Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mexicans are cleaning up our mess!

Mexicans are cleaning up our mess!

Small groups of local vigilantes took up arms and joined forces to storm Paracuaro, headquarters of the Knights Templar gang, where they arrested police officers and seized control of the town in a blaze of gunfire.
They drove into the town in black armoured vehicles shouting 'Don't be frightened, we are vigilantes', before expelling drugs traffickers, whom they accuse of kidnapping people and bribing them to make money.  Several gun battles were reported, leaving at least one dead.

Police officers, were rounded up and arrrested. They are considered to be in league with the Drug Cartels and Corrupt Government Officials. A checkpoint was set up at the entrance to Paracuaro to maintain the order restored by vigilante group known as Public Safety System against the Templar Drug Cartel.

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