Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Reform: Protesters

Whether or not you agree with the current Health Care Reform or Not. You do have a Fundamental Right to voice your Opinion.

However, it is inappropriate, dangerous, and often illegal to cause disruptive or physical harm to people at "Town Hall Meetings", or other such similar Democratic events open to Public debate.
(I am speaking more of those on both Republican and Democrat sides who are strong arming the opposing side in an effort to sway opinion.)

These "Town Hall Meetings" are for Public Debate yes, but it is up to all of us to ask 'Strong' questions of our leaders and not accuse, consistently use verbal abuse and or physically beat up those who oppose what we believe to be right.

Accusations, verbal abuse and causing of physical harm are for street thugs and do not belong in a Public debate, no matter how heated a discussion may get.

If you feel a protest is the right course of action, you are perfectly allowed to protest outside the facility; picketing with signs and chants and speeches or whatever is lawful for your area.

But it is not lawful to disrupt a Public debate in such a way were you can be considered to be forcibly removed.

Also please refrain from violent actions against each other, this will only fuel the fire for the opposing group and give you and your whole movement a bad name and hurt your cause.

The opposition always is looking to prod and poke you so that you strike first. So much so that they are hoping to get you mad and irritated so that someone will take a violent course of action against them, so they can use it as a rallying cry to their mindless masses that follow them.

Do Not let this happen, for it will only help them win and give the opposition the ability to destroy everything that has been worked so hard for.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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