing dissent within the ranks.

But with out Unions the Workers have no job protection, can be forced to work unreasonable hours (regardless of labor laws), and forget about getting sick and keeping your job. What? It's called the Family and Medical Leave Act you say?

How many of you were fired because you were actually sick, you called in and even got a Doctors note. Well I know a lot of people and I have experienced this myself. The fact is all a company has to do is find another reason to fire you and it doesn't even have to make sense. Some companies even have you sign paperwork (that most don't read), that states they can for you for 'no reason' (read the fine print), and these are companies without Unions>

Do we need a workers protection system, Yes. Are the Current Union Systems good? No, most aren't.

Amazon Employees are probably being offered good incentives to prevent Union activities. Meaning the vote against Union is in favor of Amazon and this Union 'not to be' would have at least (initially), been in control of the workers and unfavorable to Amazon.

Life really blows hard sometimes doesn't it!?

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