Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Damn the Torpedoes, Let us tilt at windmills and bask in the afterglow

Damn the Torpedoes, Let us tilt at windmills and bask in the afterglow.

"The Grand Alliance with Islam? Damn the failures, blunders and self-stultifications, full speed ahead." -Richard Butrick 

In the process of exonerating Clinton, the 8,000-word account by David Kirkpatrick uncovers the two pivotal points of the Obama Doctrine:
(1) Radical Islam in general is not inherently hostile to the US and once they are shown due respect they can become US allies. This may mean weakening ties with our traditional allies.
(2) The only Islamic group that is a bona fide terrorist organization is the faction of al-Qaida directly subordinate to Osama bin Laden's successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Only this group cannot be appeased and must be destroyed through force.
This explains:
(1) the attempts to accommodate the Taliban in Afghanistan,
(2) the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,
(3) the initial backing of the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Syrian opposition,
(4) siding with the PLO against Israel,
(5) the kid glove treatment given Iran's nuclear policy. In general, any group not in obeisance to Zawahiri is a potential US ally.

President Bush Jr. had his own prevalent doctrine of interference and intervening, which has led to some of todays current state of affairs, President Obama has continued such ludicrous meanderings, of which will only serve to hurt America in the end. If one thing history should have taught us is that when learning to work with others in the World, especially those of diametrically opposed mentalities; one does not compromise themselves in the process, for fear of losing oneself entirely.

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