Friday, August 14, 2009

Technology and Design for Better Living

Urban Mole is looking to use old infrastructure, (i.e. Sewers, etc.), to incorporate a new delivery system for package transport.

Apparently there is going to be an infrastructure boom, (When? No stipulation), but if you have a degree in Urban Designing, Process Piping Design and or a degree in Nuclear Engineering; You're in luck!

If your in Surgery, (Assuming you are a Surgeon), and the power goes out or you are in an area with undesirable power. Here is an ingenious and fairly simple design to help you maintain light during surgery. Can also be useful for other circumstances including your average power outage.

Creating energy from a revolving door or an 'Energy Tail'.

Self-Sustaining Communities, that are also energy efficient and help create there own heating and cooling. The way of the future?

The U.K. has given the go ahead to building 100,000 new Eco-Homes built with the latest technology in an effort to be as self sustainable s is possible.

Fake architect designs brilliant energy producing buildings.

Not an energy efficient item, yet deserves mention.
A smart biking project by SENSEable City Labs in Copenhagen, has designed bikes with a 'SmartTag' technology. that tracks the bikers movements to somehow help with Traffic control and finding some biker you'd like to meet up with.
[My personal opinion, it has good intentions but will ultimately be used inappropriately]

Let's try and save on paper and ink by opting for receipts instead of receiving them automatically.

Do you like Beer? Maybe not... But either way one Beer company reinvests itself into the local communities it is apart of and is considered to be, "Conscientious Capitalism".

R. Willia Holzkopf Jr.

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  1. Nice tech/designs. Some might not be really as good and useful as first thought. But the fact that they're slowly testing new stuff makes the hopes for changes closer!