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What is a Real American?

Now, what does it mean to be a real American?

Well, nowadays, Liberal College Professors, Democrat Party Leaders, and many of those that make an issue about how American Citizens cannot think for themselves, and that we must be protected from ourselves; seem to think it is about sucking up to the rest of the World, They think we need to be apologetic to everyone including our enemies who could give a shit and are happy that we are groveling right before they want to kill us all. These type of people think the Government should control your thoughts, your mouth, your food, your likes and dislikes, Where you should live, What you should believe in and they want you to be under someone else's surveillance 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Pretty Much they would rather sell out Americans and our Country just to make a Buck (a Dollar).

America didn't become a World Power because Thomas Jefferson wanted to negotiate with Barbary Pirates, or because Benjamin Franklin thought we should back down to the British Empire. We didn't become feared because Andrew Jackson decided to stare at his feet while the European powers defaulted on loans from Previous Wars. Did Abraham Lincoln let the Southern states secede, when they raised alarm over Northern Industrialist and how they wanted to destroy the Southern Agriculture to make more money? We didn't become known as the Crazy Cowboys of the West, because Teddy Roosevelt let Spain walk all over what we considered our Safety in the New World and our Manifest Destiny. We didn't become feared by the Japanese Military Leaders during WW2 because they didn’t think we wouldn't be hiding behind every blade of grass with Guns.

America was founded on and continued by giving the finger to any and all who opposes our way of thought and direction.

Jefferson reluctantly but with determination got together a volunteer Navy to hunt down the Barbary Pirates all the way to Africa and whooped there sorry asses, because they threatened not only our Goods, National sovereignty and Civilians lives; they also threatened the same of the other major European powers. Did we get any thanks? No! We didn't care, because we did it for ourselves.

Benjamin Franklin Was one of many whom the British Crown wanted Hung for High Treason, because of his extraordinary Vocal, Written and Physical Support of the Colonial Rebellion against the arrogant Crown. Did he care what the Crown thought? No! He was doing this for himself and all that were involved to better their own lives.

Andrew Jackson rattled his saber at France and other European powers for debts owed us, He was willing to go to war with allies; why? Because America is more important to an American than any other country in the whole wide world! Our Pride, Our Citizens and Our Freedom to believe and do whatever we want save harming another Human Being is worth protecting! Did he care what Europe and France thought? No! He was making sure we got what was ours and letting everyone know that we are not their stable boy!

Abraham Lincoln for whatever you believe this Man did went to war with the Southern states to keep our Union together. Because of what being an American Means, Not only on a Physical Level but an ideological level and even a Spiritual level. To have lost the Union of American States would have meant that the Peoples Constitutional Contract wasnt worth the Paper it was written on. (It doesnt mean the North was Right or that the South was wrong, it means holding together what is sacred; Being American.) Did he care what Europe thought? If he had the Confederate States of America might actually still exist as a country still.

Theodore Roosevelt, was a Rough Rider, One of the Original, This isnt about Native Americans, (Though what was done to them was grievous indeed.), this is about how he took an Army of Men from the States... Went to Cuba and sent the Spanish Crown a message that we dont want their kind on our Block. Does that make us Bullys? Maybe so, but we were Bullying to protect our Sovereignty, our Citizens and the Interests we held here. Did he care what Spain thought? No! Spain was in our front yard mouthing off, we showed Spain the only ones that Bully Americans is Americans.

Imperial Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto stated why Japan couldnt invade the US West Coast during WW2; saying, You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.Did he care? Yes! He knew Americans not only Practiced Guerilla Warfare, the majority of every Citizen was armed to the teeth. *Now it makes sense why the U.N. interferes in our Laws and why Other Countries try so hard for us to give up our Right to bear arms, doesnt it.*

So what does it mean to be an American? It means you don’t take Crap from anyone, it means you stand up for what you believe in even against adversity, you never negotiate with Terrorists, You make an example of your enemies and you rebuild them into Allies. It means you believe whatever you want, It means you standing by a vision, (even if it is our classic and natural Isolationism), It means you speak your mind and voice your opinions, it means you bear arms for your safety, your families, and your friends, and that You defend those Rights at all costs!

Being an American takes a special breed of Person, An Individual; but Individuals that Stand bound together!

There is no room in this Country for those who feel it necessary to flock about in lackluster fashion, like drones to a loud speaker; telling them what the truth should be instead of what it is.

We stand together as individuals and fight for our Ideals no matter how high that ideal or idea is or we will die in a mediocre thoughtless driven suicide led by those who want to be at the top but want everyone else to support them at the bottom and hope no one realizes.

There is no room here for those who trample our sacred contract known as the United States Constitution, and try to destroy the fundamental base that created such a Contract among the Great People of the United States.

There is no room for any who want to negotiate with Terrorists or those who threaten our lively hood, families and Borders.

There is no room for leaders who can’t take a stand on any serious or even non-serious matters, no matter how controversial or unpopular; being an American means taking the unpopular path so to give every Individual a continued Right to complain.

There is no room for those who work at destroying the integrity of our Founding and continued History. Both our Ancestors and immediate family members bled blood, sweat and tears for this Beautiful country. They should be all honored and not dismantled or erased from our Books and minds!

There is no room for Foreigners of any kind, illegally taking advantage of our Healthcare, our Education, our Jobs; We American Citizens do not want you here unless you are legally here! And if you are not a Citizen, you Do NOT have the Rights of One! We don’t have rights in your countries, why do you think you have rights here!?

Which brings about the point that; there is no room for Leaders who sell out our country from beneath the Citizens that gave them their position of Power. Which is to follow the Citizens Voice and not their own, to protect the United States of America's interests and not those of foreign people or powers.

There is no room for free trade unless it actually does what it is supposed to do, we all have been looking at our dwindling or non-existent checks over the Years NAFTA was created and Jobs keep leaving these United States and our food, earnings and jobs are affected because of it.

There is no room for anyone in this country who is willing to purposely create more debt by printing un-backed monies to fix a problem that was in part created by printing un-backed printed monies in the first place.

Gold and Silver hold their values solidly, while un-backed paper, (fiat), monies fluctuate at the whim of whomever controls the printing presses.

There is no room for Socialist ideals in this Country at all, period! Pure capitalism, does exactly as it is designed and intended. It creates competition, and competition fuels economies. Socialism only ever and will always drain one.

There is no room for mediocrity, nihilism and or forced incompetence. If someone does something better, they deserve a position for their hard work and intelligence. If someone is not as good you don’t reward failure, you impress for betterment on their part; if they are unable that doesn’t mean they are less of a person it just means they are not fit for that area of expertise. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I capable to do complex surgeries or diagnose certain diseases. It doesn’t mean I am stupid or less of a person, it means that is not in my skill area, and why would I take that away from someone who can? Personally I want to live through a basic surgery let alone a complex one. Making everyone the same is a very bad idea and destroys the integrity of America by producing generations of incompetence.

Being an American means being a walking living and breathing contradiction to the order of the World. The World believes we should not exist, and by rights they are correct… So I believe it is even more important that we keep proving the rest of the World wrong!

Carlos Mencia said it best during his ‘No Strings Attached’ comedy tour:

…The blacks, the Hispanics and the Whites would fight, but look at me; we’re united. We just fight with each other ‘cause we got nothing better to do and we like drama.

But as soon as Aqmed blows something up it was like Blackie, Darkie, Cracker… Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Get Aqmed!!!”- Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached

That is the state of what it is to be an American, I don’t believe that all of us, all at one time will ever get along. But I would hope that that never changes; but what of peace amongst others? You ask; well I would love for that to happen. However we are Human beings, and if we can’t get along with our own families, how does one expect everyone in the whole World to get along with everyone in the whole World!? Besides if people aren’t speaking their minds about something in this Country I would be very worried indeed.

Carlos Mencia, as well as many others reminds us that which modern Historians and Politicians would love us to forget.

Being an American, means Getting mad because the Mail came late, because your check wasn’t cut on Pay day, because the Government interfered in your In-a-lienable Rights, (Rights that cannot have a Lien put against). It means getting your hands dirty and smiling while you do it, because standing back and twiddling thumbs didn’t win a revolution. It means even if we hate every single person that is our Country Men and Women; we will still stand up and fight to protect them and our Country because that Country gives you that Right to Hate everything if you so desire.

To be a Real American, a Real Patriot; You protect your own, even those you hate, because Your Rights are tied in by contract with everyone that is a Citizen and if you lose one small piece of yourself you lose the whole thing!

There is no compromise… as we are led to believe, there is no negotiation! America either wins together or we die separated.

These are not new ideas, these are old and some ancient, but they are what our Fore-Fathers and fellow Countrymen believed in at the Founding of this Country so that all their descendants and future Americans would have the Liberty, a Life and the ability to pursue Happiness, without fear of Government interference and reprisal in your Rights, without the fear of constant death on your doorstep and a big-brother constantly interfering with our Life, without the fear that you have no right to follow the dream and or path you want to follow.

So what does it mean to be a Real American?

I guess in the end it is a matter of my own opinion and the opinion of others. But that in itself is a Truth of being an American, too!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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